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Rumor: EPIC's new game to be revealed at the PS4 Midnight Launch?

Mark Rein is the Vice President and Co Founder of EPIC games and recently on his twitter, he posted a count-down to the PS4 midnight launch, seemed reasonable enough, but then Geoff Keighley announced a GTTV that would be announcing a ton of new PS4 games at the midnight launch and this tied into Mark Rein's previous Tweet and the exact same time. Not to mention Mark Rein "Retweeted" Geoff's Tweet about the GTTV Show and I checked his previous Tweets, he never Retweeted any of Geoff's Tweets about GTTV in the past, how very interesting. Now this doesn't mean EPIC's next game will be a PS4 exclusive, but it's a possibility, considering the fact that Phil Spencer confirmed EPIC aren't working with Microsoft in Podcast Unlocked. Could we see Gears of War 4 on a Playstation platform? That would cause a massive sh*tstorm on the Internet, I can see NeoGaf exploding now, but I'd love to see a New IP, but as far as I know, I'm excited and I cannot wait for the PS4 midnight launch #Greatness... (Epic Games, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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iamnsuperman  +   755d ago
I think it is a bit of a stretch to say it will. I think Geoff is just using it as a way to build excitement (like he does all the time)
NewMonday  +   755d ago
EPIC are very very quiet about their big next generation games, about time we see how the UE4 works on an actual game on next gen consoles.
abc1233  +   755d ago
You can already see that with Rime
jimbobwahey  +   755d ago
I'd like to see Gears of War appear on the PS4 in some form. Epic owns the rights to the IP so they could do that if they wanted to, but who knows. I think that either ways they're probably eying up the PS4 as the platform to showcase something made with Unreal Engine, given that it's the most powerful hardware and devs aren't struggling with it like they are the Xbox One.
abzdine  +   755d ago
no doubt something EIPC related is gonna be shown there.

the guy from microsoft the other day said Gears of War isn't relevant anymore, and to me this article right here just confirmed that it might be a GOW episode for PS4.
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LonDonE  +   755d ago
if only the Samaritan demo was now a fully fledged game on PS4, hey one can dream? would be awesome right?
Destrania  +   755d ago
If a new EPIC game is announced, I would think it would most likely be a new IP. Whether it's PS4 exclusive or not I wouldn't hold my breath haha. You never know though.
Saigon  +   755d ago
No offense I hate when people call Gears of War GOW. That Acronym in reserved for the God of War Series. Gears of War should be labeled GeoW.

Anyway it sounds like he is trying to promote the event on Spike, but who knows, Sony might pull a few surprises out the hat especially since we have been receiving massive amounts of rumors from Naughty Dog about their space centric game and ND 2nd studio looking to come out with something also. I guess we just have to wait and see.
Destrania  +   755d ago
I would hope and believe it's a new IP. Gears of War should be over and done with imo.
gaffyh  +   755d ago
Some people are saying it could be Fortnite, re-done as an exclusive. But could also be Unreal Tournament.
NateCole  +   755d ago
Hypothetically though. If Sony goes for an exclusive. What would be the benefit for PS fans?.

From my perspective it will not magically make the game significantly better even if slightly due to them working solely on the PS4. I will certainly not enjoy it more because i get to play it but other can't because Sony paid to stop access for other gamers which is also a dick move.

I any case it would be just wasted money that could go into making more real exclusives that i would enjoy. Heck fund Eight Days or Colony Wars.

I agree Gears is stale. In fact i am fairly tired of the ips from this gen carrying over next to gen. It is why personally i am hoping for a new ND IP and looking forward to The Order more so than any other games announced so far for the PS4.

Console holders and publishers should really be aware that gamers are not just tired of this long console cycle. Gamers are generally also tired of the rehashed squeals. We need new IP's or refresh old IP's.

I do really hope for some great indie games. Looking at COD, BF and AC i feel like we are just getting a shinier versions of games i have already played.
badz149  +   755d ago
the rumors are getting crazy by the day and somewhat out of hands!

but even the silliest rumor, which is CoD running 720p on Xbone came true so, an Epic made game coming to PS4 is not that far fetched, right?

I doubt that it will be anything Gears related, let alone Gears 4 as THAT would be kinda "wrong" seeing how all 4 Gears before that were 360 exclusive (the 1st made it onto the pc though) but KH3 is coming to the Xbone despite none of the previous KH titles was EVER on the Xbox. so...Gears going multiplat is a plausible possibility.

personally I'm wishing for a new IP to be announced, though.
Ausbo  +   755d ago
Its not gears on ps4, cause phil spencer of microsoft said epic "has said they are putting it on the back burner" for right now. They aren't working on it.

Maybe Sony has secured an Unreal exclusive?
pixelsword  +   755d ago
Could be Gears, if Uncharted is tossed and that new game is taking over; Epic said it might come.

Funny how Insomniac is now on the Xbone and Epic is now on the PS4 in terms of exclusives...
itBourne  +   755d ago

It would already piss me off when people called Gears, GOW lol, and I think Gears and GoW need to both take a looong break so I hope there is no more. But lets just say there is a Gears on Playstation, you cannot call it GoW lol, that's like a PS sin.
minimur12  +   755d ago
Wait, has Epic broken away from Xbox then?
Ares84HU  +   755d ago
Plastic wrapped everything all over again.
Brix90  +   755d ago
I wonder if Epic will be making a new franchise for the Playstation brand this gen. Considering Phil said that Gears has run it course on 360.
Withdreday  +   754d ago

They never said it would be an exclusive, but from the last 2 games from each company, I'd take Epic every day of the week.
Kryptix  +   754d ago
It would be a good time to reveal their new game alongaide the big flow of gaming news that will follow after the PS4 launch. All the excitement will add a much more positive reaction.

Hopefully the rumor is true. I want to see what they been working on for the coming gaming generation.
Vojkan  +   755d ago
I wish people stopped referencing NeoGaf as something important.
That forum is run by a group of power corrupted mods that ban people left and right if they don't think as them. The reasons I have seen people get banned....incredible.
The only mod that is some what decent is Kagari. Rest of them are arrogant douchebags, and those long time members worship them or pretend to. Pretend that mods write clever funny post when they are not, it's ridiculous how much butt licking there is sometimes
nukeitall  +   755d ago
I used to respect GAF, but over time the real truth comes out how it is really run behind the scenes.

It is more an elitist joining of members, than a real public forum. As you said, if the mods don't like what you say, they find ridiculous excuses to ban you. I see this over and over, which keeps the entire site one-track minded.
STREET x KING  +   755d ago
Completely agree with your neogaf statement, its ridiculous how things are run.
On topic, Epic might reveal something or Mark Rein is promoting the event because some game will use UE4. He's the one that is always tweeting about games, telling you that they use the Unreal Engine.
gamertk421  +   755d ago
I agree, especially that douche Bish.

On topic, though, losing Gears as an Xbox exclusive would be a small sacrifice for getting MGS5 and KH3, as well as the next proper FF.
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Vojkan  +   755d ago
yes Bish and 2Ykev are the worst. Kev is the ultimate douche.
NewMonday  +   755d ago
At NeoGaf you need to back up what you say and separate opinion from claimed facts, that's why the delusional don't last long.
Campy da Camper  +   755d ago
Mmm, gonna kinda of disagree. I have found on GAF that when you spout off about something, even if in a polite way you had better back up what you are claiming or you will get banned. I'm sure there is some douchebaggary going on as there is everywhere you go but for the most part, if you provide evidence for your claims you are left alone.
Ripsta7th  +   755d ago
Like this site was any different. Run by sony fanboys that will swear to protect Sony at all costs. Getting bubbled down for saying positive things about MS and not Sony, thats Bs
pixelsword  +   755d ago
No, the secret to GAF is that Xbox trolls can't spout their utter bullcrap; if some of the Microsoft executives said the utter lies on GAF like they said to the "press", they would be banned.
starchild  +   755d ago
I agree. NeoGaf is nothing special. In fact, it is one of the most regimented gaming forums on the net. Everybody there must march in lockstep. And everything you said about the arrogant mods and buttlicking is spot on.


Oh give me an f-en break. Basically what you are saying is that it is ok to have a pro-Sony bias, but not a pro-microsoft bias. I have seen plenty of bullcrap being spewed--it just has to be the right kind of pro-Sony bullcrap. Which only confirms what we are saying.

NeoGaf, much like N4G, is a Sony fanboy haven. People that don't conform to that particular bias are marginalized, attacked or banned. Which is a load of crap. People should get to express their views whether they are multiplatform gamers, Nintendo fanboys, Sony fanboys, Xbox fanboys, or PC fanboys.
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bligmerk  +   755d ago
Cerny has admitted he has an account at neogaf.

Both Private Nelson and Pennello have neogaf accounts.
Ashes2Ashes  +   754d ago
I was banned on that site for my very first post about how I was getting both consoles but getting the Xbox One first because of launch titles. Pretty ridiculous.
pixelsword  +   754d ago
@ starchild:

No, not a bias, backing up what you say with actual FACTS.

Microsoft's executives have been caught too many times already saying stuff that's questionable already, and by doing so, they would not have been on there long. Get it? Talking bull and not backing it up with facts=banned, not bias.
dantesparda  +   754d ago
Kind of like this place, the mods here are arrogant douches to in my opinion. And stop saying that N4G is a Sony haven, there are just as many MS fanboys on here as there are Sony. And i see Sony fanboys getting flagged for trolling here all the time. Not to mention i see plenty of stories with the MS fanboys getting way more agrees and the Sony fanboys getting tons of disagrees. The problem is that all fanboys are delusional, period. And b*tch and cry and moan when the other side spews their sh*t. So please stop crying that you's are being persecuted, when the net is just as full of ms/xbox fanboys as it is full of sony/ps fanboys.
MizTv  +   755d ago
Not that I think it would ever happen and I'm not a fan of gears after the first 1
But if the new geow was on ps4 and x1 that would be a bombshell
Visiblemarc  +   755d ago
It would be insanely controversial and the gaming forums would explode. Not that Gears has the same level of hype it once had, but mainly because of the "awww SNAP!" kinda nature of the story. That said, after a horrible start for xb1, Gears moving exclusively to PS4 could be a tipping point because of the effect on base shift with casuals. It would almost be viewed as "permission" to switch in a strange way for some.
Kryptix  +   754d ago
For a franshise to be put into a competing console after a whole generation of being exclusive to one console would gather a lot of attention and be used as ammo.

On one side, the fanboys of the console losing it's exclusivity will shove it off and say "you can have it, the games weren't as good anyway" to make themselves feel better. But the fanboys of the console receiving the franschise would be happy even though some do bash it in this console war. Most likely because they haven't played the franschise or were never interested.

But I doubt Gears of War will join Playstation since I know Microsoft will probably pay big bucks for it to maintain a good image or Epic would just decide it doesn't feel right and keep it as an Xbox exclusive.

I don't know, but if Gears does end up on the PS4, I'll definitely play it and be happy about it cause I enjoyed Gears 2 and 3.
Jughead3416  +   755d ago
Gears of War 4 for PS4. That would be nuts
tuglu_pati  +   755d ago
Internet melt down if thats the case.
NateCole  +   755d ago
I doubt that will happen. However ff it does then so be it.

xbox fans should not be too sad about it "IF" it happens.

To be honest i really don't understand why people mourn the loss of once 3rd party exclusives. It's not like the game will suddenly suck because other people get to play it as well.

I love the console wars and all but this is one thing i will never understand.
Real_gamer  +   755d ago
All I heard from Sony fan boys we got enough game for ps4 now u want gears of war and titanfall on ps4 woow just to remind u if Microsoft want to keep it exclusive they will so please stop adding titanfall and gears of war to ur wish list
Deadpoolio  +   755d ago
Gears of War Trilogy + Gears 4.....Xbots seem to forget that Microsoft doesn't own the Gears IP, and it doesn't help when Micro$haft comes out and calls gears irrelevant
JoGam  +   755d ago
Geoff says get ready for a epic night of Playstation world premieres.

Maybe the word Epic was a clue to it being from Epic games.
Real_gamer  +   754d ago
Because he said epic night it means epic gonna announce something lol oh yeah guess wat I has epic night last night dose it mean I was with epic ? I do love Sony fan boys they bring up something from nothing
JoGam  +   754d ago
@ Real_Gamer.....if I'm a Sony fanboy does that makes u an Xbot?
Kryptix  +   754d ago

You just brought up something from nothing.

I guess that means that deep inside you, you actually do love Playstation but hate to admit it for no reason.

Unless that's wrong, then your logic is wrong. And most likely everything you have said is also wrong.

Any chance you're actually ALLWRONG hiding in a different account?
Sevir  +   755d ago
It's not gears of war, and MS said they are allowing the IP to rest after Judgement... Look it's not stretch, EPIC's Job Posting in October said they were working on a number of Next Gen Ips given that they are independent, they've done Exclusives and multiplatform games under MS and EA...

Since this year started Mark Rein has been showing off Demonstrations of UE4 for PS4 but none for the XBOX One, Sony made it a priority to show off that tech at PS4 conference in Feb and Mark showed it in full at GDC13...

Spencer recently had an interview in which he said that while MS and Epic are Great Partners, they currently aren't working together.

If Mark Rein is retweeting About an event where New PS centric software is going to be unveiled and even posted a count down to the event, the seriously people put 2 and 2 together... Epic has entered into a partnership with Sony for this Generation and this event will see them announcing a PS4 exclusive franchise at a PlayStation event dedicated to PlayStation 4...

It's not Gears, it's not Fortnight, it's a New Exclusive IP, backed by Sony and probably co-developed by Sony and Epic in the way Deep Down is co-developed by Capcom and SCEJ
TAURUS-555  +   755d ago
hopefully its socom
GraveLord  +   755d ago
Why do you people keep saying that? In recent memory Geoff has only hyped AAA stuff like The Last of Us or Uncharted 3....
itBourne  +   755d ago
I doubt its and exclusive, highly. If it is cool, if not whatever lol. Insomniac is still working with Sony too for people saying otherwise, plus MS can have them, they are such a meh dev its not even funny. Maybe they will be Rare jr after working with MS = P
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ivan510  +   755d ago
Its most likely gonna be fornite.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   755d ago
I've yet to be excited about anything EPIC has done so far. We shall see.
Eddie20101  +   755d ago
It won't be Gears Of War but it could very well be a new game from Epic that may or may not be exclusive.
Tsar4ever  +   755d ago
I wish Epic would just port their PC "Unreal Tournament 2004" with all of the "Editor's choice edition" addons, complete with super customed UT2004 AI bots "UT^2 & MirrorBot" and either put it on Blue-ray or just make it Free 2 Play for the PSN network for ps4

Problem is that this game is 9yrs old and the outdated graphics might turn-off gamers. But UT2004 ECE has so much to offer in terms of scale & play-ability. This game is HUGE!!! More than 100 maps. see ign review http://www.ign.com/articles...

This UT2004 ECE port, than surprise us with a completely new IP franchise that will succeed.
hulk_bash1987  +   755d ago
Just seems like he's probably excited for the PS4 launch, but anything is possible.

That is interesting, I guess we'll just have to wait till the 14th to find out.
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Mohlest   755d ago | Spam
AlexanderNevermind  +   755d ago
Unreal Tournament 4 maybe? I can only hope.
NeoTribe  +   755d ago
That would rock.
NarooN  +   755d ago
They seem to do one UT game for each generation of their engine, so hopefully we get UT4 finally.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   755d ago
This sounds more closer to the truth then gears.ut was a launch title for the ps3 (console exclusive) with mod support.

Could see them repeating history.
Alexious  +   755d ago
I'd prefer a new entry in the main Unreal series.
esemce  +   755d ago
UT4/Gears 4 would be great 60fps@1080p dedicated servers and sh1t loads of classic maps thrown in for free.
amnalehu  +   755d ago
Did everyone miss the tweet following his By Keighley stating that it was going to be an "EPIC NIGHT FOR PS$". That's a hint and a half for you.
NateCole  +   755d ago
If it is then great for them. I really doubt though it will be exclusive and i hope not.

I never like the idea of 3rd party exclusive unless it was done with the help of the console holder which means it will be optimized for specific platform.

I rather Sony spend any money they might spend on locking 3rd party exclusive to fund new IP's or buy more devs.
bleedsoe9mm  +   755d ago
why not a fortnite announcement for ps4
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Mohlest   755d ago | Spam
grailly  +   755d ago
fortnite information is the only thing I want from epic right now. The leeked demo footage looked so good.
socialkarma  +   755d ago
I'm thinking it's going be Fortnite.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   755d ago
Who knows but time will tell.

Anything is possible with gears or a new ip
mixelon  +   755d ago
I'd love to see what a new Unreal Tournament would come out like. I'd also like if they took what was good about Gears and transplant it into something more compelling and less dumb.

Im not sure brain-dead shootyfest has such a place in the market now. Either go full silliness (like serious sam. Or even UT to an extent) or make something meaningful.
The_KELRaTH  +   755d ago
I'll still go back and have a blast on UT99 - with over 10,000 maps it never gets boring but for it to work on a console there must be an easy way to create user maps /mods and the option for keyboard / trackball / mouse.

Like Q3a, it's a twitch fps game and requires fast responsive control to work.
Sarobi  +   755d ago
I was thinking the same thing when I had come across his Twitter earlier.
iceman1346  +   755d ago
the epicness
IHassounah  +   755d ago
Great now we have both Gears of War and a new IP for Sony !!! that's gonna be exciting
JoGam  +   755d ago
Wait....how do you figure Sony has Gears when it was just a speculation? This is how rumors start.
Arcanine  +   755d ago
Gears of Peace confirmed!
Eonjay  +   755d ago
the GOP
IHassounah  +   755d ago
I'm really excited for both the Xbox One preview event and PS4 preview event , it's really gonna be exciting to see both having new games to show
JoGam  +   755d ago
Xbox is having a preview event? Didn't know that.
IHassounah  +   755d ago
I'm also really excited to see what Naughty Dogs have to show cause after all these teases , I expect them to show something
TristanPR77  +   755d ago
Anything that Naughty Dog presents is going to be greatness.
TristanPR77  +   755d ago
One thing is clear, we are going to see many jaw dropping surprises at that pre launch event.

November 2 - the wait is almost over. The most powerful next gen console will soon arrive. Is going to be Christmas on November 15.
helghast102  +   755d ago
It will most likely be Unreal Tournament 4, if Epic even cares about the series any more.
Kayant  +   755d ago
Yesssss.... Please be Gears or third- person style team based game.... Oh my can't wait. Also if it has MP I hope for dedicated servers or a hybrid solution.
MasterCornholio  +   755d ago
The haters who keep complaining about the PS4 being an Indie box or having a terrible launch lineup are going to get destroyed.

They are going to freak out like Roger when he saw the photos of Jessica Rabbit playing patticake with the owner of Moroon Cartoons.

Nexus 7 2013
The Meerkat  +   755d ago
Wow, someones got their geek on today. :-)

Shave and a haircut.
#17.1 (Edited 755d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   755d ago
"I can't believe they fined me for driving on the sidewalk" Taxi Cab

" I'm not bad im just drawn this way" Jessica Rabbit

Lol great film indeed.

Nexus 7 2013
#17.1.1 (Edited 755d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report
mkis007  +   755d ago
"Acme" you mean. Maroon cartoons was his competitor(who hired eddy).
MrZkaar  +   755d ago
Nock out blow for Xbox One.
tarbis  +   755d ago
I'm sure it's gonna be a multiplat game.
The_BoZZ1991  +   755d ago
Unreal Tournament 4 with Unreal Engine 4 on PS4 = SWEET DREAM :)
Edsword  +   755d ago
Epic hired most of the Kingdom of Amalor staff. I would really like to see something coming similar to that. Probably too early into ps4 for that though.
#21 (Edited 755d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MightyNoX  +   755d ago
This makes me feel giddy.
hazardman  +   755d ago
It makes sense Epic will showcase new game on PS4 since its the most powerful console and Epic loves to showoff the grapical power of UE4. Cant wait.. I would love another Unreal Tournament but always welcome new ips.
lifeisgamesok  +   755d ago
Congrats to Sony fans I love Epic and Gears is one of my favorite games
liamashbrook  +   755d ago
I'm not even an Xbox fan but man i'm starting to feel sorry for them...Sony's fortunes could not be any different compared to the launch of the PS3, and I have to commend them for it, they have done almost everything right this time round. How I would love to see this being a brand new IP exclusive to Playstation, shit would hit the fan
Hercules189  +   755d ago
Why feel sorry for us, I say its about time Sony announces some decent stuff exclusive to them. Their launch looks very weak and its not over for microsoft either, They've still got to proper announce Halo 5, Crackdown 3, something from Rare, That Black Tusk game, and plenty of other exclusives.
Sevir  +   755d ago
Lmao at you if you think a launch title defines a Console for 7-10 years...

Launch games serve the purpose of providing things to play at launch.

You're acting like It ends at launch for them.
Revolver_X_  +   755d ago
Sony has been spanking MS in the exclusives department for 3 years now. Leave to you fanboys to think next gen will be any different.
ELCUCO  +   755d ago
Reason why I bought a 360 was the first Gears. The reason why I sold my 360, was the last Gears. If they announce Gears of PS4 I'm not sure I could contain myself http://www.reactiongifs.com...
Hopefully "PCF" learned from their previous mistakes.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   755d ago
Im a playstation guy but i do love gears its the game i play when on xbox
FITgamer  +   755d ago
I agree it's the only Xbox franchise i really liked, except for Judgement.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   755d ago
yeah judgement broke my heart
ninjagoat  +   755d ago
I don't want Gears i want a new Unreal Xbox can keep there stale ass Gears. When it comes to Epic they show off with there Unreal games. Gears on the other hand is painted in one color and that's brown.
Lord_Frieza  +   755d ago
There's only one way to find out and that is wait
UncleGermrod  +   755d ago
not saying it cannot be a gears game, but i kinda doubt it. Either way i doubt it would be exclusive. why would epic alienate their already well-established fan base for the series. i guess we will see. im excited
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