5 Reasons To Try Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 has arrived and gamers around the world are pondering is Battlefield 4 “Worth it”. BoG points out their reasons why you should try Battlefield 4.

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Detoxx1480d ago

My personal reasons:

1. 60FPS.
2. 64 players.
3. Frostbite 3 engine
4. Destruction 3.0
5. Levolution
6. Vehicle warfare (Jets, helicopters, tanks, jeeps, boats and more).
7. Awesome customization for both weapons and vehicles.
8. Teamwork.
9. Best multiplayer FPS.
10. Fish don't move out of the way.

elhebbo161480d ago

60fps and 64 player servers for next-gen/PC only* FTFY.

willie321480d ago

It is 32v32 which comes out to 64 players. I feel that this will greatly improve the action from the 12v12 player count on consoles.

Detoxx1480d ago

Im getting BF4 on PS4! Have both pre-ordered.

TopDudeMan1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Camper problems? Get an engineer to blow a hole in the wall with his RPG.

Not only will that flush him out of his cover, you'll have the drop on him because he isn't expecting it.

Problem solved.

This is why I like the new battlefield.

PurpHerbison1480d ago

Snipers are still going to do work on you regardless.

Tzuno1480d ago

you forgot 4 hour single player campaign. :)

Detoxx1480d ago

Dude, nobody buys BF4 for the single player campaign.

Starbucks_Fan1480d ago

BF is all about multiplayer now. If you get BF4 just for that you're an idiot.

SlapHappyJesus1480d ago

It is more like 7, in my experience.
Not very good though, so . . .

Jovanian 1480d ago

one possible deterrent is the can spend almost 100 dollars on this one single game, which is just insanity

DarthJay1480d ago

The same can be said for many games these days. Is it really insanity if you love it and get everything you want out of it?

Hufandpuf1480d ago

You don't have to buy Premium

infectedaztec1480d ago

I bought BF3 with premium and can say that its one of the best value games I've ever bought. For about half of a year I played BF3 online and nothing else.

If I factored in the time I spent playing this game compared to others the €100 on BF3 went alot further than the €60 on Bioshock, TLOU etc.

I'm buying a nextgen console purely for BF4. There is no game I want more than this.

Aggesan1480d ago

I'll get it, but I just might be playing Killzone more. I loved BF:BC2, but never got into the feeling of BF3.

FullmetalRoyale1480d ago

Am I correct in assuming that you are talking about BF3 on console?

*continuing as if I'm correct*

Yeah I despised BF3 on console. BC2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm not a big "shooter guy".

I watched some of that youtube guy Jack Frags PS4 stuff and I was sold.

It looks like what I imagine when I think of Battlefield.

I honestly thought I was done after BF3: No destruction, terrible level design, terrible lack of vehicles(again only referring to my experience on console).

This is almost exactly what I wanted. I'm definitely disappointed that the destruction still isn't on the level of BC2, but it looks fantastic.

Then again I'm all over dat Shadow Fall too!


dcj05241480d ago

The destruction is better than bc2 on the more village like maps. Sadly human don't build all their buildings out of wood and weak concrete like in BC2.

Aggesan1479d ago

Actually, I played BF3 on PC. Played BFBC2 on both PC and PS3, but prefered the PS3 version. I always prefered around 20-30 player to 64 players.

Grimhammer001480d ago

For me...its a pacing thing. Bf series are great tactical fps. But I rather cods insane speed and intent action.

Both have there merits.

Cod uses 7yr old quake engine......that engine is now Rage 2.0....if Activision wasn't so greedy and spent the licensing fees to update to newest engine, we'd all be happier as gamers and Activision might halt the decline of cod sales.

But the sales are still ludicrously high. Not going to happen any time soon.

Detoxx1480d ago

BF4 with 64 players is more action packed then any other game, including COD.

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