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Game Buzz | Episode 53 - My Graphics Are Better Than Yours

Dealspwn writes: Game Buzz this week sees the next-gen battle hotting up nicely. As the PS4 begins to roll out in the US, we debate the resolution disparity between the PS4 and Xbox One in a couple of key third-party titles like BF4 and COD Ghosts; we have a bit of a chat about Microsoft locking down Titanfall's exclusivity in perpetuity; we take note of the Wii U still having a negative impact on Nintendo's profits; we mark the death of the Command & Conquer F2P experiment before it really began properly; and we ask what Jonathan Ross can bring to Microsoft's PR campaign. (Culture, Industry, Microsoft, Nintendo, PS4, Sony, TitanFall, Wii U, Xbox One)

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stuna1  +   607d ago
No! It's about my graphics are not good enough! And so far that only applies to one.

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