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Albert Penello questioned on use of PC footage for Xbox promo

Albert Penello is asked why MS used PC footage from Battlefield 4 for an Xbox promo. (Industry)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   569d ago | Well said
Albert's reply doesn't make what they did any less deceiving. Putting an Xbox logo over PC footage for a MS sponsored promo AND uploading it to the official Xbox YouTube channel is just plain wrong. He doesn't even seem to understand what the problem is judging from his tweet......wow.
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Angels3785  +   569d ago
I can't wait to heard more BS from him....

After reading (edit): Oh look...he passed off the question and ignored the misleading nature of the footage.
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abzdine  +   569d ago
STFU penello everyone is sick of your BS interventions.
Those guys have no honor, ready for everything to proof their point.
Lalanana  +   569d ago
Wow dude, I never thought you would be this close minded. Alot of games are advertise this way.. people just like to bash anything on xbox because of MS. what a shame.
Game-ur  +   569d ago | Well said
IMOO the thing turning gamers away from XBox is the constant spin and deception, many can look beyond the weeker specs if they trust the company to serve our interest in the long run, but right now I find that difficult, and I'm a gamer that usually buys every console but I canceled my X1 order because I just can't trust the people in charge.
SilentNegotiator  +   568d ago

So you're either assuming that he isn't aware of that fact or that he doesn't condemn it other times based on.....what exactly?
zeee  +   568d ago
Lalanana: Not even the biggest fanboy would act so blind so I am guessing that you are trolling. Imagine seeing an ad of a laptop with all these nice specs, running BF4 on max settings. Then you go buy that laptop/computer only to find out, it doesn't run BF4 on max settings. It can hardly run it on medium settings. You'd probably be like, "hey, what the hell?! This is not what was advertised" and you'll probably go and return the product.

Are you telling me that you are so sure about MS even their track record that you believe in everything they say, hell, even in their deliberate mistakes? Please be serious and don't troll me. I am actually looking forward to hearing from you.
PeaSFor  +   568d ago
false advertising right here....

so yeah, lying, misleading and arrogant PR seem to be the usual buisness at MS
LonDonE  +   568d ago
amiga-man  +   568d ago
M$ just cant be trusted, how many times will people let them get away with blatant lying before people stop defending them?

M$...........M........Mirrors .......S...........Smoke
dedicatedtogamers  +   568d ago
And yet there are people out there (setting aside the people online who are legitimate "viral marketers" hired by Microsoft) who honestly place their gaming entertainment future in the hands of Microsoft...

Kinda sad.
thekhurg  +   568d ago
Dude how else is this commercial to going to air on 1080i stations? It's not like our cable/satellite can upscale 720p xbox one footage to 1080i feeds...
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AsimLeonheart  +   568d ago

God! How blind can you be!? Lying and deceiving is WRONG! You CANNOT justify it in any way! I hope you do not justify other crimes in a similar fashion. Just because others may be doing it, does not gives you the license to do it yourself. Are you allowed to to rob a bank or kill someone just because others are already doing it? Your sense of right and wrong is really twisted.
Ritsujun  +   568d ago
Dat AlPert.
Detoxx  +   569d ago
He seriously has no idea
mrnice  +   569d ago
someone should gag him.or sack him.i have played em both and was getting both but they just lie. all the time come on ms.stop with the crap truth will come out when you take are money and were stuck with this crap.come march xbox 2 out 1080p without kinect.300 lol
iamnsuperman  +   569d ago
Pretty much it really. If this was uploaded on Microsoft's YouTube page and being used to advertise Windows then fine but since it was being used on the One YouTube page with a big Xbox logo on the video advertising an Xbox One promo event it is a problem

I think it might have been a mistake (didn't check the stock footage properly) but at least admit the mistake. This implies they think there is nothing is wrong in this practice
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DeadlyFire  +   569d ago
Can we push a false advertising lawsuit on them now? It would be funny to do so and win I believe.
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LetoAtreides82  +   568d ago
Could be done. MS would just delete the video.
Kayant  +   569d ago
At first I was going to give them a pass but then I remembered they also had a trailer at the tournament yesterday but with the in-game UI (Pc footage) taken out yet in this promo vid they feel the need to keep it... Hmmmm....
Mike134nl  +   569d ago
It is deceiving using the pc content for the promo of the battlefield tournament. That said it was a promo of for streaming event of a battlefield tournament which was being played on xb1 consoles.
That said people who watched the tournament on their xb30 or pc were shown a live stream of battlefield being played on xb1. As a european I find it a shame europe lost.
Studio-YaMi  +   569d ago | Well said
I can't believe how simply he puts it,it's like he's saying :

"well yeah it's older youtube footage of the PC version but we didn't have time to make a brand new one with the XboxOne version SOOOO we are going to fool some"loyalists" by slamming the XboxOne logo onto it & saying it's XboxOne footage."

And you will STILL find some people who will defend them,just .. WOW!
Lukas_Japonicus  +   569d ago
Yeah, it's shocking that people will STILL defend him and MS. Its like...what do they have to do to you for you to realise how deceptive they are?

The way you put it is perfect btw, that's basically how that comment comes across to everyone but the loyalists.

Im so glad that we don't have to be a fan of MS in order to buy their console, because that would be mean i would never own an X1. How people can defend this company after all they have done and continue to do is beyond my understanding.
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IcicleTrepan  +   569d ago
They could have put text at the bottom saying 'pc version shown due to NDA' or something short like that to at least tell you what you're seeing. But you are right, it was dishonest. That being said I don't think Albert Penello would have been the one that made this decision and it probably came from above him, although now he is defending it.
BOLO  +   568d ago
It's no use...Xbot's defended them when DRM was introduced...So you better believe they will defend them now until DRM is re-introduced...Stockholm syndrome at its finest.
KnightRobby  +   569d ago
Oh dead lord. I have no idea why MS is so effed up. But believe it or not, I sort of understand it...sort of.

In fact, they probably had to use PC footage because the advertisement was probably made during the development process for the BF4...And by the way, all launch games for both consoles are being rushed out the door. They are all going to look great, play great, but believe it or not, they are mostly ports. Meaning they are going to look terrible to the true next-gen versions without the constraints of the current-gen.

Right now everything is in flux. MS is still making mistakes though, but after watching the ACTUAL livestream the game looks great on the Xbox One. And honestly, beyond shitty marketing, the games looking and playing great is what matters here.

And by the way, it looks great on the PS4 too!
C0LLAT  +   569d ago
That my friend, by no means makes it ok... this is just defending why I will be going from Xbox360 to PlayStation 4. You just cant trust them.

Plain and simple.

the only people defending them are the people that have invested 7+ years of time getting achievements, and gaining Gamerscore.

these people I call xbots. Xbots will eventually be programmed to destroy the world and lye about everything.

get away from the ONE while you still can!!! lol
KnightRobby  +   568d ago
I'm actually going to end up getting both consoles. The PS4 and the Xbox One. Sony has done a superb job communicating with the community and offering features that, ya know, makes sense.

What I'm looking forward to is Titanfall (don't have the PC to run it, don't suggest it!), Halo 4, Forza Horizon 2...but I am equally anticipating The Order 1886 and especially Uncharted 4. Facts are I like them both.

Honestly, you're right. They should've recorded damn Xbox One footage. It just seems time and time again Microsoft just knows how to make you mad more than anything else. Such a disappointment. The fools.
C0LLAT  +   569d ago
Its called: false advertising.
Infamous298  +   569d ago
@Lalanana you are the closed minded here, worshipping a company who keep f*cking you in the ass and it keep spreading lies which only xbots like you believe in, seriously, xbots are the worst breed of fanboys, they even try to convince you that a piece of sh*t is better than PS4 smh.
3-4-5  +   568d ago
This is the problem with companies in America. Guys like this never take responsibility for their actions and ignore or pass the blame.

They hire other people like them, and then you get whole companies ran by people who don't really know what they are doing.

Sure they can maintain current...but to progress the company they fail; every time.

They don't understand the technology or the product they are pushing or the market they are pushing it on.
Soc5  +   568d ago
Poor Penello
Just quit dude, I know you're doing your job but is it worth it?
You're ruining your cred. You might want to do what Mattrick did and leave that sinking ship.
deecee33  +   568d ago
We wouldn't be having any discussion about the footage in the video if BF4 on the XB1 had performed up to everyone's expectations, I.e. shipped at the same resolution as the PS4 version. People would have written it off and forgiven them in that case- that's what I think the root issue is here.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   569d ago
nice guys
keep promoting sony's PS4 (edit i meant ps4) whatever

free advertising...its like sony is paying you guys or something

i never understand brand loyalty
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   569d ago
Lol, what? PS3?

Guess what? This is news for gamers and this is gaming news. Brand loyalty has nothing to do with it. If something happens in the industry that is worthy of posting on this website then it will be posted....simple as.

If the majority of Microsoft news that gets posted is negative news then that is no ones fault but Microsofts. What do you expect us to do....make up positive news just to balance things out?
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king_george  +   569d ago
nobody mentioned ps3 bro...
stage88  +   569d ago
They still put the xbox logo in the top corner to make it look like it was xbox footage.

smoothop  +   569d ago
Loads of games are advertised this way, Uncharted 3 was running at 60fps and at higher resolution in its trailers. The problem is people just being idiots because they don't like MS.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   569d ago
Uncharted 3 trailers would have been at 30fps (the max YouTube allows). The game is 30fps....so there is no deception there.

Nothing to do with "not liking MS", its news that people need to see. People are buying products from this company so i feel its important they know what kind of people they are dealing with.....people that think deceiving their customers is not a bad thing.
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Codey47  +   569d ago
There's a reason why I hate M$
and it's been embroiled in me....way before M$ even got into the console market.

You call it idiocy
I call it being bent over a table and royally shafted.....on many occasions and obviously by M$
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smoothop  +   569d ago
People will blow up anything into a big situation if it is related to Xbox One, just get over the fact that some people want Xbox One its not the end of the world.
stage88  +   569d ago
What's that got to do with anything?

MS have clearly misled and deceived people with this footage.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   569d ago
This is NOTHING to do with people wanting an X1......I want an X1 but i still posted this news.

And in my opinion, acting like there is nothing wrong with putting an Xbox logo over PC footage is a "big situation" for a company that already has a damaged rep/image from negative news from most of 2013.
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stuna1  +   569d ago
Your comment is a prime example of the saying! "You can't see the forest for the trees"! The fact that Microsoft has continuously been able to fool the masses, makes me wonder if this is truly the "Secret Sauce" that the Xbox1 is reported to have, "Instant Mind Control"? Because I have to say it! Some of Microsoft's supporters act as if they are brain dead.
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3-4-5  +   568d ago
I think people don't care if you want an XB1....they just want to inform you so you aren't shocked and mad when you realize you've been screwed.

It will happen at some point. As a current xbox and xbox 360 owner, I have been screwed my Microsoft before. We all have at some point.

I've always had a lot of great experiences because of Microsoft via PC OS and Xbox gaming.

They aren't all bad, but they still think they are smarter than they actually are.

They think they are at a 96/100 but really they are about 82/100
BOLO  +   568d ago
M$FT and Xbox One blow themselves up...No help needed from the rest of the gaming community. It is however just fascinating the level of defense mechanism activation you Xbot's seem to give at M$FT for any form of A. Deception, B. Excuses, C. Greed, and D. PR stealth speak they are fairly accused of quite often.
jackdaddy  +   569d ago
More lies and deception from the Kings of lies and deceit. Glad we have @yosp in charge.
VonBraunschweigg  +   569d ago | Funny
Among thieves, Microsoft's deception is all about making a fortune untill the last of us runs out of money.
Studio-YaMi  +   569d ago
I see what you did there..!
mrdeli  +   569d ago
I cannot seriously believe how bad Xbone has frigged up their launch. The 360 gave me six years of tip top gaming and now after playing The Last of Us, and hooking my wireless controller up to my PC + Steam, and with the $399 PS4 coming, I am seriously moving away in my intentions to stay with Xbox. BTW I bought Kinect 1 and threw it out in the trash. Serious.
smoothop   569d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(4)
boeso  +   569d ago
M$ is using a technique called plausible deniability. Look it up if you think 'sony fanboys' are blowing this out of proportion.
WeAreLegion  +   569d ago
Just apologize and move on. What's so hard about that? Don't BS gamers. That hasn't worked out so far.
MELMAN26   569d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
ELCUCO  +   569d ago
Ahhh man.. I was hoping for a good story time from Albert :( I'm dissapointed in his response
iceman1346  +   569d ago
and people still defending this company?!...
i just wanna say good luck xboners you will need it...
iceman1346  +   569d ago
"grab popcorn"
sorry guys wrong section
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strigoi814  +   569d ago
lies is their game..
Clarence  +   569d ago
Hey why should M$ care. They know people are going to blindly support their console. It's funny to watch all the stunts that they are trying to pull.
Dlacy13g  +   569d ago
I love how worked some of you get. Grabbin more popcorn.
Hicken  +   569d ago
Why aren't you more worked up? How much do you care about gaming?

It helped me through some personally tough times, and is a big source of inspiration for my interests(music and writing). So I'm rather vested in the continued health of the industry.

This isn't the sort of thing that should be excused. Microsoft's repeated actions should not be glossed over. And, in fact, we should get MORE worked up as they keep doing the same things.

Especially when you have people defending what's obviously bad. I don't even have to name them, but they're in every such article, trying to make it seem like it's not as bad as it is. Trying to pass it off as just Sony fanboys making a big deal out of nothing. And it's the attitude of such apologists that's allowed Microsoft to do what they're doing and think it's okay.

Who wouldn't be worked up over that?
Dlacy13g  +   568d ago
Sorry, I just see no reason to be worked up over a promo trailer for a live event using some PC trailer but the actual event was from the Xbox One version. Real gameplay was present and looked good. I don't think anyone is being duped here. The event was fun and showed off a good game.
moparful99  +   568d ago
@Dlacy13g See you're missing the point, its not the trailer that is the issue.. It's how Microsoft and their corporate mouthpieces respond to these controversies.. They have a smugnesses to them as if we the gamers shouldn't have the audicity to question the almighty Microsoft machine.. They are alienating their fans at an alarming rate and seem indifferent about it.. Sony had an aire about them with the PS3 and were humbled fast. They took that feedback and not only saved the PS3 but are now riding a massive wave of support into the PS4..
Hicken  +   567d ago
It's not the promo trailer itself. It's that willingness to pass something off to people are true when it's false, and have no qualms about it.

At this event where they're using real gameplay, wouldn't you expect real gameplay in the promo trailer? Xbox One gameplay? Why show off PC footage with an Xbox badge on it like it's console footage, then have that pretentious response when you're called out on it? Hell, even that response is ridiculous. They couldn't bother to grab a few clips of XB1 gameplay and make a new trailer?

At nearly every turn, Microsoft is saying or doing the wrong thing. And with each mistake, entirely too many gamers are not only forgiving them, but justifying the mistakes. I don't care if you prefer the XB1 and will be getting one, bu that's no excuse for acting like Microsoft's not done a single bit of wrong, especially throughout this past year.
Tzuno  +   569d ago
he is a lame liar. who cares, i will not buy.
#17 (Edited 569d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheObserver  +   568d ago
Yeah yeah, just like how he doesn't know CoD native res on Xbone.
KILLERAPP  +   568d ago
Albert Penello "First class experience"... LOL, epic fail...
ShowGun901  +   568d ago
this might be ok if it was the first thing, but this is after a LONG list of M$'s recent attempts to screw us one way or another...

im sorry all companies are greedy, but M$ is shady...

like a used car salesman.
(actually thats exactly what the ms guy who dropped in on the wii-u promotion reminded me of LOL)
Morgue  +   568d ago
Panello & Spencer 2016
bligmerk  +   568d ago
MS is trying to put off showing live feed footage of real games running on real Xbones for as long as possible.

The latest joke is there are XBone kiosks showing up in US Best Buys and they are unplayable, just having looping movies of the UI and games. It's true, even Sony is putting a display dummy case in the clear plastic box and the real console is on a shelf inside but at least their demo kiosks are real demo kiosks where you can play some real games.

I have seen pictures taken of Forza on the playable demo kiosks in Best Buy Canada and they are a jagfest. No wonder MS is putting off that day when the rubber meets the road, when they have to launch and then there will be real head-to-head comparisons between the XBone and the PS4.
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Metfanant  +   568d ago
come on Albert....youre better than this...
badkolo   568d ago | Trolling | show
Mister_G  +   568d ago
Was this the US vs. EU thing?
CapsLocke  +   568d ago
Just another proof that PC master race will always prevail.
Mister_Dawg  +   568d ago


All companies spread BS, whether they mean to or not.
Just type in 'Sony false advertising' into a search engine and guess what? You'll find loads of sh!t on $ony too. Some of these may be BS also, but where there's smoke..........

But, but, but...... $ony has learned from their mistakes and they love us gamers now. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..............ha ha ha ha
badkolo  +   568d ago
the f'en hypocracy on this site is disgusting, they seem to forget all the lies sony tells
Rageanitus  +   568d ago
The reality many companies do this in many industries. As deceiving as it could be sometimes the consumer has to think rather than just react.

Look at all the car magazines, they show many of the pictures but it is not the exact version found in the market.

Or Killzone 2 the first videos (Sony did not say it was actual gameplay it was just that public overeacted and made their only conclusions rather than basing things on facts)

Look at Halo, many of the previews were pre-rendered.

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