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Albert Penello Promises Comments on Xbox One and PS4 Resolution Differences “Once the Dust Settles”

Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning Albert Penello spent quite a lot of time on NeoGaf trying to respond to questions on the Xbox One, and often saying that versions of games on Microsoft’s upcoming console and PS4 that have been revealed having different native resolutions looked the same to him. Since the latest reveals on COD and Battlefield 4 he has been silent, until now. (Albert Penello, PS4, Xbox One)

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OllieBoy  +   293d ago | Well said
Once the dust settles...PS4 will still be more powerful.
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Abash  +   293d ago | Funny
*Two years later*

Albert Penello: "The dust still hasn't settled, I'll let you know when it has. Then you'll hear my answer"
GribbleGrunger  +   293d ago
What he means by that is 'When our PR machine has done it's job.'

It might fool the die hard Xbox fans but it's not going to persuade PS fans to move camp, and those that were sitting on the fence where sitting on the fence for a reason: to find out which is the most powerful console, and we now know for certain which one it is. We already knew but ... what can you say?

The first batch of consoles will sell out, they always do and MS will use those figures to prove that Sony hasn't got the edge (they'll also concentrate on America and the UK), but early next year we should start seeing which system is the system of choice. I have a pretty good idea which it will be.

I wouldn't take too much stock in Sony's claim that the PS4 will sell 5 million by March either. Don't be surprised if it beats that by quite a margin and don't be surprised if Sony haven't got a fresh batch of PS4s ready for the 22nd of Nov.

There is also a chance (and this is complete speculation) that Sony may well allow shipments of consoles to release in Europe early. I just feel it in my bones. Don't count on it though, my bones have let me down quite a lot in recent years. Calcium tablets don't seem to help the matter ...
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Angels3785  +   293d ago

How Penello will handle it....
kayoss  +   293d ago
I think Penello trying to say let the dust settle because right now the dust is too thick and we can't see the power of the cloud through it.
MysticStrummer  +   293d ago
@kayoss - That shouldn't bother MS or their fans. If you pay attention to E3, they're quite comfortable with smoke, provided they also incorporate mirrors.
tagan8tr  +   292d ago
They keep putting it off so they can get to the launch without answering to preserve preorders and then they can say well we never said it was this or that. They are dumb like a fox..
ZodTheRipper  +   293d ago
What does he even mean by that?? These MS guys are jokes.

Once the dust has settled everybody bought a PS4 already.
MazzingerZ  +   293d ago
I think there is no more to discuss today, everone has pretty much decided which console to get at launch, this kind of articles just arises the eternal discussion of trying to defend your choice and bash the others when at the end of the day many will get the other console at a later stage

I just want to play on my PS4 already!
deecee33  +   293d ago
The XBone is going to sell like hot cakes out of the gate no doubt, but I'm just wondering how long that can last without a price drop- at some point people are going to wonder why the PS4 display in the store somehow looks better, and why they are paying $100 more.
dmitrijs88  +   293d ago
Just my thoughts :D
Infamous298  +   293d ago
Without a doubt.
iamnsuperman  +   293d ago
I don't understand what he means by this. The problem is if he waits the dust storm will rise up again. Unless he is just waiting for launch to get out of the way (for obvious reasons) I think this could be a bad move. Honestly answering the question saying we will answer it in the future is bad. He should have just ignore it.

Someone made an interesting point in the gaf forum
"I have no idea why people from Microsoft keep engaging, but it's great entertainment"

They should not get involved. Just have the twitter pages and answer the questions they want to answer there. It isn't helping them doing what they are doing right now
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   293d ago
The dust settles, when the games and unit will have launched... Suckaa's!!!
-and then the joke will be on you , the gamer.. while M$ laughs all the way to the bank.
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Real_gamer  +   293d ago
When the dust settles you and kaz will get married
JoGam  +   292d ago
Guess you are an xbot. Lol. Pathetic.
Brix90  +   293d ago
I don't want to hear any more of Penello's lies he should just lay low til launch with all the bad news no wonder Nelson has been quiet...
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   292d ago
In my eyes the only dust here is MS and their shitty XBOX "720" (with probably 3 exclusive games in its miserable lifetime) :)
Real_gamer   292d ago | Trolling | show
mistertwoturbo  +   292d ago
Actually the Dust will never settle and forever be stuck in their eyes. He will come up with some sort of spin on the whole thing. That's all they have been doing is spin spin spin. It's making everyone dizzy.

The truth has been out since the reveal of the hardware specs for both consoles. The PS4 is simply more powerful than the X1. Pure 100% fact. It's like saying 2 + 2 = 4, but we got MS and their fans saying 1 + 2 = 3 > 4.
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joseph1111  +   292d ago
Cancelled my Xbox one preorder and am only purchasing the ps4 for now. The resolution issue was the final nail in the coffin... if they can prove the cloud worthy later on, I will buy one then...
jaren92  +   293d ago
Another article that will soon to be trolled and shot down immediately
BOLO  +   292d ago
Why do you focus on those who "troll" Xbox One articles and not the months and months of countless mistakes M$FT has brought on the Xbone and themselves? It's not the rest of the gaming communities fault M$FT screwed their own heads with nails.
NYC_Gamer  +   293d ago
I want them to come out and tell the truth without any type of PR bull crap
BG11579  +   293d ago
It's impossible for Microsoft's PR.
For them telling the truth is like having a superpower.
mistertwoturbo  +   292d ago

Just when you start giving them some credit, they shush everyone up and say

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KingOdin89  +   293d ago
They will.......when the dust settles..........keep waiting for it...
MRMagoo123  +   292d ago
They really dont need to tell the truth , its already out there , the ps4 is the better machine there is no way around that, they can spin all they want about 1080p upscaled being as good as 1080p native but its just lies and they should be called out on it every time till they get the hint that making up BS wont cut it this time round.
kingxtreme81  +   293d ago
This guy always does more harm than anything. Amazing that MS keeps him around.

He actively damages the brand. At least that's how I see it.

"Once the dust settles". When "NDA are up". "Blah". "Blah". "Blah".

Albert, just stop. You're making an already bad situation even worse.
IHassounah  +   293d ago
Microsoft , you have to be ready for next time , you know the PS5 and the next Xbox , people saying they're impossible will realize they're not
gamertk421  +   293d ago
In two weeks I'll be enjoying my console of choice, the Xbox One.
ZodTheRipper  +   293d ago
Have fun with it ;)
OrangePowerz  +   293d ago
It comes in 3 weeks :)
mrpsychoticstalker  +   293d ago

PS FANS GET A CONSOLATION PRICE. KILL Zone. . ... ... .. oh that's it.
superbhoy  +   293d ago
this definitely is not JokesOnYou
Hanso  +   293d ago
So much tears in this post
DigitalRaptor  +   293d ago
And on 14th November, Sony will be announcing megaton exclusives.

PS fans get a prize of having the previous console they bought still being supported with AAA exclusives, whilst all the 360 exclusives went to the Xbone for MS to attempt and get ahead again and provide the illusion that they actually have more games.

Your tears are quite delicious.
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Brix90  +   293d ago
Yeah. Can't wait to play PS4 exclusives and multiplat games at 1080p.

Oooh sorry no consolation prizes for second place but better luck next time.
tagan8tr  +   292d ago
Feel better troll
BOLO  +   292d ago
"We have a console for consumers that already outputs at 720p from 2005 called the Xbox 360".

-Don Mattrick
boeso  +   293d ago
"Once the dust settles" or "when we've sold through a load of consoles".
ShinnokDrako  +   293d ago
"Once the dust settles"... i feel that the PS4 is going to be a huge hurricane, so they're going to get even more dust...
skoorydook  +   293d ago
Why is calling MS on their BS trolling ?

The articles I read on the PS4 not supporting MP3 and DLNA streaming were filled with people not very pleased at the news, that is not trolling if those features are important to someone.

So if 1080p over 720p is something people expect in their next gen consoles and aren't getting it thus far with an Xbox One they have every right to voice an unhappy opinion.
Hicken  +   293d ago
It's just a convenient way for the fanboys to minimize any importance the comments might have. Disregard it all as trolling, or the work of Sony fanboys, and that makes it easier for them to disregard the truth.

Well, they seem to be pretty good at that, anyway, so..
Kryptix  +   292d ago
Yea, it's called being in denial, like the word doesn't exist in the Xbox fanboy's vocabulary. When someone isn't satisfied with the results so they try any way possible to ignore it or spin it for their own purpose, that's being in denial.

I believe that those people really are just trying to justify their purchase or they are very brainwashed to support one brand, no matter the outcome. Even both in rare cases like this, when they pay more for less and back up the one that are trying to ruin gaming's core and turn it into an abomination. At least with the PS3's higher price tag this gen, you paid more and it has equal value or more with the higher number of exclusives.

I don't understand Xbox fanboys, just the ones that won't accept facts. How hard is it to accept facts, even one fact backs up another and they still deny it.

But hey, at least we try telling the truth and help them make a better decision, but if they deny, we still already know what most of us are going to get. It doesn't hurt us, it just hurts the blind fanboys in the long run though.
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DigitalRaptor  +   293d ago
It really is quite simple dude:


They cannot handle the way the tables have turned. They are still in denial that Sony is on top this time around, and nothing is changing that. Nothing.
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smoothop  +   293d ago
The trouble is that he is addressing the wrong people, why go to NeoGaf that is full of Sony fanboys to explain what is going on. He should address the people that really matter, the people that are actually buying the console.
LeCreuset  +   293d ago
Maybe because those "Sony fanboys" were the reason for the truth coming to light. As usual the "people that are actually buying the console" should be thanking the "fanboys." That's not likely to happen though, given that they were still being called "fanboys" and "trolls" by MS customers even after doing those customers the service of getting MS to go back on its ridiculous plans for the Xbone.
Mikelarry  +   293d ago
what dust needs o settle, its already out there activision has already confirmed this. there is nothing else ms can do, words aint gonna make the resolution suddenly 1080p native
strigoi814  +   293d ago
i guess dust will love the XB1
iceman1346  +   293d ago
"grab popcorn"
starscream420  +   293d ago
I understand people being upset that M doesn't want to admit that the slightly more powerful gpu in ps4 will make games look better........If you were Microsofts pr guy would you say .....Sonys version looks better? Did Sont ever admit the 360 had better ram?? No they did not.....why? Because it doesn't win over customers. I have both preordered. I think Microsoft DID underestimate Sony,and I think they will try to combat Sony with more blockbuster exclusives(remember they have way more finacial power than Sony)which of course will make Xbox fans happy. The good news here for us is Sony HAS to try and match them-a win win for Sony fans and Xbox fans. I look forward to both consoles! Don't wish too much hate on either company because we all no they work harder to make us gamers happy when they compete. When they fight for our hard earned money we get better games and machines period. In the end all of us have a lot to look forward to soon.
LeCreuset  +   293d ago
I think you're forgetting a few things. For starters PS3 had the cell processors. It wasn't a cut and dry difference like with PS4 and Xbox 720. This is why you see games like TLOU that aren't matched by anything on 360. More to the point though, no I don't expect them to just broadcast how the PS4 is stronger, but at the same time don't try to B.S. and deceive the fanbase about it. No one is making them go on GAF with their nonsense that blows up in their faces. As for MS beating Sony with more blockbuster exclusives, how do you figure? That wasn't the case when MS had a bigger install base due to the year head start. Now their going to suddenly get more exclusives on weaker hardware and a smaller install base?

"When they fight for our hard earned money we get better games and machines period."

This is true, but here is the problem myself and others have: MS isn't fighting for our hard earned money. They have cultivated a die hard fanbase that is so brand loyal they will swallow whatever crap sandwich MS puts in front of them, from an unprecedented hardware failure rate and associated denials to DRM and the associated PR spin MS tried to pull to this latest revelation about the resolution and the bs MS tried to spin before that came to light. It's true, the more companies trying to earn our dollar the better the products we receive. The opposite is also true, and that's why you see people giving MS crap.
iceman06  +   293d ago
If I were MS, at this point post several 180's and spin doctoring, the truth is about my only tool for restoring some sort of consumer confidence. THAT is a HUGE issue. Sony and developers said many times that the RAM was the reason that party chat wasn't available. They offset that talk with the cell processor and it's untapped potential. As far as the purchasing power of MS, the question really is...is buying exclusives still the way to go in 2013? IMO, it's a temporary fix for a long term problem. It's like eating fast food. It's there. It's instantly available. But, it doesn't really teach you how to cook and if you don't have access, for whatever reason to fast food, what do you do? Hence, the drought of exclusives for 360 in the last couple of years.
I look forward to a healthy industry. I don't care who wins the "console war" because I don't get any of the money anyway. What I DO care about is my ability to somewhat trust a company to keep the industry healthy, to serve consumers faithfully, and the practices with which they do so.
imt558  +   293d ago
Slightly more powerful GPU in PS4, you say... Well, difference is 500 GFLOPS in PS4 favor ( more ROP's, more CU's etc. ) Slightly, right?
christocolus  +   293d ago
albert great guy..he actually is a gamer at heart with a passion for his job...gotta like the dude..i just wish he wouldnt bother responding to every article or comment..he needs to focus on whats more important..imo explaining res or fps is secondary right now...he needs to show us more videos..whats up with halo5?black tusks game?quantum break? insomniacs game? will there be a kameo2? what are the smaller ms devs working on?show more videos of titanfall and ryse,give us hints to what we should expect from the japanese developed ips .. ..show more xbx one videos&wow me with more kinect tech videos..actually thats what i wanna see ...so so badly.
Lboogieskells  +   293d ago
Although I rarely agree with your opinions, I must say your comments are always mature in nature.
Have a bubble sir...I'm a Sony fan at heart, pre-ordered the PS4, but Sony doesn't have any new fighting games for launch. That said I'm very interested in Killer Instinct and want get an Xbox One before summer. I'm waiting for Microsoft to earn my trust and show more of their games. I don't want to purchase the X1 for just one title.
#16.1 (Edited 293d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
christocolus  +   293d ago
thank you sir, i appreciate..yeah sometimes i cant help it and i spill out some fb comments (rarely though)just to piss off a few persons here or there..im more of an an xbx fan but that hasnt stopped me from owning all sonys consoles even the ps3 and im also getting a ps4 along with infamous but i hate the attacks from both sides esp some sony fans,i have friends like me who own both and some who own just the ps3 or xbx but we always get along so easily we never fight or argue or downplay even if we do its for fun..its always fun..we play xbx today , we play ps tomoro, we play kinect games &we play online on both consoles from time to time.but on n4g its difficult to stay neutral.you see some comments and unconsiously you find yourself leaning towards a side...well i know naughty dog will wow me again cos i cant resist their games but xbx has supplied my basic gaming needs too and im comfortable with ms so far..halo, rare, xbx live.i cant resist that too, so at launch im picking an xbx one for dr3, cod and ryse then a ps4 later with infamous...thanks again for the bubble...much appreciated.
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MRMagoo123  +   292d ago
no fighting games at launch on ps4 you say .......................... http://www.giantbomb.com/fo...
Lboogieskells  +   292d ago
@MRMagoo123 I said no "new" fighting games. I already own Injustice for PS3.
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iceman06  +   293d ago
I gotta say that I respect him for taking the hit. It's really not his fault that MS and it's messaging is all over the place. Sure, he is the mouthpiece. But, as all PR, he is mostly a puppet. I agree that if I was MS I would simply just own up to whatever truth is there and then try to wow with upcoming games. It's not like the games look bad at all. Currently, MS are trying to play a hand of poker with a future deck. They need to stack that deck in their favor with what they have...some upcoming games that nobody has seen or know about.
christocolus  +   293d ago
i believe thats what ms should actually do...show more games and wow your fans..
OsirisBlack  +   293d ago
Won't lie as bad as Microsoft is messing up so far it took real guts for Penello to show back up on the forums. I'm still getting a PS4 but that was indeed classy.
Abriael  +   293d ago
People will find something to criticize in that too. IMHO it's great that executives like penello, Yoshida and others take their time to talk with gamers like this-
MightyNoX  +   293d ago
It wasn't classy. He downright insulted NeoGafers and asked them to apologize. When he came back as they asked him for an apology, he replied only with snark (you can see that he editted one of his posts which reads 'edited for snark')

Penello is a sock puppet. Don't expect a reasonable human interaction from him.
Abriael  +   293d ago
I'd be very curious to read you quote where he "insulted" the gaffers lol.

Mind you, quite a few of them would deserve it, considering how they treat him.
mrmarx  +   293d ago
xbox 720p
ambientFLIER  +   293d ago
so clever...
feraldrgn  +   293d ago
By comments, he means spin.
& by "once the dust settles", he means after people have bought it on broken promises.
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sigfredod  +   293d ago
Of course Albert when the "dust" settle, transalation: when the product is alreacdy out, every body that doesn know have already purchase it, all the pre-orders charge, thats when you are going to comment
5eriously  +   293d ago
Oh my Peanutello, how can you be so daft! Clearly you are still trying to lie as you all along knew "what you did not need to know"

Nothing new here, just M$ being M$ and still compulsively lying as we got to know them all.
SaveFerris  +   293d ago
In a way he is right, because the developers will eventually get to grips with the Xbox One and most multi-platform titles should be 1080p 60fps on both consoles. But when that happens, what will everyone compare next?
Allsystemgamer  +   293d ago
Uh. Both consoles are extremely similar in architecture. If it can barely run COD what on earth makes you think anything else will be much better? It's not going to have constant 1080p @ 60 fps. Te system is underpowered as many devs have already stated.

Or are you people still going to argue against the people who actually make the games?
n4rc  +   293d ago
Even dualshockers says its been blown outnof proportion..
LeCreuset  +   293d ago
You know Dualshockers reports on all platforms, right? It's not a Sony site.
Abriael  +   293d ago
Apparently we need a subtitle that says "we like all platforms" lol
Abriael  +   293d ago
That's because it has.
LeCreuset  +   293d ago
No time to comment, boys. Suddenly, there's a launch going on that's demanding my attention, though I do have time to say that I don't have time to say anything.
TristanPR77  +   293d ago
Microsoft LIED about the resolution on Call of duty saying they didn't knew. They will lie again and again.
srd4484  +   293d ago
Before calling someone a liar, do you have any proof that they lied?
Just asking.
Lboogieskells  +   293d ago
I agree with you, but also think it is interesting that VP of Publisher & Developer Relations, Adam Boyes had the COD Ghost resolution for the PS4. While Microsoft and Penello were left in the dark about the Xbox One version. Doesn't add up to me....
Tzunoy  +   293d ago
Once the Dust Settles... he means once you already paid for a x1 :)))))
cell989  +   293d ago
it'll be entertaining to see what Albert has to say about all of these. I can already picture the $hi+ storm he is going to cause trying to explain "BALANCE"
MightyNoX  +   293d ago
I'm more interested in him apologizing to NeoGAF.
Clarence  +   293d ago
Isn't social media a beautiful thing.

Once the dust settles? This is not dust, this is a $h!tstorm!
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GraveLord  +   293d ago
Can't believe anyone actually took him seriously. Why is he not banned on Gaf yet?
DigitalRaptor  +   293d ago
On Gaf, if a person makes claim to a damaging rumour and it turns out to be wrong, they are banned.

Penello has made so many false claims, and attempted to damage control his company's awful decisions. I think because he's a business exec, and because he constructs his "points" quite well he doesn't appear ban worthy.

But goddamn, he deserves to be after all the crap he's been spewing to try and save the Xbone by putting a veil over PS4's strengths.
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