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GTA IV - Warm Coffe

It seems Rockstar still hasn't lost its sense of humor. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)

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xhi4  +   2688d ago
absolutely unbelievable.
chaosatom333  +   2688d ago
THE GAME is Gorgeous. I had my doubts but now I am sold. The rain will own everything just like the rain in GTA: SA.

ps: I hope you were commenting on the graphics not the warm coffee.

There are so many videos of gta iv now on utube, it's crazy. They keep coming every 15 mins and getting banned.
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sonarus  +   2688d ago
PS3 version blows with no achievements:( Knowing rockstar, GTA4 will have some fantastic achievements. I dunno guys i think i have to get the 360 version now:(. The only thing keeping me from pre ordering this game for 360 is because of friends on ps3. I think i will wait and see what the DLC is if it is awesome i can always get the 360 version for a cheaper price by fall

The rain looks fantastic though. The lighting andthe reflections are simply amazing. Thats the most impressive footage i have seen so far
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vickers500  +   2688d ago
I was talking about how they haven't gone bitter over the hot coffee incident.
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NO_PUDding  +   2688d ago
After that Sonarus!?

If that's the 360 version it DEFINTELY needs a less clinical look.

The red and yellow lights look like great big paint spillages. I am not impressed, and I'm not even happy there won't be much difference between the PS3 and 360 if that's how it looks.

Tony240ZT  +   2688d ago
I don't understand achievement points
I've always just played games for the fun of them, and I will run an extra dungeon hear or there to unlock new content, such as a hidden summon, better weapon, greatest armor that kind of thing. You know, game content. I'd still wait to see both versions playing side by side before deciding. I wouldn't base it souly on achivevement points.
sonarus  +   2688d ago
Yea not a big fan of achievement points myself but considering the kind of game GTA is, you could just be playing it and get some random achievement to make you laugh.
Finch  +   2688d ago
1.5 - I don't understand achievement points
I've always just played games for the fun of them, and I will run an extra dungeon hear or there to unlock new content, such as a hidden summon, better weapon, greatest armor that kind of thing. You know, game content. I'd still wait to see both versions playing side by side before deciding. I wouldn't base it souly on achivevement points.

Well just doing things just like that is everything they base achievements on! So now it makes doing these things twice as fun and worth doing extra stuff you may normaly skip!
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2687d ago
PS3 version has its objectives too... Just like in GTA SA where you have a statistics board, there you have all those special things that you've done... But when you make 20 special jumps, you'll get in the statistics board that you've made 20/X Special Jumps, while 360 players will get a message and some points (that aren't anything useful if you ask me).

I would pass over that actual tendence of achievements anyday if we can get actual unlockables instead of dumb messages and points (and I'm talking about game unlockables, I don't give a damm to Home trophies if those are to use or expose in Home only).
matt1991  +   2688d ago
i wish i never saw that.. makes me want the game so much more just 6 days
poopsack  +   2688d ago
as if real life server problems weren't bad enough. lol
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MIZLax27  +   2688d ago
thats a beautiful television
Asurastrike  +   2688d ago
Wow the game looks amazing.
Alcohog  +   2688d ago
Looks like GTA.
matt1991  +   2688d ago
LMAO well its not saints row 2 j/k
DomUltra  +   2688d ago
I'm not sure if it was just the recording, or it's me being nit picky but the graphics haven't wowed me, perhaps if I get my own copy on the 29th I'll think differently right now it just looks like this gens GTA4.
Varsarus  +   2688d ago
Is it me or does it seem cartoony?


lol, you know what's funny?, thats from the 360 version ROFL.
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RiseOfMonster  +   2688d ago
That was my first thought.
Looks like it was colored with a box of 90 crayola crayons. I hope that's just the TV and camera, and compression settings doing that.
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DomUltra  +   2688d ago
Lol, bubbles.
ICUP  +   2688d ago
I wonder which version could this be, hmmmmm....
abuze  +   2688d ago
This is definitely the 360 version! :[
Premonition  +   2688d ago
Ive seen the other videos so i know this game looks real good but this guys camera sucks, it makes GTA IV look like GTA 3 or something.

EDIT: like i said for people who disagree or dont comprehend, the other videos of GTA IV look real good but like I said this guys camera with the zooming in to much and stuff makes the game look different from the others, I know its not the tv cause he has a hi def 720p samsung.
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SageFrancis  +   2688d ago
graphics look sheet lol
SageFrancis  +   2688d ago
still getting this on the day though.

I love GTA
ReBurn  +   2688d ago
Just watching the video made me remember what it felt like moving around Liberty City. I can't wait to feel that again.
bloop  +   2688d ago
The only thing that really bothered me about GTA IV when they were releasing the screens/trailers, was that the streets always seemed to have little or no pedestrians. Judging by this vid, it may be true. I just hope it's because it was night time in the game or something. Other than that, can't f*cking wait to get my hands on it.
InYourMorn  +   2688d ago
wow the reviewer wasn't kidding
xbox version does look cooler, in color that is.
looks like pastel
Ri0tSquad  +   2688d ago
Looks fantastic
If you ask me.
InYourMorn  +   2688d ago
i agree,
but you can't deny that it looks "cooler" as the reviewers said.
PS3 will have warmer- more life like colors.
RiseOfMonster  +   2688d ago
It looks like a hookers make up bag. Just look at the reflection on the ground from the tail lights when he stops at the light--it's like a pool of wet paint.
InYourMorn  +   2688d ago
That's what I meant
from "cooler" color
a pastel type hue and texture.
poos3  +   2688d ago
hey guys look at this retard and point at him he has played the game guys he is an expert and has seen this game in motion on th eps3 and 360 on his hd tv inyourmoms knows it all sacarsm offed ok 1st the 360 version will deff look better than the ps3 version that why rockstar choose to show it to the media 2nd this gameplay vids are taken from mobile phone camaras you nor 1 cant see anything related to texture your just let crap slip out of ur anus last of all this is the best footage ive seen of gta 4 in terms of graphics if im wrong link the ps3 version and lets see
RiseOfMonster  +   2688d ago
Hey--you f-cking asshole, I'm commenting on the related media, like you're suppose to do. Not spewing out bullsh!t and making an idiot out of yourself. Not everything is going to look great on everything--I'm bringing up concerns I have with what's being shown. You're the fcuking half breed that brings your fanboy sh*t into this. And the reason you bring that sh@t up is becuase you see what I see but are too much of a !@##ing tool.

Get your attention from someone else because I could give two sh$ts.

Hang yourself with you mouse cord.
power of Green  +   2688d ago
Look at you people in here making excuses for PS3's faded washed out red and orange version folks are calling warm. lol

That video is a joke maybe they didn't do the visuals in a rain storm the way you like. lol

The game is so dynamic you'd have to have a side by side to say anything about what the effects look like on both platfroms. I think the reflections are good for this genre.

The 360 version has more a true to life color palette range than the PS3 version.
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Ri0tSquad  +   2688d ago
Rockstar did one hell of a job on GTA IV. You can see how good the graphics are in this game even when it's in crappy quality.
Grassroots  +   2688d ago
Where is all the people, I'm hoping because of the rain there are inside.
vickers500  +   2688d ago
Looks like I spelled coffee wrong, damn. Although I don't think the people on this site care about grammar.
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ElfShotTheFood  +   2688d ago
Nice to know N4G condones piracy.
ThatArtGuy  +   2688d ago
The game has broken street date everywhere. There's no proof that it is a pirated copy. It might be, but there's the chance that it is not.
Skynetone  +   2688d ago
A bit washed out
But Im still picking it up day one

looking forward to finding all its secrets
Varsarus  +   2688d ago
hmm, I saw a big frame rate drop near the end when that red car was spinning :(
sumfood4u  +   2688d ago
get yur coffe on!
Keep Rockin Rockstar!
midgard229  +   2688d ago
achievments suck
u cud play a kids game and get achievments, i have no respect for achievments,

besides that i think the graphics in this game are awful, i mean its good for a gta game since gta's graphics always suck, and i do like the rain, but my goodness, it looks so dull, bad lighting and no texture, and the characters just look really bad, but w.e gameplay counts lol
Fragking28  +   2688d ago
If u guys want i can post a good 45 minutes of me screwing around in gta 4 on saturday on gametrailers.com if you need a fix if anyone want to see this just reply better yet i will only show this if i get 10 agrees.
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Psycopod_Eng  +   2688d ago
Whats the Deal???
the game looks amazing i'l give you that. But why has this person got a copy and the other law abiding citizens of the world been mugged off an still waiting, i hope rockstar and taketwo kick some ass on piracies and sellers who release before the official date!! i have no respect for this muppet!
LostChild  +   2688d ago
Can't wait
and this guy is using his cell phone camera to record this, as he stated in his other videos. Plus, everyone is not going the have the same TV this guy is playing on. GTA isn't about graphics, it's about the gameplay.
IzKyD1331  +   2688d ago
video is dead....got another link?
ravinash  +   2688d ago
I want to see it!
Dang, don't ya just hate it when you see everyone raving about it and when you go to see it, its no longer there :-(
vickers500  +   2687d ago
I put 2 alternate links to download the video, MegaUpload, and RapidShare. Are they not working?

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