Rumor: EPIC's new game to be revealed at the PS4 Midnight Launch?

Mark Rein is the Vice President and Co Founder of EPIC games and recently on his twitter, he posted a count-down to the PS4 midnight launch, seemed reasonable enough, but then Geoff Keighley announced a GTTV that would be announcing a ton of new PS4 games at the midnight launch and this tied into Mark Rein's previous Tweet and the exact same time. Not to mention Mark Rein "Retweeted" Geoff's Tweet about the GTTV Show and I checked his previous Tweets, he never Retweeted any of Geoff's Tweets about GTTV in the past, how very interesting. Now this doesn't mean EPIC's next game will be a PS4 exclusive, but it's a possibility, considering the fact that Phil Spencer confirmed EPIC aren't working with Microsoft in Podcast Unlocked. Could we see Gears of War 4 on a Playstation platform? That would cause a massive sh*tstorm on the Internet, I can see NeoGaf exploding now, but I'd love to see a New IP, but as far as I know, I'm excited and I cannot wait for the PS4 midnight launch #Greatness...

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iamnsuperman1387d ago

I think it is a bit of a stretch to say it will. I think Geoff is just using it as a way to build excitement (like he does all the time)

NewMonday1387d ago

EPIC are very very quiet about their big next generation games, about time we see how the UE4 works on an actual game on next gen consoles.

abc12331387d ago

You can already see that with Rime

jimbobwahey1387d ago

I'd like to see Gears of War appear on the PS4 in some form. Epic owns the rights to the IP so they could do that if they wanted to, but who knows. I think that either ways they're probably eying up the PS4 as the platform to showcase something made with Unreal Engine, given that it's the most powerful hardware and devs aren't struggling with it like they are the Xbox One.

abzdine1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

no doubt something EIPC related is gonna be shown there.

the guy from microsoft the other day said Gears of War isn't relevant anymore, and to me this article right here just confirmed that it might be a GOW episode for PS4.

LonDonE1387d ago

if only the Samaritan demo was now a fully fledged game on PS4, hey one can dream? would be awesome right?

Destrania1387d ago

If a new EPIC game is announced, I would think it would most likely be a new IP. Whether it's PS4 exclusive or not I wouldn't hold my breath haha. You never know though.

Saigon1387d ago

No offense I hate when people call Gears of War GOW. That Acronym in reserved for the God of War Series. Gears of War should be labeled GeoW.

Anyway it sounds like he is trying to promote the event on Spike, but who knows, Sony might pull a few surprises out the hat especially since we have been receiving massive amounts of rumors from Naughty Dog about their space centric game and ND 2nd studio looking to come out with something also. I guess we just have to wait and see.

Destrania1387d ago

I would hope and believe it's a new IP. Gears of War should be over and done with imo.

gaffyh1387d ago

Some people are saying it could be Fortnite, re-done as an exclusive. But could also be Unreal Tournament.

NateCole1387d ago

Hypothetically though. If Sony goes for an exclusive. What would be the benefit for PS fans?.

From my perspective it will not magically make the game significantly better even if slightly due to them working solely on the PS4. I will certainly not enjoy it more because i get to play it but other can't because Sony paid to stop access for other gamers which is also a dick move.

I any case it would be just wasted money that could go into making more real exclusives that i would enjoy. Heck fund Eight Days or Colony Wars.

I agree Gears is stale. In fact i am fairly tired of the ips from this gen carrying over next to gen. It is why personally i am hoping for a new ND IP and looking forward to The Order more so than any other games announced so far for the PS4.

Console holders and publishers should really be aware that gamers are not just tired of this long console cycle. Gamers are generally also tired of the rehashed squeals. We need new IP's or refresh old IP's.

I do really hope for some great indie games. Looking at COD, BF and AC i feel like we are just getting a shinier versions of games i have already played.

badz1491387d ago

the rumors are getting crazy by the day and somewhat out of hands!

but even the silliest rumor, which is CoD running 720p on Xbone came true so, an Epic made game coming to PS4 is not that far fetched, right?

I doubt that it will be anything Gears related, let alone Gears 4 as THAT would be kinda "wrong" seeing how all 4 Gears before that were 360 exclusive (the 1st made it onto the pc though) but KH3 is coming to the Xbone despite none of the previous KH titles was EVER on the Xbox. so...Gears going multiplat is a plausible possibility.

personally I'm wishing for a new IP to be announced, though.

Ausbo1387d ago

Its not gears on ps4, cause phil spencer of microsoft said epic "has said they are putting it on the back burner" for right now. They aren't working on it.

Maybe Sony has secured an Unreal exclusive?

pixelsword1387d ago

Could be Gears, if Uncharted is tossed and that new game is taking over; Epic said it might come.

Funny how Insomniac is now on the Xbone and Epic is now on the PS4 in terms of exclusives...

itBourne1387d ago


It would already piss me off when people called Gears, GOW lol, and I think Gears and GoW need to both take a looong break so I hope there is no more. But lets just say there is a Gears on Playstation, you cannot call it GoW lol, that's like a PS sin.

minimur121387d ago

Wait, has Epic broken away from Xbox then?

Ares84HU1387d ago

Plastic wrapped everything all over again.

Brix901387d ago

I wonder if Epic will be making a new franchise for the Playstation brand this gen. Considering Phil said that Gears has run it course on 360.

Withdreday1386d ago


They never said it would be an exclusive, but from the last 2 games from each company, I'd take Epic every day of the week.

Kryptix1386d ago

It would be a good time to reveal their new game alongaide the big flow of gaming news that will follow after the PS4 launch. All the excitement will add a much more positive reaction.

Hopefully the rumor is true. I want to see what they been working on for the coming gaming generation.

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Vojkan1387d ago

I wish people stopped referencing NeoGaf as something important.
That forum is run by a group of power corrupted mods that ban people left and right if they don't think as them. The reasons I have seen people get banned....incredible.
The only mod that is some what decent is Kagari. Rest of them are arrogant douchebags, and those long time members worship them or pretend to. Pretend that mods write clever funny post when they are not, it's ridiculous how much butt licking there is sometimes

nukeitall1387d ago

I used to respect GAF, but over time the real truth comes out how it is really run behind the scenes.

It is more an elitist joining of members, than a real public forum. As you said, if the mods don't like what you say, they find ridiculous excuses to ban you. I see this over and over, which keeps the entire site one-track minded.

STREET x KING1387d ago

Completely agree with your neogaf statement, its ridiculous how things are run.
On topic, Epic might reveal something or Mark Rein is promoting the event because some game will use UE4. He's the one that is always tweeting about games, telling you that they use the Unreal Engine.

gamertk4211387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I agree, especially that douche Bish.

On topic, though, losing Gears as an Xbox exclusive would be a small sacrifice for getting MGS5 and KH3, as well as the next proper FF.

Vojkan1387d ago

yes Bish and 2Ykev are the worst. Kev is the ultimate douche.

NewMonday1387d ago

At NeoGaf you need to back up what you say and separate opinion from claimed facts, that's why the delusional don't last long.

Campy da Camper1387d ago

Mmm, gonna kinda of disagree. I have found on GAF that when you spout off about something, even if in a polite way you had better back up what you are claiming or you will get banned. I'm sure there is some douchebaggary going on as there is everywhere you go but for the most part, if you provide evidence for your claims you are left alone.

Ripsta7th1387d ago

Like this site was any different. Run by sony fanboys that will swear to protect Sony at all costs. Getting bubbled down for saying positive things about MS and not Sony, thats Bs

pixelsword1387d ago

No, the secret to GAF is that Xbox trolls can't spout their utter bullcrap; if some of the Microsoft executives said the utter lies on GAF like they said to the "press", they would be banned.

starchild1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I agree. NeoGaf is nothing special. In fact, it is one of the most regimented gaming forums on the net. Everybody there must march in lockstep. And everything you said about the arrogant mods and buttlicking is spot on.


Oh give me an f-en break. Basically what you are saying is that it is ok to have a pro-Sony bias, but not a pro-microsoft bias. I have seen plenty of bullcrap being spewed--it just has to be the right kind of pro-Sony bullcrap. Which only confirms what we are saying.

NeoGaf, much like N4G, is a Sony fanboy haven. People that don't conform to that particular bias are marginalized, attacked or banned. Which is a load of crap. People should get to express their views whether they are multiplatform gamers, Nintendo fanboys, Sony fanboys, Xbox fanboys, or PC fanboys.

bligmerk1387d ago

Cerny has admitted he has an account at neogaf.

Both Private Nelson and Pennello have neogaf accounts.

Ashes2Ashes1386d ago

I was banned on that site for my very first post about how I was getting both consoles but getting the Xbox One first because of launch titles. Pretty ridiculous.

pixelsword1386d ago

@ starchild:

No, not a bias, backing up what you say with actual FACTS.

Microsoft's executives have been caught too many times already saying stuff that's questionable already, and by doing so, they would not have been on there long. Get it? Talking bull and not backing it up with facts=banned, not bias.

dantesparda1386d ago

Kind of like this place, the mods here are arrogant douches to in my opinion. And stop saying that N4G is a Sony haven, there are just as many MS fanboys on here as there are Sony. And i see Sony fanboys getting flagged for trolling here all the time. Not to mention i see plenty of stories with the MS fanboys getting way more agrees and the Sony fanboys getting tons of disagrees. The problem is that all fanboys are delusional, period. And b*tch and cry and moan when the other side spews their sh*t. So please stop crying that you's are being persecuted, when the net is just as full of ms/xbox fanboys as it is full of sony/ps fanboys.