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Ys: Memories Of Celceta Update Adds PlayStation Vita TV Compatibility

Falcom just released a patch for Ys: Memories of Celceta that makes the Vita game compatible with PlayStation Vita TV. PS Vita TV is a device that allows users to play select Vita games on a TV using a DualShock controller. (PS Vita, Ys: Memories of Celceta)

gunboss201  +   752d ago
So November 26th it will be.. Let's hope XSEED confirms that.
rainslacker  +   752d ago
it was listed as Nov. 5 for the longest time at GameStop. I was so excited to be able to play this on Tuesday. I figured this would be what I'd play up until the PS4 release. :(

Oh well. My Guided Fate Paradox has shipped from NISA, so guess I'll play that instead.
gunboss201  +   752d ago
It was listed as Nov. 5th yes, but that's only the placeholder's date..
So I shall wait for the official announcement (Most probably Nov. 26th) :)

XSEED's reply to one of the fans via Twitter :

"We'll announce release dates as soon as we know them. Have patience! We won't keep you waiting any longer than is necessary."
miyamoto  +   751d ago
i can play it on the go and at home with ps vita tv on my 46 inch hdtv in 1080i
3-4-5  +   752d ago
game looks good.

Supposed to be better than Ys 7?
gunboss201  +   752d ago
I really hope this series gets better and better.. Now that this game is localized, I'm hyped for this in November.. Big spending!!
yhaby05  +   752d ago
excited :D
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   752d ago
So devs can add PSV TV compatibility to games that don't currently support it, that is really good to know.
sinncross  +   752d ago
All they are doing is patching in full button support., which would automatically make it work on psvtv
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fenome  +   752d ago
Once they add DS4 support to this thing games are gonna be updating to the list like crazy. The touchpad makes all the difference as far as Vita compatibility goes.
Clover904  +   752d ago
Yeah, I'm surprised that ds4 isn't standard. The touchpad would be perfect for vita games like Killzone Mercenary (melee gestures), Tearaway, and Uncharted Golden Abyss. I'm sure the ds4 price was the deciding factor as to why Sony went with the ds3. Ds3 or ds4, it doesn't matter. I'm just glad Sony are giving us a new way to experience the Vita library

Soul Sacrifice and Oddworld on PS Plus this month!
fenome  +   752d ago
Yeah, but the PS4 isn't available in Japan till February next year, that's why it uses the ds3 in Japan right now.

They've already said they're gonna add ds4 support down the road. Considering we can buy the controllers early here in the west though it is surprising that they didn't just add ds4 in the box regardless of whether the system isn't out yet or not. Especially since they've gotta wait a couple extra months for the ps4, but I guess that's another reason they released the Vita TV first there though..


I can't wait for this thing to drop in the west! I don't have a Vita yet, so I've got a huge backlog to catch up on. I've been putting every free game that drops on ps+ on my download list though, so I'll already have a nice collection right from the get-go.
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GdaTyler  +   751d ago
Uncharted wouldn't work still since there is a part where you need the camera. Maybe they can patch it to skip that part?
TheDivine  +   752d ago
Can't wait for this game. Ordered the limited edition, il def be busy with Zelda when it comes but il get around to it eventually.

I really wish the vita tv was releasing in the states by Christmas. I'm sure it will come after the positive reception it received but I'm stoked and want it right meow!
fenome  +   752d ago
Ha! That last line just reminded me of Super Troopers and the cat game. Nice!


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