The reason why players are still waiting on their GTA Online stimulus payouts

It’s no secret that the first month of Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer mode experienced a rough start. Even Rockstar Games warned player of expected rocky waters ahead of the GTA Online launch yet, now a month into the game, players are still running into issues of data loss that causes character or property deletion. It’s because of these very issues that the developer has repeatedly postponed their planned $500,000 in-game stimulus payments. Rockstar Games gave fans the now familiar message that the next title update, along with the first stimulus payout, is expected to release next week. However, this same statement has been issued by the developer each week since the stimulus payments were first announced.

The $500,000 gift was meant to help GTA Online early adopters who might have suffered through troublesome network connectivity issues or data loss that resulted in deleted characters, property, vehicles, or progress. For those wondering why the payouts haven’t just been handed out regardless, Rockstar Games wishes to address the issues cause such data loss before giving players half a million dollars that could potentially end up becoming lost due to the ongoing problems of the game. It is for this reason that the stimulus payments, which were initially expected to be released in full by the end of October, are continually being delayed each week.

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Sayai jin1665d ago

Honestly, I was hyped about the game and enjoyed the SP. I tried the online put about 20 hours into and 2 characters and over 500K lost. I have a lot of interest in GTA online. Still hope they fix everything.

C-H-E-F1665d ago

I lost around 7 characters, so I went back to single player got all the trophies turned my playstation off for like 3 days, turned it back on the 4th day and left it on for around 7 days (Platinum it, now selling it for a dualshock 4)


C-H-E-F1664d ago


Am I kidding about what? GTAV is a great game don't get me wrong, hopefully it finds it's way to PS4 soon so i'll re-buy it on there. I'm done with it, there's nothing more I can do with that game on this generation of console so why not get my money back to buy an extra DS4? I got disagree's for saving money? HAHA wow

FunkMacNasty1663d ago

No, you got disagree's because it sounds like a dumb idea.

C-H-E-F1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Ehh last bubble..

How is it dumb? I'll never play GTAV again on current gen. It'll just collect dust when I could make 60 dollars off of it and buy an USEFUL controller. It's not like I don't plan on buying it on the PS4 if it comes to it, but hey some people just like to look at games they'll never play again just for the sake of having it. Perhaps that's where I fail at in that illogical logic.

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The_Con-Sept1665d ago

I stopped caring about the online as well. I don't like playing it because of the brand new invicibility glitch that was spammed online in matches.

3-4-51664d ago

SP was fun and addicting for 4-5 days. Same with online.

Then almost instantly it became one of the most boring games I've ever played.

I had to urge or want to do anything within the world.

It just felt like " What's the point? "

Solid game worth playing but I wish I would have waiting until this dropped to $30-40.

traded it in like 2 weeks ago and don't regret it one bit.

For every one cool thing they added there were another 1-2 "iffy" choices or things within the game.

Too many other quality games out there.

I expected more from the most expensive games of all time to make.

thricetold1664d ago

Wow you got rid of the game 2 weeks ago because it was boring but yet you're in every gta5 article since then. Not that it matters to me at all, but why on earth are you so committed to comment on a game you don't even find enjoyable anymore or even own?

Who does that? Better question is why? Do you enjoy trolling games you don't even own more than praising games you do? How boring is your life? In any regard here's hoping you get a chance to play those other amazing games when you're not bashing games you don't own.

Brix901665d ago

Where's the money? They said end of the month and no money and they wonder why everyone's doing the money glitch.

KYU21301665d ago

The online aspect of this game is one that i actually enjoy, and i don't really get into online gaming that much. I'm in no hurry to get the stim package because i don't want to accidentally lose it due to a glitch. so i will wait patiently for it.

swishersweets200311665d ago

im starting to think the stimulus package is a little too late. just about everyone i run into online glitched themselves ungodly amounts of money.

i know i need that damn package because im not going to cheat to get the cash.

ELCUCO1665d ago

I'm so over this game.

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