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Aaron Greenberg: You will see every game as 1080p

Microsoft's Aaron Grenberg downplays the importance of Native 1080p when a user raises his concerns in lieu of the recent reveal that Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at an upscaled 720p. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Update Aaron reversed his position after being accused of lying: -


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GribbleGrunger  +   165d ago | Funny
'As' not 'At'.
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zeee  +   165d ago
Wait a minute.... is he trying to imply that upscaled 1080p is just like native 1080p? I just woke up so my brain's is like half dead so perhaps I got it all wrong?
FITgamer  +   165d ago
Yeah if i was a die Xbox fan this would offend me. Then again if i was die hard i'd probably believe him, so scratch that.
nypifisel  +   165d ago
It's so stupid really, the spinning made by MS is insane.
PERK7NS  +   165d ago
720p is the new 1080p!
zeee  +   165d ago
Or, in this case, 1080p is the new 720p! Get it? :D
thekhurg  +   165d ago
My laptop is 1600x900 resolution, and when I viewed this article it was in 1080p. IT'S A MIRACLE!
BOLO  +   165d ago
"It's so stupid really, the spinning made by MS is insane."

Hey DJ M$FT! Spin that bullsh!t!
mikeslemonade  +   165d ago
He's trying to say it's negligible. However isn't convincing on why anyone should pay $100 more for the X1.
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JsonHenry  +   165d ago
There is a big difference between native and upscaled. But if you sit far enough away from your TV the vast majority of people will never notice. Unless you are one of those eagle-eyed freaks of nature.
GribbleGrunger  +   165d ago | Well said
So you are going to pay $100 more for a console that does 720p because you can sit further away from the TV ... I'm going to buy the cheaper console that does 1080p and sit closer to the TV.

Think about what you are saying.
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jetlian  +   165d ago
gribble so you had a 360 last gen? it was 200 dollars cheaper with higher res and fps!

didn't stop people from buying ps3 though hmmmm

I just want to know why cod is so low.
bf4 codg
720p 720p
60 fps 60 fps
64 players 18 players
destruction no destruction
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Cernunnos  +   165d ago

Cause it's an ancient engine, they have to release a new game yearly, and they can't code.
Minute Man 721  +   165d ago
Well count me in as one of those eagle eyed freak. Fox brodcast football games @ 720p and NBC, CBS and ESPN brodcast at 1080i/p and I can tell the difference
Utalkin2me  +   165d ago
"so you had a 360 last gen? it was 200 dollars cheaper with higher res and fps!"

Really? So which game on the 360 ran 1080p at 60 fps like Wipeout HD did?

You do realize the PS3 had a 499 model at launch right? So basically for 100 dollars more you was getting a better deal. Bluray, Bigger HDD, wireless, HDMI, Free multiplayer, rechargeable controllers.

So lets boil it down this way.

360 = 399.00
Live = 49.99
Wireless adapter = 99.99
Battery packs = 19.99

Then later on they released a new revision with HDMI, so if you wanted that you had to buy a new system. So you're right the 360 was 200 dollars cheaper, roflmao....
Qrphe  +   165d ago
There is a pretty obvious difference between both resolutions even at 10 feet. 1080p is over twice the pixel count of 720p.
andrewsqual  +   165d ago
You would need to post this for teh next 2 months straight to get through an Xbot's brain. I have been explaining that to them time and time again since 2008 and they still don't listen to hown much they spent.
tagan8tr  +   165d ago
I have a question if XBO is lowered to 720p to run at 60fps does that mean if they lower PS4 to 720p it would blaze at 120fps?
DonnieDarko  +   165d ago
Next they'll be telling us it had 4D graphics
DiTH  +   165d ago
I ill just play on my PSone(see what i did there) then and just sit to the next room.I bet it will be just like 1080p.
jetlian  +   165d ago
blu ray did nothing for games unlike kinect and was 1-200 more. what ms added years later isnt even on the table.

the 20 gb ps3 was the same as 360 but 100 dollars more. ps3 also needed a hd long before 360. 20gb ps3 didnt even have a wifi solution!

as for live psn on ps3 still isnt on par and batterys plenty of solutions

you can have wipeout point still stands ps3 was weaker proven time and again and even by carmack. didnt stop people from buying it
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scott182  +   165d ago
Wait, I'm starting to understand what is going on here. The devs wanted these games to look better on the X1, so they made them lower resolution (knowing that doesn't matter anymore) and also made them darker. They are brilliant!
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joseph1111  +   165d ago
Cancelled my preorder for the one because of the bf4 resolution issue. Until Microsoft can prove the cloud will increase performance I will stay with ps4..
shadyiswin  +   165d ago
you never had a pre order sony fan boy,and this is the only site that says bf4 looks better on the ps4,oh the xbox's just has a brighter picture,that can be fixed with settings. The truth is everyone was expecting it to be night and day when it's not,this is all launch party title games that have most resources delegated to current gen. When the work cycle shifts to where the focus is next gen then you start to see better results,you are likely to see both bf4 and cod in 1080p on there next installment.

On a side not we have our xbox one display on in our store and what do you know,it is a show stopper,everyone stops and stares at it,im assuming it has to be the very time they have seen it in person,and the overall response is it is sexy,bit bulky but much smaller than people made it out to be. The sony crew has not showed up yet,they were suppose to 3 days ago. We have ghost for ps4 and xbox one,but the xbox one has a combo pack for $69.99 which is ghost for xbox 360 AND xbox one,very clever to do it that way.

Another side not,most customers had no idea it comes with kinect,once i tell them its standard it's almost a sigh of relief,they assumed the console was $499 without the kinect,so yeah it's nice to get a dose of reality after being on this site and being told by every article xbox sucks,its a failure,no one wants one,actually leave the computer and see people are excited. Very annoying to attach pictures here or i would but its something you see n person,shocked we got it on 11/1 abd gamestop doesnt even have them yet and its a 2 monitor set up,very nice.
kiz2694  +   164d ago
"this is the only site that says bf4 looks better on the ps4"

You do know that this website is made up from loads of other sites, this is a posting site for news articles from gaming websites all around world.
Mrgolden79  +   164d ago

There should be a negative bubble for "stupid".
Ritsujun  +   165d ago
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ElementsUnknown  +   165d ago
This is tricky. I played most current gen games on the 360 because it's upscaler was great and my PS3 would only do 720p. I am glad the XBONE has an upscaler but that doesn't mean I want to settle for upscaled games when they can be native. I see what Greeneberg's saying and if you can only buy the XBONE you'll be fine but if you have a choice, native always sounds better to me, less work for the system to do.
shadyiswin  +   165d ago
it's call of duty bro. Its funny an issue when one game is 720p vs 1080p ,if both was 720p then its not a problem,but suddenly one game dictates the consoles resolution for the life cycle of the console,i think not,activision is lazy,did not want to code properly but wanted to use the 10% power reserve to run the game in 1080p microsoft did the right thing by saying no,or would you guys prefer an unstable game that looks the same but mentally you can tell yourself its 100x better cause its in native 1080p,if you had any idea how many americans think there tv programs are in 1080p......and thats not upscaled yet everyone thinks its full hd,so dont expect any complaints about the picture,lets wait till the comparison comes out and people will nit pick and find there are hardly any diffrences
Withdreday  +   165d ago
Yep this is just M$ trying to mate call their fans that don't know tech again.

Nothing to see here folks...
dodo101  +   164d ago
10% extra power does not change games from 720p to 1080p
Kayant  +   165d ago
Lmao at this -

Oh my MS can't seem to catch a break on this. Betting so much on kinect as not helped them at all.
Sarobi  +   165d ago
Ezz2013  +   165d ago
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   165d ago
And yet at the end of the day after all the storm of troll comments and making fun of X1. It will be hitting 1080P by next year.

3 games are already hitting 1080P on X1 already sooo its already on its way of doing so.

Trust me, we will all forget about it very, very soon. And move on to the next hurdle MS puts in front of themselves.

XboxFun  +   165d ago
It's pretty obvious that the X1 dev kits were sent out late and games that started production early didn't have the benefit or time to take advantage of the Xbox One.

There's nothing in Xbox One architecture that would prohibit native 1080p as we already have some games that are that resolution for the Xbox One.

I'll personally wait for the next tidbit the fanboys will jump on and blow up.
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zeee  +   165d ago
I think I agree with you but... however late the dev kits were, when you see a console running a game like COD on 720p, you want to go and bury it somewhere where nobody can find it. It's 2013!

And you know what, I am sure X1 can pull COD in 1080p, it just goes to show that this console is being rushed to the market and the people who are going to buy this are going to get the shortest stick even though they are paying a premium price for it. It's just extremely bad and selfish business ethics.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   165d ago
sports/racers that have static backgrounds maybe,but not real games that take processing power
BOLO  +   165d ago
"It will be hitting 1080P by next year." O.O?

PS4 will be hitting 1080p in two weeks.
lifeisgamesok   165d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(11)
Software_Lover  +   165d ago
Unfortunately, this will never end.
Statix  +   165d ago
You mean "fortunately."

*Orders a 5-year supply of microwave popcorn from Costco"
r21  +   165d ago
Poor Aaron, dudes gonna get huge bashing. Gluck to him with all that!
cell989  +   165d ago
he kind of deserves it, trying to sound like a smartass "You realize you will see every game in 1080p as your output right?" the arrogance has always been strong with this one. Not to mention his statement was full of misinformation, more blatant spin from MS employees
Pintheshadows  +   165d ago
Microsoft employees everybody. Give them a big old round of applause for knowing what they are talking about.

Wait, that doesn't sound right.
bligmerk  +   165d ago
They have never been accused of that, as far as videogaming goes.
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tehpees3  +   165d ago
Aaron Greenberg says what he is paid to say. He said Halo 3 outsold all those PS3 exclusives combined yet he hasn't been using all that money to invest in as many true exclusives as Sony or Nintendo do.
IHassounah  +   165d ago
You do know that Microsoft invested in 5 new studios to bring games to the table
Hicken  +   165d ago
And how many of those studios have been announced to be making a game?
christocolus  +   165d ago

lol...its funny the amount of disagrees you got for stating a fact..fanboys are blind to even logic and reasoning now...its a pity. by the way i looked it up besides the new studios it seems the old ones have been on a hiring spree..from lionhead to mgs osaka,rare to 343 to blacktusk even twisted pixel, good science and turn 10..most of the studios now have multiple teams working on multiple projects..343 and rare alone are working on up to 3 unannounced titles and the newer studios projects are been monitored closely by phil harrison and kenn lobb..
#8.1.2 (Edited 165d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(32) | Report
pacosanchez88  +   165d ago
kinect studios?
Deadpoolio  +   165d ago
Kinect games.....And if Kinect 2.0 turns out to be like Kinect 1.0 that means games nobody will ever buy.....Perhaps they shouldn't have talked crap about Gears of War, they don't own the IP so running their mouths may have just secured Gears of War Trilogy or Gears 4 for PS4
christocolus  +   165d ago
@pocasanchez and deadpoolio

guys give it a rest and stop trying to be ignorant false prophets of doom..you know your comments wont change a thing. right? ms has great games inbound...take or leave it..be it kinect or hardcore ips..they will be awesome.
Godhimself_In_3d   165d ago | Trolling | show
christocolus  +   165d ago
as long as the games keep coming in, i dont give a damn. just make the experiences awesome ...resolution is secondary for me..just get me halo5 and the next great thing from remedy, rare,blacktusk etc and all will be well........damn .its already less than 3weeks now.
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Statix  +   165d ago
I'll just play all those games in 720p on the Xbox 360. No reason to buy a new system if it isn't even powerful enough to raise the standard resolution.
christocolus  +   165d ago
lmao...you know that comment was so ignorant and dumb..so all these games (halo5, ryse,quantum break, killer instinct, kinect sports rivals, black tusks ip etc) are coming to the 360?.you actually believe the 360 can run those games? ...lol even you have to understand the limits of fanboyism.. you guys take fanboyism to a whole new level....there is a point it turns into plain foolishness..dude i value peoples comments but add some common sense and logic to them before you post so we have some sort of a common ground to base our arguments on..the xbx hardware doesnt have to beat the ps4 in specs to create amazing games..it will hold its own, in its own unique way all within its capabalities..i see kinect sports rivals, dr3 ,cod and ryse and i want those games..irrespective of whatever hardware is pushing them..irrespective of res and fps..thats what games are about.the experience..if you dont like it then dont buy it, but be mature enough to respect others choices...disagree all you like.its the simple truth and your opinions will change nothing.
Codey47  +   165d ago
Not that dumb tbh....according to your logic battlefield 4 isn't remotely possible on xbox 360?

"..irrespective of res and fps..thats what games are about.the experience"

so if said game is 720p and running at 5 frames per second it's still about the experience or a slideshow experience?
#10.1.2 (Edited 165d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
azshorty2003  +   165d ago | Funny
Maybe he is wearing these all the time to help out.

OrangePowerz  +   165d ago
No wonder they braged about their upscaler previously.
MRMagoo123  +   165d ago
the same one thats in the ps4 lol MS are a joke i dont know why they dont just admit it all, the fans are worse tho thinking that the 100% extra rez means nothing lol.
TechMech2  +   165d ago
This is close to lying to the customer. Simply ignoring facts to try and make you're product better, eh Microsoft?
Nodoze   165d ago | Trolling | show
KILLERAPP  +   165d ago
Xbone and Wii U, COD : Ghost comparison incoming... Aaron Greenberg "We look just as good as the Wii U version"...
DanielGearSolid  +   165d ago
Hate everything about Greenburg

His stupid face!

His PR bs!

Ok i'll calm down...
Baka-akaB  +   165d ago
Lol , is that you were "confident enough" to use pc footage instead for your BF4 promo ?

PS : i'm not claiming Sony isnt doing it , wont do it , or hasnt done it . I just find it funny considering their so called confidence in interviews
iceman1346  +   165d ago
am i supposed to believe this?????? lol
mrbibbob   165d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
skoorydook  +   165d ago

BF4 does not look better on Xbox One,every gaming journalist I have read comparing it to the PS4 version say the PS4 version is noticeably better, people who have actually played the 2 in person and not watched some you tube video.
MRMagoo123  +   165d ago
Any one that has seen it in person KNOWS for a f@cking fact the ps4 version looks better and doing it at a higher rez, its just the xboners that think other wise, they are becoming the joke of the internet, there are even memes about them now lol.
MasterCornholio  +   165d ago
According to what I've read on sites like Eurogamer, in general 1080P is better than 720P upscaled to the same resolution.

You can't make up the missing pixels by upscaling.

What I said is just a general conclusion that's valid for all systems including PC.

Nexus 7 2013
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pwnsause_returns  +   165d ago
you know, he's actually hurting MS by spinning...
boeso  +   165d ago
Doesn't mean though that some won't get sucked into the tornado of lies. We need to call them out for EVERY spin to save those people.
OMGitzThatGuy  +   165d ago
I'm getting both the X1 and PS4 but the xbox fanboy in me wants their to be some secret sauce that has MS so damn calm.
I'm hopping that this "high quality scaler" has some advanced shit and some AA that is automatically added to the game because that is the only way for them to let devs have lower res on their console, se hopefully they are confident in this scaler.
Angeljuice  +   165d ago
Its the exact same AMD scaler that the PS4 has, sorry about that.
caperjim  +   165d ago
I understand what your saying. I was a xbox360 fan this generation but since the xbox one reveal my faith has depleted with each peace of news about next generation. I have 100,000 + Gamerscore on xbox. Its hard to leave that behind.

Like you I have both PS4 + X1 preordered but im hoping Microsoft pulls something great out of thin air that will make me not cancel my pre-order. As of right now there is no reason for me to purchase an X1 at launch. Its extremely disappointing for me since I have friends on X1 and none on Playstation yet.
stuna1  +   165d ago

I'll friend you on PS4, and I'm sure many wouldn't mind friending on PSN! No one should have to put up bad policies.

PSN ID; stuna1
thedon8982z  +   165d ago
Hell, you can game with me to...
caperjim  +   165d ago

I will add you guys. My PSN name is CAPERJIM I just purchased a 1 year playstation plus membership yesterday for the first time. My PS3 collected dust this generation but I wont be able to say the same about the PS4. Cant wait till the 15th! :)
#23.2.3 (Edited 165d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
RealtorMDandDC  +   164d ago

PSN: ProPaperPusher

You have a friend in deed....
caperjim  +   164d ago

Thanks! I'll add you too. Hopefully everyone on PSN is as cool as you guys.

On the 15th ill be getting Killzone, Battlefield 4, and COD Ghosts. Cant wait to see how they look on my 55 inch TV.
quenomamen  +   165d ago
I keep hoping that Sofia Vergara shows up at my doorstep in leggings, so I'm always checking my door. Now I know how you feel :(
cell989  +   165d ago
I like your optimism but I dont know man, seems like a long shot
Rageanitus  +   165d ago
ummm yah just like xbox 360 UPSCALED.
Truth is consoles are fixed hardware /specs in terms of performance. Overtime games will get more complex needing more juice.

We will not see many games native resolution 1080p as the console ages.

Have we not learned since from DVD vs Blu-ray.
I remember back in the days when Blu-ray was winning the HD format war, the xbox crowd would say DVD is all that is needed it can output upscaled 1080p.

There is a huge difference between Blu-ray 1080p vs 1080p upscaled on the most expensive DVD players.

Same goes on the Sony side, as a strong supporter of Gran Tursismo I know it is not native 1080p but there are so many PS fanboys who are convinced it is.
#24 (Edited 165d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
HugoDrax  +   165d ago
"Have we not learned since from DVD vs Blu-ray.
I remember back in the days when Blu-ray was winning the HD format war"

BLU RAY was not winning the format war necessarily, it actually came down to the acquisition of one major studio. Whoever acquired that studio, it was guaranteed that they would be the go to format. Simply because that major studio had the largest market share. HD DVD had exclusive support from Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, Universal Studios.

it came down to which format would get Warner Bros exclusively. Once Warner Bros dropped HDDVD support in favor of Blu Ray, it was just one giant chain reaction. I remember reading tech sites explaining how Toshiba offered 400 million to Warner to remain exclusive. Then in the final hour Sony countered with 800 million plus. Not exact numbers, but it was something like that. I can't find exact sources, but you can find articles online explaining the format war.
Rageanitus  +   165d ago
Umm you will not do so well in business. You are either losing or winning nothing in between. It is a continuous fluctuation of ups and down.
The thing with the format war was HD-DVD was trying so hard to stand ground but at the same time NOT making ground. The final nail in the coffin was when WB dropped shipped because they couldnt take it anymore. It was after when there were true signs that HD-DVD could not make it the xbox crowd was supporting DD and also mentioning DVD upconverted is all that is needed.
HugoDrax  +   165d ago
"Umm you will not do so well in business."

Says the person who actually has no idea who I am, who I know, or what I do for a living hahaha! I'll leave it at that.
joeorc  +   164d ago
"BLU RAY was not winning the format war necessarily, it actually came down to the acquisition of one major studio. Whoever acquired that studio, it was guaranteed that they would be the go to format. Simply because that major studio had the largest market share. HD DVD had exclusive support from Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, Universal Studios. "

HD DVD did not freaking stand a snowballs chance in hell, this is the truth..and its very simple logistic's..

Only one company made HD DVD optical drives that was only Toshiba! vs' 11 OF THE OTHER MAIN LARGE OPTICAL DRIVE PRODUCTION COMPANIES LIKE PLEXTOR, NEC, SONY ETC. and they were all in production of Blu-Ray only!

WB support could have stayed and supported both and extend the format war, or kill it early and choose not to loose more money by trying to keep a format alive with only one hardware company production of physical optical drives...

there was no way HD DVD was ever going to win over Blu-Ray, it was only going to be kept alive as long as Microsoft kept sinking money into a format that really was going no where, because when 11 of the largest Optical drive manuf. all chose Blu-Ray 2 years before even the very 1st HD DVD optical drive even hit production, while Blu-Ray as a format was already on retail shelves in Cart format 3 years prior to HD DVD launching its very 1st player. and Blu-ray was already a recording storage format at that. on retail chains in Asia.

the vote to evolve DVD for the next format was voted in 2002 by than the majority of optical drive companys all seen Blu-ray already work on the retail chain the very next year 2 years well before HD DVD was even in real demo form by TOSHIBA.

HD DVD HAD NO CHANCE its very simple as that

1 company Toshiba vs' every other optical drive company that all chose Blu-ray..Microsoft's money would have only extended the war, and caused more consumer confusion, which was Microsoft's goal, because BD-Java was chosen over Microsoft's HDi software thats why we had the format war to even start with.

if people think im not telling the truth, take a look!

look at the time line


February 19 -- Led by Sony, nine of the world's largest electronics companies unveil plans for Blu-ray Disc.

August 29 -- Toshiba and NEC propose to the DVD Forum the next-generation optical disc format that will become HD DVD.

October 1 -- Prototypes of both formats are unveiled at Japan's Ceatec exhibition. Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer and JVC showed prototype Blu-ray Disc recorders while Toshiba showed a prototype under the name Advanced Optical Disc (AOD).




April 10 -- Sony puts on sale in Japan the world's first Blu-ray Disc recorder, the BDZ-S77. It's based on a 23G-byte cartridge version of the BD-RE disc and costs ¥450,000 (US$3,815 at the time). The machine and a later model from Panasonic lack support for prerecorded movies that will launch later and prove an expensive early step into next-generation video.

9 months later after blu-ray was already on the retail shelf


January 7 -- Toshiba unveils its first prototype HD DVD player at CES. The player includes backwards compatibility with DVD.

a prototype, not even ready for retail as a format! while Blu-Ray was already on store shelves.
IHassounah  +   165d ago
I don't now how I get it out but I will , I want to hit Sony really hard for no reason but I want to hit Sony by becoming the head of the Xbox division and fixing the shit Don Mattrick made by making everything right in the next generation , I just feel some hate inside me
FITgamer  +   165d ago
I'm sorry, but that was hilarious.
quenomamen  +   165d ago
Well judging by all the DRM, Cloud Power, Secret GPU, 100 MHz speed bump BS and now 720p gate I'm convinced anybody could do a better job than those morons, so you might have a shot.
IHassounah  +   165d ago
I just want to pull out Don Mattrick eyes
Lannister  +   165d ago | Funny
I don't see any way to do a harder facepalm at this than to strap an ACME rocket to my palm and launch it at my face.
purp13m0nk3y  +   165d ago
Lamo! Have a bubble for making me smile!

Back OT. M$ are not doing them selves any favors. I agree a lot of the PS4 supporters (of which I am one) get a little carried away with their negative comments and trolling. But M$ just bring it on them selves.

To try and spin the whole lower resolution = better thing even in the face of overwhelming proof from legitimate and unbiased industry professionals who have actually played all versions?!

Add this to all the other design and p/r blunders! The deception and flat out lies? Sorry but they deserve all the negatively they get.

Reap what you sow M$
stuna1  +   165d ago
Ha ha ha. Now that was funny! You've done Wyle E. Coyote proud.
strigoi814  +   165d ago
Microsoft thinks we all have the same way of thinking
chuckyj1  +   165d ago
Some guys pause their game and count pixels....Some people play their game. Ryse Son of Rome is 900p, but looks better than any PS4 launch game.

It's more about the game play than graphics these days. All games look great, the difference is story and gameplay.
Holeran  +   165d ago
Get your eyes checked.
MegaRay  +   165d ago
Open your eyes and count the pixels! /s
Anyway what really bother me is, why am I spending more money for less power machine?
Holeran  +   165d ago
His comment is classic because some people will actually read it and say yea what is the big deal, it's 1080p like he said.
mcgrottys  +   165d ago
IF you look at some DX11.1 features you might see where he may be hinting at. Essentially DX11.1 has the ability to have an output of polyogons at something like 720p however the textures can still be native 1080p.

An example would be a triangle where rendered at 720p where the edges might be jaggy however the texture within the triangle would be 1080p and look nice a sharp. What they could use the upscaler for is essentially to smooth those edges and overall the final result would look almost exactly the same as 1080p however with possibly more fuzzy edges.

I'm not going to say it will look as nice a native 1080p but from what I've seen with software AA like FXAA and morphological AA I wouldn't be surprised if they have a pretty decent hardware upscaler.

Take a look at some of the DX11.1 videos from MS's Build conference you may find some of it quite interesting if your interested learning about game programming.

Sure I may sound like a MS fanboy but I just know a lot about there products because they give away a lot of there products free to college students. And right now I've just gotten into DX11.1 which is challenging at the beginning but it is a very powerful toolset.
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Baka-akaB  +   165d ago
No i do get what you are saying . Problem is some fanboys uses gross hyperboles and half truth , to make it sounds as if 720+some trade offs embellishment = the same games in native 1080p , and worst of all everytime .

In Cod's case there are no trade off thus far . It was mostly for stability purposes ... be it because rushed , or because of the Xb1's hardware .

So far out of the list of launch games constantly mentioned around only Ryse truly benefits from toning down the resolution , for more effects and most of all to improve stability .

But there is no way they'd "downgrade" it that way , if they actually had a choice , based on their current ressources and knowledge .

This isnt some immensely closed off new hardware and architecture like the emotion engine or the ps3 , where you were challenged , even against your will .

Both are familiar pc hardware with console OSes and SDKs ... the learning margin and curve while there , will be smaller this time around
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MRMagoo123  +   165d ago
The thing the xbone fans seem to forget is the whole major point is , the PS4 will be able to have all the bells and whistles AND the higher resolution, the PS4 doesnt need trade offs it can do it all but better, the xbone games may look good im sure they will but side by side the PS4 is the clear winner, thats all there is to it.
imt558  +   165d ago
Dude, OpenGL 4.4 says hi!
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