Global weekly chart 19/10/2013

The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales

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PopRocks359938d ago

Well, it seems Pokemon and GTA are still selling nicely. I imagine the new numbers will explode in a few weeks though...

OlgerO938d ago

PS3 is still performing strong. Beyond two souls is kind of disappointing though, which is quite a shame with how good the game was.

vigilante_man937d ago

PS3 is pulling away from the 360 now globally. The difference will be 5-10 million by systems end. Not bad for an over-priced late console that had to compete with a massively always price-cut system.

SaveFerris937d ago

I agree it is a good game but I'm not sure if Beyond: Two Souls will sell as well as Heavy Rain though.

Aloren937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

@vigilante-man : is it the 360 that you're calling a "massively always price-cut system" ? Can you name any other system that saw its minimum price decrease by only a hundred bucks in 8 years ? For the sake of comparison, the cheapest PS3 is 300 bucks cheaper than it was at launch 7 years ago...

If anything, the 360 has been overpriced for quite a few years.

FamilyGuy938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Geez 24 million sold already, what a beast. Either we were all desperate for a great game or people have been impatiently waiting on this game for years. Probably a little of both, all GTA5 seem to have launched at the most perfect time.

Edit @ below
It say 11 mil on 360, 13 mil on PS3, how is that "29 million"?

Am I missing something? You have digital sales numbers included or what? o.O

GdaTyler938d ago

@Family Guy

You're wrong. It's 29 million. Even better!

badboy776938d ago

GTA Playstation Commercials helped alot.

strickers937d ago

29 million was shipped to stores, globally.

Gardenia938d ago

I'm kind of curious to see how sales will be a month from now. Will games for the next gen be on top or will it be a small part at first?

IRetrouk937d ago

Its will be smaller for sure, atleast for the first year or two

The_Villager938d ago

A Nintendo game outselling GTA5, what's new?

mushroomwig938d ago

Well, considering how GTA V sold 11 million copies within it's first 24 hours I kind of doubt that.

roadkillers937d ago

Come on, laugh at his joke and walk away. This kid has a hard enough time being a Nintendo fan.

solidworm938d ago

Expect that WW unit disparage between the ps3 and 360 to be mirrored by the ps4 and xbox1.

MysticStrummer937d ago

Agreed, but not mirrored, because the gap will be bigger in favor of PS4.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend938d ago

Damn, The Wii U still couldn't outsell the PSVita

awesomeabe1998938d ago

Im sorry but the Wii U sold more than Vita this week. You do know that there has been around 200k Wii U's sold in like 18 days. Every week around 70k Wii U's were sold in the month of a october. At this pace by the time Super Mario 3D World comes out, there will be around 550k Wii U's sold from October 1st to November 21. The install base woukd be right around 4.3 million by November 21. From November 22 to January 1, around 2.5m Wii U's will be sold. So around 7m Wii U's will be sold by 2014. Maybe around 8 million because from launch to January 2013 the base was around 3 million wven though not most gamers buy a console at launch. My prediction is 8 million.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend937d ago

I doubt that the Wii U is gonna sell 7 million units in 2014 but 4 million units by the end of the year. The Wii U is doing okay in the USA and Europe. IT NEEDS JAPAN TO MAKE A PROPER COMEBACK

Realplaya937d ago

Wii U 66,512
PSV 48,435

Did I miss something?

tubers937d ago

Only if your goal post is Japan (> World)

Theyellowflash30937d ago

The PS Vita didn't outsell the Wii U.

Not only that, but there are no PS Vita games in the top 75 for sales. There are multiple Wii U games on there

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