‘Battlefield 4’ creative director discusses PS4 and Xbox One development similarities

DICE's Lars Gustavsson has talked a little bit about the similarities in terms of developing for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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C-H-E-F1631d ago

Well wasn't that as vague as it can be hmph. Details, details, details!!!

svoulis1631d ago

I was expecting more too ha ha

dantesparda1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

"similarities"?! we dont wanna hear about the similarities, we wanna hear about the differences, we wanna know why its 900p on PS4 and 720p on X1, we wanna know why you couldnt hit 1080/rock solid 60fps. Oh the politics. Its pathetic when even video games are political

Also, i wanna know why its blurry looking on the PS4 and sharp on the X1?

Jumper091631d ago

We already know why PS4 is 900p etc..

Better GPU and RAM leads to a better output no hidden secrets here

svoulis1631d ago


They already said it was the botched footage from Digital Foundry. All these sites are STILL using the footage from D.F

All we can do is take peoples word for it and Jack Frag among others (who make a living on Youtube on XBOX 360) have admitted that the PS4 version looks better.

dantesparda1630d ago


Hm, i hope you're right about the blurry image cuz that's annoying me.


I know thats why, i could care less that the X1 version runs at 720p but i just wish they could have pushed it further on the PS4 and had made it run at 1080/rock solid 60fps.

Oh well a guy could wish, but i hope your right about the blurriness svoulis

CJDUNCAN1630d ago

Speaking from the mindset of a graphic designer, and not a tech specifications buff, when you blow up an image the most you can do is double it's size and it would have some visual hiccups but nothing outrageous.

So the blurriness in the PS4 version would tell me that it's really a lower resolution natively then being led on. The blur effect would be used to cover up the hiccups to some degree.

But again, I speak only from the perspective of a graphic designer and not one that's knowledgeable about technical specs and tv resolutions.

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BattleAxe1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I'm sure that developers have been asked the same questions thousands of times, and I'm pretty sure they're tired of it. That's probably why they are being vague.

hellzsupernova1630d ago

They wouldn't get asked anymore if they originally just told everything how it is.

Visiblemarc1630d ago

Yeah, is he running for office as mayor of Videogame Town or giving an interview?

Ps4Console1630d ago

All copies look good on all the consoles , well done Dice .

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thief1631d ago

In other news, Renault have decided a new model that drives just like a Ferrari. And the Renault costs £10,000 more.

C-H-E-F1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

ehh my poor bubbles :(
but I must comment on this... uhh why would they do such a thing. That's like me buying a next gen console that does everything another one does but this one is... less powerful, Uses cheaper parts, not as sleek, not as reliable but costs more. I will be googling this vehicle you speak of smh. I thought Renault made rally cars and those little if I get in a car accident going 10mph I'll die looking cars.

FamilyGuy1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

1. X1 is profitable, not being sold at a loss whatsoever. That's their plan for as long as their able to stick to it.

2. They expect their current fans to follow them through thick or thin, ridicule, horrible ToS or anything else.

3. Kinect raises production cost. It's the same reason the Wii-U can't drop too far in price to where we (consumers) think it should be.

UnrealThreats1631d ago

Shit, I blinked and missed the entire article.

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Pascalini1631d ago

This article changed my life

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