Batman: Arkham Origins Dev Working on a Patch to Repair Game-Breaking Bugs

Many players had been reporting infinite falling/falling out of the game world, being unable to continue progress from the main menu, and FreeFlow Focus mode not unlocking bugs and Warner Bros. Games Montreal is aware of the issues players are having in Batman: Arkham Origins and are working around the clock to fix the issues.

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noxeven1631d ago

Finally. Maybe now I won't crash when I'm fast traveling or fighting crime every 10 minutes.

Software_Lover1631d ago

Atleast you can play. I can't get past 15 seconds into the first mission.

Bercilak1631d ago

Working on a patch is the least that they could do. WB Montreal should give a partial refund of $20 to every single person who documents a bug with them. You earned it for being one of their "gamma" testers.

Grimhammer001631d ago

I had no problems in sp playr through to completion. MP however has promise....but matchmaking is borked beyond anything i've seen this gen! Well...there's that GTA5 game **rolleyes**