Best Console Redesigns

Gamedaily writes: Publisher have a history of making their smaller and better. Here are some of our favorites.

Nintendo Entertainment System (1985)

Nintendo kicked off the 8-bit revolution with its Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), released in 1985. Boxy and rectangular shaped, the gray and black console features two controller ports on the right, and gamers insert cartridges from the front of the machine; The games go in horizontally and are then pushed down. Almost everyone that owned this console had to furiously blow into their carts in order to clear dust and get them to work."

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SL1M DADDY3863d ago

PS2. Now that thing is small, and looks great in any entertainment center. Very cool design for a great console.

The Fungus3863d ago

The PS2 is nice, but the original Playstation is still my favorite redesign. It almost favors the Dreamcast....or does the Dreamcast almost favor it? I don't remember when the thing came out :|

The Fungus3863d ago

Its an O.K. 'article', but nothing exciting. One could even argue if it's news-worthy(it's not)

Eventually I got scared that this was actually a gameboy evolution article. That thing took up half of the 'article'!

tweaker3863d ago

The PS2 Slim is the best redesign ever.

xplosneer3862d ago

GBA fails, not lit screen and impossible to play. GBASP=win.