Is this time right for a Green Arrow video game?

With the popularity of super heroes and archery in pop culture, combined with the public's new interest in Green Arrow, WB should take much interest in the success of Square-Enix's new Tomb Raider game. They could very well have some of the leg work done for them in bringing Green Arrow to the interactive space.

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PixelNinja1539d ago

Rocksteady, you know what to do.

Baka-akaB1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I feel that if you guys expect Rocksteady to save every DC heroes gamewise , you're in for disappointment .

They'll probably alternate Batman with the Origins studio , to be on the safe side , while trying new ventures .

I love comics , but such a good studio can't just become the "go to comics guys" . Time for other studios to step up

monkey6021539d ago

Agreed. I would love a green arrow game but it would need to feel like much more than a batman arkham expansion. So a new studio with fresh ideas would be necessary.

Baka-akaB1539d ago

It's even apparent that Warner is leaning towardo n building a DC comics oriented small array of studios ... over turning Rocksteady into the next Infinity Ward .

Rhaigun1539d ago

I'm still waiting for a Green Arrow movie. He had better be in Justice League.

Anthotis1539d ago

No. It is time for a Deathstroke game, though.

Relientk771539d ago

I want a Hawkeye game, he was boss in Avengers