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Submitted by LaWiiG 832d ago | opinion piece

Editorial: EA: Why U No Like Wii U?

Is it ever a wonder that EA has strayed away from the newest Nintendo console? How does that hurt the current sport game market on the Nintendo Wii U?

Greg Bargas questions the impact of EA not supporting sport titles on the Nintendo Wii U. (Wii U)

rambi80  +   832d ago
Activision has Skylanders, hence an interest in WiiU

Ubisoft has Just dance and Rayman, hence an interest in WiiU

EA has no franchise that does really well on the Nintendo platforms. Hence they have little interest.
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zeal0us  +   832d ago
If it doesn't bring profit for EA than their interest dwindle.

When EA brought their year old games to the WiiU they should've sold them cheaper. Maybe that would've got more sales for them.
rambi80  +   832d ago
Yeah, they should have. My point is that ACTIVISION and UBI have long-term interest in WiiU because of the games listed, but EA can only really have short-term interest.
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I know I will be called a troll...

Only 2 wiiU games have sold over 1 million since launch. Nintendo land(lol) & new super bros.

Right now the wiiU is a waste of time for big budget devs..

Also nintendo is losing money now..
"Nintendo Reports Loss as Wii U Sales Languish"

You know its bad after they said this

From the horses mouth
"Nintendo: We have failed to establish Wii U as a "worthy" Wii successor"

Sure nintendo will call them trolls and say nintendo are just wiiU haters.

wiiU sells under 500k in 6 months.

Not a nintendo hater but damn the f**ked up lol
troll out...
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LOL_WUT  +   832d ago
Not to mention NintendoLand was included in every deluxe so all of its sales are attributed to that. The WiiU just isn't performing well so therefore EA has no interest in developing for a floundering console and let's not forget most of their engines are focused towards next-gen systems. ;)
Concertoine  +   832d ago
Lol i remember when they came up on stage and said they had an "unprescedented partnership" with nintendo or some BS back in e3 2012.
It's funny how a lot of these big companies ditching the wii u are the same that piled shovelware on to the wii back when it was hot.
RegorL  +   832d ago
I think much changed once Nintendo released Wii U.

1) If both Sony and Microsoft started to move. Consoles EA really has to be on, their Wii U interest dwindled immediately.

It seems to have payed off. Very few developers are in time with their releases for PS4 and XBox One. But EA are ready!

2) Wii U is weaker than EA first thought. Its GPU is OK but its CPU sounds underpowered. Equals lots of work needed to

3) EA released NFS Most Wanted - did it sell?
Concertoine  +   831d ago
Yes to the new consoles but EA doesn't care about power, they released tons of crap on the very weak wii. And no it did not sell as it was months late. still, very silly how they prematurely said they were on fully supporting wii u and then pretty much dropped it in a few months
RegorL  +   831d ago
EvilFluff91  +   832d ago
They aren't supporting the Wii U because the user base isn't large enough it doesn't make business sense yet but when the user base is larger which Nintendo is working on by releasing games like Super Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U and Mario Kart 8 which should get core and casuals on board then we should see EA support it and to the people who claim that the Wii U isn't powerful enough, next gen engines are scalable so there is no reason for multi platform games not to be released on the platform when the base is big enough.
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t3gamenews  +   832d ago
The xbone & ps4 isn't out yet. They don't have a user base yet but there getting battlefield. Crysis was canceled on Wii u before being released.
Deadpoolio  +   832d ago
Except they know for a fact that the PS4 and Xbox 720 will have a user base...Unlike the Wii U which they were hoping that Nana and the Soccer Moms would comeback, and they aren't....

So what your saying then is that the Wii U got the best version of Crysis 3, the one that got cancelled....Lucky bastards since they got the definitive version of Colonial Marines also....Again the one that never came out
t3gamenews  +   832d ago
those games were never released tho so that cant say its the nintendo consumers fault.
t3gamenews  +   832d ago
Activision u: skylanders, amazing spiderman 1 & 2(coming), cod: black ops 2 & ghost(coming). (tho they don't know how to give cod Nintendo users dlc.) :/

Ubisoft u: zombi u, just dance, rayman, assassins creed 3 & black flag(coming).

Ea: nothing...
RegorL  +   831d ago
EA nothing?
- NFS Most Wanted
- EA Sports FIFA 13
- Madden NFL 13
- Mass Effect 3

= 4 current, 0 coming

Activision: 3 current, 2 coming

Ubisoft: 4 current, one coming
t3gamenews  +   831d ago
NFS: Most wanted - (i have this game, but i bought it for a 60$ price. other consoles were getting NFS rivals & newer games tho... this is still fun game online tho)

Mass Effect 3 - (i have this game, i bought this one used tho, there selling a old game with 60$ again, then i found out they were releasing a "Mass effect: trilogy" on ps3/360 at the same time so i sold it... didn't want to sign up for something just to play online anyway"was post NFS:MW")

-Madden/FIFA/NBA: (im not much of a sports game fan so didn't get those tho the demos were cool, but they come out with these games every year & nintendos version is always missing most features or sabotaged so that noone takes it seriously.)

all in all basically(in last comment)what i was saying was there is no ea exclusive on wii u, & the big ea games they port to wii u are very old & outdated games. crysis was a game they could have gave us instead, so was battlefield 4.

as for activision & ubisoft they dont seem to be the ones denying nintendo customers a release of a game, tho activision seems to hold back DLC for some reason. activision & ubisoft actually releases there games on wii u the same time as other consoles.
andrewer  +   832d ago
I no like EA, I don't care what they do.
Jagsrock  +   832d ago
EA stepped away from Nintendo ever since the wii when they decided to make games that look worse than gamecube games with less features.
AKR  +   831d ago
Apparently Nintendo had asked EA to help them build the Wii U's online infrastructure. EA agreed; but at the cost of powering it with their own service - Origin. After that, Nintendo turned them down. From since then, it seems that EA has been giving N two big thumbs down. Of course; this is all rumor - there have been no official confirmations from either side on its authenticity, and likewise, on its falsehood either.

Nevertheless, lets pretend that this IS completely true - that would explain why EA basically sabotaged all of the 4 games they released on the system, thus far.

FIFA and MADDEN 13 were both there for launch, yet, they were more like a 12.5 version, instead of the full 13 - as they missed features that were found on the other platforms.

Mass Effect 3 - Wii U Edition came 8 months after the other platforms, yet was being sold at full price. While it was a good port; the series had never appeared on a Nintendo console prior - so new players would be jumping into to an already well-developed storyline. EA released the full TRILOGY of the series on every other platform BUT Wii U not too long before the Wii U version launched. On top of that, the Wii U version was also excluded from two DLC packs.

Finally - Need for Speed: Most Wanted U is the last, but the best game EA has released on the system, thus far. The developers - Criterion - ensured that this version of the game made good use of the Wii U, by adding an exclusive "Co-Driver" mode and Miiverse integration. They also took advantage of the console's extra power by applying the high-res textures of the PC version, as well as improving draw distance and enhancing the lighting. All of that - good. What's bad? It came SIX-MONTHS after the other FOUR versions of the game, so anyone who wanted to play it probably already played it/owned it on another platform. Not to mention they were charging full-price, once again.

Now - for whatever reason - after having sabotaged each of the four games they released on the system; EA has had the audacity to complain and bash the system for half the year, making jeers and taunts and continuously declaring they would not be bringing new titles to the system. It was a pretty elaborate plan if you ask me. In the end; they've just made themselves look like bigger jerks than before, and now completely DESERVE the "Worst Company in America" award for the THIRD-year in a row. Best. That award is basically made for them at this point.

If the Origin-fallout rumor isn't true - I'd sure love to know what could set off EA to stab N and the Wii U in the back. Whatever it is; I just hope they found what they were looking for; more bad-reputation points.

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