Gaming Media Defend Xbox One's Higher Price, Lower Resolution

Apparently gaming media likes Microsoft idea of higher price and lower resolution for the Xbox One. Before going into details and war with other media lets put together the whole puzzle together and see from this all started.

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theBAWSE1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

gaming media defend xbox ones higher price, lower resolution

then they promptly checked their bank balance..

NewMonday1667d ago

After the BF4 and CoD 720p revelations pre-order numbers switch to favor the Sony with CoD on the PS4 outselling the XB1 version by 50%, so the "analyst" needs to double check his numbers

black0o1667d ago

NFS and AC4 yet to be seen running on x1

Kingthrash3601667d ago

lol yeah i bet, prolly the same guys crying for not gettin free ps4's. lol gaming has no real media anymore. just a bunch of gamers (some are fanboys like ign's xbox team)who want free games early.

AlexanderNevermind1667d ago

@ theBAWSE,

No doubt MS called in a few favors.

@ black0o,

I thought I remembered NFS saying that one next gen console version would look better than the other. Also they said recently that the PS4 version is on Par with the PC version. Putting the two together if I'm a betting man the PS4 version will be superior.

pyramidshead1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


I think it's safe to say that the dev talking about Rivals on one console holding up to the PC version is going to be the PS4 one.

I'm interesting to see what res AC4 is on XB1 though, completely forgot about that. Also the Witcher 3 as well.

Assassin's Creed: Black Crushed.

Eonjay1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I take it all in stride. Everyone knows that the Xbox is less powerful, and yes the higher price doesn't help the situation. But still, allowing the Xbox to appear more competitive is more interesting. Also, we already know that the multiplats will look better on PS4. We just need to accept that and move on. PS4 has already won the power and graphics categories but there is much more to this drama.

abzdine1667d ago

gaming media just prove once more that they are corrupted.
Paying more for less has never been a good thing.

P0werVR1666d ago

He quotes more worthy folks from more relevant sites that forums. And yet he doesn't want to consider there opinion.

Fact! We've seen both gameplays on either console for BF4, and noticed NOTHING significant. Both games will look great. Until towards the end of next year we'll see Xbox One hardware pull though significantly.

johndoe112111666d ago


My problem lies in the fact that when it was the ps3 that was the underdog graphically early in this generation, gaming media had no issues raking it over the coals and writing every negative article you can think of to show it's inferiority.

There were visual comparisons on almost every multiplat game that came out and journalists had no issues bashing the weaker visuals of the ps3.

Now that the situation is reversed, all of a sudden visuals don't matter. It's a disgrace. These are the kind of things that makes you ask if microsoft is really paying these sites to underplay the differences like alot of people feel they are.

This is bogus BS and I've stopped reading a lot of these sites and writers because of it. Even though I've always been a bigger supporter of the playstation I read every article and supported every writer when they bashed it because they spoke the truth.

Now apparently, the truth depends on who can pay more for good press.

miyamoto1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

This is old news.
M$ has done this way back with the Xbox in 2001 in their own turf.

But hey money is money but the internet warriors do it for free and have quelled M$'s multi-million dollar misinformation campaign during the PS2 era, the PS3 era and more so the PS4 era.

M$ is so predictable.

But in these difficult times every gamer needs and deserves to know the truth and so spend his/her hard earned money only on the best investment and not fall for scams.

DatNJDom811666d ago

William Usher has now made a new fan. What a brave guy to call out the gaming media like that. Kudos to you William! I look foward to reading more of your articles. Don't take no crap from either Sony or m$. If Sony messes up I expect the same type of article calling them out.

mewhy321666d ago

Its no secret the microsoft use their deep pockets to influence the media. I cant justify the extra cost for a much less p8werful machine.

zeee1666d ago

The author does make some valid points. Good article!

Dasteru1666d ago


The irony of it is this time it actually does matter.

The reason the PS3 was lagging behind the 360 graphically at launch was because, for starters it released a year later, developers had already had a year to learn how to code efficiently for the 360, second, the PS3s Cell chip was very difficult to learn compared to the 360s fairly straight forward design.

This gen both systems are easy to code for, not only that but their architecture is nearly identical which means there shouldn't be any major difference in coding for one vs the other, and second, they are both releasing at practically the same time.

Last gen it didn't matter and journalists said it did.

This gen it does matter and journalists say it doesn't.

Go figure.

Dee_911666d ago

WOW! Toms Hardware home of the PC nuts and graphic sloots said that xbone is to ps4 that ps3 is to xbox360?
I don't know much about this tech stuff but even I know thats not even remotely true lol.Its obvious to me they were influenced by something to say that.
Its so crazy that months ago all these sites were blowing up all the little negatives about the Xbone. But now that the Xbone is about to come out, they are saying the differences aren't that major..

s8anicslayer1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

@blackoo It's already been stated by some media outlets who previewed NFS that the PS4 version actually looked better than the PC version.

mikeslemonade1666d ago

“The PS4 may have a technical lead out the gate, but it's too early to hand it the decisive victory. The PS3 at launch faced a similar deficit against the Xbox 360, but the differences eroded with time.”

PS3's predecessor was the PS2(the best system of all-time). The first 7 million who bought PS3 bought it because of the PS2. And PS3 had promising exclusive software early on and throughout the generation. The X1 pails in comparison in regards to those things.

solar1666d ago

i dont like MS but you guys are just off the deep end.

UltimateMaster1666d ago

All the article says is that it admits the PS4 is stronger but the strongest console never really won that specific generation.

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amnalehu1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

now that is the true definition of fanboyism. Great story.

Heisenburger1666d ago

And talk is cheap.

At least that's what I always add on to that saying.

moparful991666d ago

Money talks and $hit walks

Comnnsence1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I think that we need a "Dislike" button for articles, especially like this one. But still, you have to give respect to Captains like this, because even though they know the ship is sinking they refuse to abandon it.

DragonKnight1666d ago

What's there to dislike about this article? The truth? If you want to downvote it, click on the plus sign beside the name and go from there, but this article speaks the truth.

Comnnsence1666d ago

I guess we have the first "DragonKnight" present who is part of Xbone sinking ship. @ DragonKnight, let play a game. It's called Starwars . I'll be Vader and you and your followers (xbots) come to the darkside (PS4).

Hicken1666d ago

... you have no idea what the hell you're talking about, do you?

GribbleGrunger1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I'm beginning to wonder if MS are in fact Umbrella churning out zombies, each and every one of them lining up on the 22nd and 'ugggging' at the shop assistant as he drops the X1 into their grey, twitching fingers. Then shuffling off down the street slowly mouthing '7 ... 7 twaaaa ... 7 twaaa ... Nnnnteeee ... P ...'

Seriously though, the X1 will be a great console but please for heavens sake stop this nonsensical argument.

zippycup1666d ago

lol good one gribble microsoft bought umbrella

miyamoto1666d ago

I say let the gamers get the console they rightfully deserve. Fair enough?

GribbleGrunger1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

They're both the same picture LOL. My God you people are so easily fooled. Unless you honestly believe that who ever played these games found exactly the same spot to stand for both shots! Nothing moves whatsoever, even the UI, which is further in on the X1, is in exactly the same place. Open your eyes and you will be freed.

1080p is better than 720p. It's that simple.

Yo Mama1666d ago

That's the same damn picture! It's just been edited. When the comparison was first released, the Xbone version had the crushed blacks. Now, conveniently, it's the PS4 version that's darker? HAHAHAHA. Oh man, that's funny.

pyramidshead1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

That link kinda back fired on you didn't it lol.

Infernostew1666d ago

Haha. Fooled by a joke shot. That's just the PS4 version where someone changed the sharpness and contrast to emulate how the Xbone version looks. Keep trying to fight that battle though.

5eriously1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Give it a rest now, you and many others tried your utmost best but M$ failed you all just as they failed you with the eXBox360. There are just NO more you can do. The beans are spilled and most people know the facts now. A incredible 4 weeks awaits. Greatness are descending down on us, there will be tribulations, excitement, joy, anger, disappointment, desperation, sadness and many more emotions during this November and December, so just remember you are the only one that can decide which of these emotions are to be experienced. Speak with your wallet and then live with your decisions and emotions!.

jetlian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

lol in all 3 shots there is different locations on grass and clouds so they arent the same! Now you cant verify which system is which though

bottum left you can tell based on d pads

DigitalRaptor1666d ago

God the denial is ripe. It's SOOOO ripe.

Is this the level of desperation we're going to deal with this entire generation?

Brix901666d ago


Can we please move on the difference is evident, it's like saying DVDs are just as good as Blurays.

keabrown791666d ago

@Yo Mama, it's not the same picture, you can go to digital foundry and see that clearly for yourself. It seems that even though the PS4 has high resolution of 1080p and things look better in the distance the Xbox One looks as if the texture work is clearer for up close objects but horrible for distant objects.

boneso821666d ago

It's like the sharpness and the contrast have been pumped to the max on the X1 images. This could easily be the TV settings. No professional or videophile would ever calibrate their sets to look like that. You want sharpness down to almost zero to avoide sharp, jagged edges and the contrast and brightness correctly adjusted to show as much detail in the shadows as possible while retaining deep inky black levels.

The PS4 settings seem to be far more natural and much more akin to the settings used by people who actually know what makes a picture look good. Crazy amounts of contrast, crushed blacks, jaggies and over saturated colours (otherwise known as "torch mode"), is not a good way to view any material on your tv, especially video games aiming for realistic shadows and lighting.

BattleTorn1666d ago

I do question the first picture - it looks as though someone photoshops the PS4 to create the XO pic.

That said, everyone will pick your post apart for that and completely negate the second example being completely legit, and evidence that the XO has superior textures in instances.

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joab7771666d ago

I agree that ps4 is a more powerful machine and better console for gamers. To b fair, the ps4 would cost as much w/ the eye. It was smart not to include it. MS is banking on the fact that ppl will b hooked by what the xbone can do with kinect...that ppl will want it cuz its cool...and I am sure they r scrambling to fix and get past this resolution debacle. I just can't believe they didn't c this coming.

MasterCornholio1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

The PS4 would cost as much as the Xbox One with an extra controller, PS4 camera and a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall.

Sound familiar?

Nexus 7 2013

Godhimself_In_3d1666d ago

Nah the playstation camera is only 60 last time I checked my receipt at most it would be $460.00 you dudes math sucks. By they would only charge like $450.00 or is my math is wrong. And the $500.00 playstation came with knack. Trade in your 1080p tv if you play Xbox as you won't be needing it.

DragonKnight1666d ago

@joab777: Sony said they'd have sold the PS4 at $400 with the camera bundled as well until the higher ups decided they didn't want to take that big a loss so they nixed the bundle. So no, the PS4 would never cost the same as the X1 unless a lot of stuff was added.

boneso821666d ago

In the UK you can get a PS4, extra controller, PS Camera, and Killzone Shadowfall for £424.99, that's £5 cheaper than an Xbox One on its own.

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Automatic791666d ago


I love how you and your tribe come up with TMZ reporting

BOLO1666d ago

You seriously compared his comment to TMZ but are completely okay with M$FT downplaying, evading, twisting, spinning, and eclipsing the truth about how underpowered is Xbox one is to the PS4? Denial is a helluva drug.

AngelicIceDiamond1666d ago

As long as the X1 version has 60 players running at 60 frames. I don't see any real issue.

If it was doing 30 players at 30 frames running at "1080P" then that would be a huge issue. And the only thing the X1 version has going for it, was its resolution, which is also achieved on on PS4.

But that's not the case. Its 60 players running at 60FPS at 720P. The only non next gen part about it was the resolution. Which will get solved hopefully in the near future.

ZodTheRipper1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

You're missing the bigger picture. The first few games on these systems already have such differencies ...they are all superior on the cheaper console so what do you need the Xbox for? The X360's biggest strenght were it's multiplatform games, and now even that is lost.

WMANUW1666d ago

it's true . No comment...

tordavis1666d ago

I'm still trying to figure out why you think X1 and PS4 have to:

A. Be the same price
B. Have to be compared to each other like they are

It's $100 more for X1. It comes with Kinect. Price justified. I know we all wish consoles were free but they are not. Power does not equal price. Don't believe me? Ask Apple.

DragonKnight1666d ago

Price is not justified because of Kinect. That's an addition no one asked for being forced on everyone for a device that's weaker than its competition. That's not a justification, that's gouging.

tordavis1666d ago

I like Kinect so I'm one of those people who wanted it included with the console. You can't set a devices price based on it's competition.

Rhaigun1666d ago

Actually, basing price on competition is exactly what successful companies do. Ask Sony when they sold more consoles. At the $600 price, or the $299 price?

wynams1666d ago

tor wants a kinect but based on reading gamers comments, knowing gamers and being a gamer I would say a vast majority do not.

$100 more for a forced accessory for a system about half as powerful (720p is 4/9ths the performance load of 1080p). Unless you would literally die without one of the launch exclusives MS bought then you are not making a wise launch decision if you are buying an Xbox One.

tordavis1665d ago

@wynams regardless of why someone wants an X1, it's what they want to spend their money on. It doesn't make them unwise to spend their money on what they want. That's just ignorant to say that.

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colonel1791666d ago

The biggest problem si the denial of the FACTS. I mean, if you want to buy an Xbox One, even if it had NES graphics, it's fine! It's what you like, it's what you want to pay for, so it very acceptable to do that.

What is very wrong is people trying to disguise those facts or trying to lie completely. Specially when those people are journalist who are supposed to inform about facts, not opinions. They could sate facts, then state their opinion, but they tend to pass their opinion as the truth, because either they get paid or are fanboys.

So people can buy whatever they want, but that doesn't mean the facts are not there.

tordavis1666d ago

What facts are they not stating? PS4 is more powerful on paper. Better specs. NO ONE is arguing that!

cfir1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


But that is exactly they are doing. It may be more powerful on paper but that's not the whole story says M$. Let the games do the talking - M$. Well, the games have done their talking and guess what, PS4 is significantly more powerful that the Xbone. So now the rhetoric is "It's upscaled anyway so the native resolution doesn't matter" - That's just sad.

I'm getting a PS4, even if it was less powerful I'd still be getting a PS4. If people want to buy an Xbone that's up to them. It has no impact on me. But if you feel the need to justify your purchase, then it should be that you Love Halo or Forza.

The Power struggle is over. PS4 won. Lets just acknowledge that and move on.

wynams1666d ago

@tor its not just on paper but keep telling yourself the cloud will save the day

tordavis1665d ago

@wynams it is on paper. Until, oh let me see...THE CONSOLES ACTUALLY COME OUT and we see some more games, it's only on paper. I don't talk about the cloud, don't put words in my mouth. I actually know what the cloud is used for.

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ovnipc1666d ago

What console shoukd i buy? Anyone know where i can reserve a ps4 now? Any links plz.