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HugoDrax997d ago

Megan Fox, was the best part of the ad.

crxss997d ago

@starbucks You mean your 9mm?

Megan Fox is great but this ad is still weaker than all the previous cod ones (the ones with RDJ, Kobe, Jonah Hill, etc)

Kayant997d ago

And again no gameplay to be seen. How many live-action trailers have they shown so far??

Software_Lover997d ago

That was obviously the PS4 version. No jaggies :)

ivan510997d ago

No matter what people say I personally always like these live action trailers.

iamnsuperman997d ago

I generally hate them (not as much as CGI trailers though) as they usually are too serious and trying to be real and gritty. This one wasn't and I really enjoyed it. It was silly and fun to watch

805Junior805997d ago

The one for BO2 was a lot better.

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