Proof: GTA IV Street Date Broken

Gameplayer are reporting that Aussie consumers have begun receiving their copies of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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red_ring_of_death3712d ago

good for them
ill have my copy on friday

BigKev453712d ago

They need to do thst s**t here in US.

TheHater3712d ago

I agree. I hope I can get it on Monday :)

Fallen_Angel3712d ago

My friend manage to get a copy of it already (in the states). She was able to get it cause the guys drool all over her. I tried to get a copy from same store and they wouldnt sell me it.

t-0_ot-3712d ago

Mature, 15+ .. That's crazy! I wish it was like that in the US.

RiseOfMonster3712d ago

You don't. In order to get that rating they took stuff out of the US version.

Tony240ZT3712d ago

Just removal of the gun up some guy's back door, nothing really needed if that's all they removed.

jollygoodchap83712d ago

Maybe Drekken's dream has come true after all.

Drekken3712d ago

lol.. hopefully. But honestly, if it hasnt happened yet full blown, it isnt going to happen. Looks like we will be waiting for Tuesday! grrrr

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The story is too old to be commented.