Nintendo: Average Wii Sits on Shelf for Just an Hour

Wii consoles, on average, sit on the shelves for just an hour before they are purchased.

That stat comes straight from Reggie Fils-Aime (pictured), Nintendo of America's president, who visited the offices Wednesday to discuss the company's strategy.

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BilI Gates3890d ago

Oh shut the hell up Reggie.

dan-boy3890d ago

anyway, they may stay on the shelf for minutes, but the damn thing just collects dust under my telly because it hardly ever gets played!! i don't know, it's ok for the missus and when we have people round. but if your a gamer??? it just dont do it for me! soory any nintendo fans!

i've owned every ninty console except the cube, and not one of them has had such little loving fom me!

dan-boy3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )


Bathyj3890d ago

Thats funny, mines been sitting on my shelf for 16 months. ZING !

iceman28853890d ago

You beat me to it. I saw the headline and thought...hmmm I got mine and it has been sitting collecting dust on my shelf for 10 months. Although it did get dusted off momentarily for SSBB.

nosmok3890d ago

And it also sits on the shelf 1 week after purchase - gathing dust because people believed the hype - how they could do boxing and other things.
I give up people saying after the fact "you cant play online"

Ok - not biased - as have all consoles but Im betting that if someone actually surveyed
a) All Wii Owners
b) All Wii owners with more than one game system (inc PC)
Then you would find it the least actually used of the latest generation of consoles by anyone who has an option - even in an household with a ps2 and WII.

Its not worth even getting them chipped because the games are so poorly implemented generatic trash beyond Nintendos own superp offerings (which have their own demographics and hardcore fans anyway)

I like everysingle person with a WII that I know - have played with it for one week, then left it on the shelf.

Its ok if you have a group of people around or live in a dorm or having a party but thats about it.

and I guess in the 20-60 demograpghics the Wii is also the most unused console after the first two weeks. Tons of rehashed drivelware (except Nintentos own games)

Brainiac 83890d ago

I have a PS3 and a Wii, and since launch of both, I actually play the Wii more. It has more quality games than its given credit for, because these so called "Hardcore gamers" can't get their heads far enough out of their rumps to grow up and realize playing shooter games doesn't make you an adult.

My wife plays the Wii, I can play it with my daughter, and I even play it alot solo with games that has been released for it. On top of that the prospect for 2008 is looking fantastic. I love the PS3, but I love the Wii as much if not more. Until the Wii, I had not bought a Nintendo product since the SNES. The Wii was the first time I felt I had to give Nintendo a shot again, and I'm loving it.

Don't speak for everyone, it just makes you look ignorant.

Bathyj3890d ago


I grew up on Nintendo just like everyone so I have no reason to be biased against them or hate them, but I really think, they've just turned their backs on gamers this gen.

They're more interested in getting Grandmas and non gamers then us. I dont really blame them, One more failure and they probably would have went under so they did what they had to do. Lets just say Nintendo has become irrelevant to me.

All their games now have to have a gimmick because of the control scheme so they've alienated themselves in that sense. You cant get games like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty or GTA because they fixed themselves to old hardware. And I dont think their games are that innovative at all. If anything most of the controls seem sloppy and imprecise lacking subtlety and a light touch. Even Zeldas hack n slash sword play had delays and having to repeat the swirling move to make it work.

Anyway, like I said I dont hold it against them, they're just Meh, for me now. Thank God I have 2 other options.

Brainiac 83890d ago

People say that Nintendo turned their backs on gamers, (Even though I don't agree with that statement), but remember gamers turned their backs on Nintendo first.

They focused solely on the hardcore with the GC, it had a little more power than the other systems, they worked to secure some major franchises, and did everything to cater to the "hardcore." Unfortunately, that same group turned their backs on Nintendo, so to save their company they realized they needed to expand their horizons. Now they are a success, and the hardcore are crying fowl saying that Nintendo betrayed them, but they are not stopping to look at the knife still sticking out of Nintendos back.

ItsDubC3890d ago

I always felt that avid gamers turned their backs on Nintendo during the N64-PS1-Saturn era when the PS1 put Sony on the map. I gamed a lot back then, and I know I myself turned my back on Nintendo. So like Brainiac, the last Nintendo console I owned before purchasing the Wii was a SNES, and I play the Wii almost on a daily basis.

Brainiac 83890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I was one of the ones to turn his back on Nintendo during the N64 period, and I am more than happy to be back in the Nintendo camp. I play the Wii almost daily, I love the VC (Since I grew up on those games, many are hard to get nowadays without paying crazy amounts, and I hate pirating/theft), and I cannot wait for WiiWare. On top of that the GC had some fantastic games that I'm getting to try for the first time.

All in all, the Wii is one of my favorite gaming purchases, and I don't regret it one iota.

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bootsielon3890d ago

Gathers dust for months unplayed

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