Aaron Greenberg: You will see every game as 1080p

Microsoft's Aaron Grenberg downplays the importance of Native 1080p when a user raises his concerns in lieu of the recent reveal that Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at an upscaled 720p.


Aaron reversed his position after being accused of lying: -

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zeee1691d ago

Wait a minute.... is he trying to imply that upscaled 1080p is just like native 1080p? I just woke up so my brain's is like half dead so perhaps I got it all wrong?

FITgamer1691d ago

Yeah if i was a die Xbox fan this would offend me. Then again if i was die hard i'd probably believe him, so scratch that.

nypifisel1691d ago

It's so stupid really, the spinning made by MS is insane.

zeee1691d ago

Or, in this case, 1080p is the new 720p! Get it? :D

thekhurg1691d ago

My laptop is 1600x900 resolution, and when I viewed this article it was in 1080p. IT'S A MIRACLE!

BOLO1691d ago

"It's so stupid really, the spinning made by MS is insane."

Hey DJ M$FT! Spin that bullsh!t!

mikeslemonade1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

He's trying to say it's negligible. However isn't convincing on why anyone should pay $100 more for the X1.

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JsonHenry1691d ago

There is a big difference between native and upscaled. But if you sit far enough away from your TV the vast majority of people will never notice. Unless you are one of those eagle-eyed freaks of nature.

GribbleGrunger1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

So you are going to pay $100 more for a console that does 720p because you can sit further away from the TV ... I'm going to buy the cheaper console that does 1080p and sit closer to the TV.

Think about what you are saying.

jetlian1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

gribble so you had a 360 last gen? it was 200 dollars cheaper with higher res and fps!

didn't stop people from buying ps3 though hmmmm

I just want to know why cod is so low.
bf4 codg
720p 720p
60 fps 60 fps
64 players 18 players
destruction no destruction

Cernunnos1691d ago


Cause it's an ancient engine, they have to release a new game yearly, and they can't code.

Minute Man 7211691d ago

Well count me in as one of those eagle eyed freak. Fox brodcast football games @ 720p and NBC, CBS and ESPN brodcast at 1080i/p and I can tell the difference

Utalkin2me1691d ago

"so you had a 360 last gen? it was 200 dollars cheaper with higher res and fps!"

Really? So which game on the 360 ran 1080p at 60 fps like Wipeout HD did?

You do realize the PS3 had a 499 model at launch right? So basically for 100 dollars more you was getting a better deal. Bluray, Bigger HDD, wireless, HDMI, Free multiplayer, rechargeable controllers.

So lets boil it down this way.

360 = 399.00
Live = 49.99
Wireless adapter = 99.99
Battery packs = 19.99

Then later on they released a new revision with HDMI, so if you wanted that you had to buy a new system. So you're right the 360 was 200 dollars cheaper, roflmao....

Qrphe1691d ago

There is a pretty obvious difference between both resolutions even at 10 feet. 1080p is over twice the pixel count of 720p.

andrewsqual1691d ago

You would need to post this for teh next 2 months straight to get through an Xbot's brain. I have been explaining that to them time and time again since 2008 and they still don't listen to hown much they spent.

tagan8tr1691d ago

I have a question if XBO is lowered to 720p to run at 60fps does that mean if they lower PS4 to 720p it would blaze at 120fps?

DonnieDarko1691d ago

Next they'll be telling us it had 4D graphics

DiTH1691d ago

I ill just play on my PSone(see what i did there) then and just sit to the next room.I bet it will be just like 1080p.

jetlian1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

blu ray did nothing for games unlike kinect and was 1-200 more. what ms added years later isnt even on the table.

the 20 gb ps3 was the same as 360 but 100 dollars more. ps3 also needed a hd long before 360. 20gb ps3 didnt even have a wifi solution!

as for live psn on ps3 still isnt on par and batterys plenty of solutions

you can have wipeout point still stands ps3 was weaker proven time and again and even by carmack. didnt stop people from buying it

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scott1821691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Wait, I'm starting to understand what is going on here. The devs wanted these games to look better on the X1, so they made them lower resolution (knowing that doesn't matter anymore) and also made them darker. They are brilliant!

joseph11111691d ago

Cancelled my preorder for the one because of the bf4 resolution issue. Until Microsoft can prove the cloud will increase performance I will stay with ps4..

shadyiswin1690d ago

you never had a pre order sony fan boy,and this is the only site that says bf4 looks better on the ps4,oh the xbox's just has a brighter picture,that can be fixed with settings. The truth is everyone was expecting it to be night and day when it's not,this is all launch party title games that have most resources delegated to current gen. When the work cycle shifts to where the focus is next gen then you start to see better results,you are likely to see both bf4 and cod in 1080p on there next installment.

On a side not we have our xbox one display on in our store and what do you know,it is a show stopper,everyone stops and stares at it,im assuming it has to be the very time they have seen it in person,and the overall response is it is sexy,bit bulky but much smaller than people made it out to be. The sony crew has not showed up yet,they were suppose to 3 days ago. We have ghost for ps4 and xbox one,but the xbox one has a combo pack for $69.99 which is ghost for xbox 360 AND xbox one,very clever to do it that way.

Another side not,most customers had no idea it comes with kinect,once i tell them its standard it's almost a sigh of relief,they assumed the console was $499 without the kinect,so yeah it's nice to get a dose of reality after being on this site and being told by every article xbox sucks,its a failure,no one wants one,actually leave the computer and see people are excited. Very annoying to attach pictures here or i would but its something you see n person,shocked we got it on 11/1 abd gamestop doesnt even have them yet and its a 2 monitor set up,very nice.

kiz26941690d ago

"this is the only site that says bf4 looks better on the ps4"

You do know that this website is made up from loads of other sites, this is a posting site for news articles from gaming websites all around world.

Mrgolden791690d ago


There should be a negative bubble for "stupid".

Ritsujun1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )


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Withdreday1690d ago

Yep this is just M$ trying to mate call their fans that don't know tech again.

Nothing to see here folks...

dodo1011690d ago

10% extra power does not change games from 720p to 1080p

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Kayant1691d ago

Lmao at this -

Oh my MS can't seem to catch a break on this. Betting so much on kinect as not helped them at all.

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AngelicIceDiamond1691d ago

And yet at the end of the day after all the storm of troll comments and making fun of X1. It will be hitting 1080P by next year.

3 games are already hitting 1080P on X1 already sooo its already on its way of doing so.

Trust me, we will all forget about it very, very soon. And move on to the next hurdle MS puts in front of themselves.


XboxFun1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

It's pretty obvious that the X1 dev kits were sent out late and games that started production early didn't have the benefit or time to take advantage of the Xbox One.

There's nothing in Xbox One architecture that would prohibit native 1080p as we already have some games that are that resolution for the Xbox One.

I'll personally wait for the next tidbit the fanboys will jump on and blow up.

zeee1691d ago

I think I agree with you but... however late the dev kits were, when you see a console running a game like COD on 720p, you want to go and bury it somewhere where nobody can find it. It's 2013!

And you know what, I am sure X1 can pull COD in 1080p, it just goes to show that this console is being rushed to the market and the people who are going to buy this are going to get the shortest stick even though they are paying a premium price for it. It's just extremely bad and selfish business ethics.

larrysdirtydrawss1691d ago

sports/racers that have static backgrounds maybe,but not real games that take processing power

BOLO1691d ago

"It will be hitting 1080P by next year." O.O?

PS4 will be hitting 1080p in two weeks.

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Software_Lover1691d ago

Unfortunately, this will never end.

Statix1691d ago

You mean "fortunately."

*Orders a 5-year supply of microwave popcorn from Costco"