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The Last of Us Director Teases Next Game

Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us, recently took to Twitter to tease about a possible concept for a potential game. (Neil Druckmann, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

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Crossbones  +   453d ago
Uncharted 4 - 2014
The Last Of Us 2 - 2015
Treezy504  +   453d ago | Well said
I would love a new IP honestly. Naughty Dog is one of the best studios that can keep coming up with original games that are bound to stand the test of time. Whatever they make it's going to be gold.
badboy776   453d ago | Trolling | show
KillrateOmega  +   453d ago

Way to waste half your bubbles...
Eonjay  +   453d ago
Sone people don't realize that Naughty Dog isn't just one team. They are two teams and together they form the most impressive Studio in recent memory. Where the Uncharted team excelled, the LOU team inherited, and improved upon. That studio alone promises to deliver first class entertainment at every turn.
Prime157  +   453d ago
/clap that's the best way I've ever heard that said, you bring a tear to my eye.

Crash for ps1, Jak for ps2, UC and TLoU for ps3, what's next? I hope it's new in conjunction with what you said.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   453d ago
oh i would so love to see next-gen crash. but new IP is new IP :D
staticdash22  +   453d ago
Honestly, I wish people stop talking about The Last Of Us 2. I feel like that game was a masterpiece all by itself. Let it stand on it's own. It doesn't need a sequel.
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KillrateOmega  +   453d ago

I don't want to risk seeing it dragged through the mud for the sake of more money. It was a work of art and told the story that it wanted to tell. Let it end on a very high note.

Not all games need sequels.
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rainslacker  +   453d ago
Maybe just bring one out at the end of each generation. It seemed a fitting title. Although Sony is still bringing out first party games on the PS3 post PS4 launch, but still.
Austin48  +   453d ago
With all do respect I disagree the last of us is a big universe it doesant have to be Joel and Ellie again it could be a whole another group of people and trust me when I say this even if its a new group naughty dog will make an excellent game
brave27heart  +   453d ago
I dont think they'll do a Last of Us 2. Uncharted they can run and run with so I expect 2 more Uncharteds on PS4, but Im expecting 2 new games inbetween. My guess is Jak and Daxter at some point and Savage Starlight.
Summons75  +   453d ago
Iagree while I would like to see that world explored more through the eyes of ths fireflies, or government. I don't wany a last of us 2
linkenski  +   453d ago
So true. TLoU ended perfectly and people saying it "leads up to a sequel" are wrong. Anyhow the franchise just doesn't need one. The more they expand on that universe the less significant the first game seems which is a shame, because I wanna remember everything I know about that universe by thinking "TLoU".

I hope their next project is Sci-fi as has been teased before.
Underworld  +   452d ago
I would love a sequel. There are so many stories that could be told in that world.
sobekflakmonkey  +   453d ago
I don't want another "The last of us", it would honestly cheapen the whole experience, it's a one off game that was so beautifully done and doesn't need a sequel at all, and there really shouldn't be one, it pretty much ended the current gen for me, and it was the perfect way to go, also, sequels usually aren't that amazing (when it comes to games that are heavily story driven), yes it may work for FPS games like BF, CoD, Killzone, Crysis and so on so forth, but that's only because those games focus more on a multi-player experience rather than a story driven one, not all games need sequels.
Irishguy95  +   453d ago
Hoping for a new sci fi game from them. Apparently there is one too :)

I don't want another Uncharted or LoU. I want new ips. Look what happens when NDD do new ips

Crash > Jak > Uncharted > Last of Us

Keep new **** coming.
itBourne  +   453d ago
I hope with all my might that they are working on a new ip and not TLoU 2!
Sideras  +   453d ago
They've pretty much shown they are capable of whatever they want, so I'd prefer new IP's from both their teams tbh. The gaming industry is just to stagnant, and at the dawn of a new generation we need fresh titles.
DeletedAcc  +   453d ago
And so it begins!!
Goro  +   453d ago
Naughty Dog only make 1 game every 2 years...at least that's been the case up until now.
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assdan  +   453d ago
Uncharted 4 will happen at some point. And I honestly hope the last of us 2 doesn't. That was a great stand alone game, and I feel like the story couldn't be as good in the same universe. The only chance at a similarly compelling story would be Joel and Tommy when during the beginning of the outbreak.
JoSneak  +   453d ago
the last of us is one of a kind! no sequel please!!!!
kungfuian  +   453d ago
As much as I'd love sequels to both Uncharted and The Last of US, I'd much rather see new IP's from them. They are such a talented team, it seems better to let them flex their creative muscles with original/unique IP's. Let Sony's smaller up and coming studios do the sequels under their supervision.
ELCUCO  +   453d ago
I want Alien abductions!!
MAULxx  +   453d ago
If that movie poster was actually what they were doing....
How awesome would that be?
Am I sensing a Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon vibe here because it has 80s written all over it.
A space game with an 80s sensibility but with better acting & story telling.
Go for it ND. This would be epic.
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NeoTribe  +   453d ago
If there looking for a concept of a game, don't expect this for a few years. They obviously havnt started making this new ip or whatever it is.
brave27heart  +   453d ago
Savage Starlight! Make it happen!

With collectable comics about a time on earth when an infection brought about the collapse of civilisation and one mans journey to escort a young girl across America.
Inception  +   453d ago
Whatever ND make, if it's Uncharted 4, TloU 2, or a new IP, just count me in.
Pintheshadows  +   453d ago
Looks like 2 Naughty Dog games are in the works for next gen then as the rumoured sci fi one is from the other team.
RE_L_MAYER  +   453d ago
Lets just leave last of us alone okay no need for second game failures
LetoAtreides82  +   453d ago
Why are so many people worried about TLoU 2 failing to live up to the first one? If that happens then so what, it doesn't hurt the first one in any way. If there's a team out there that can do a proper sequel it's Naughty Dog.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   453d ago
Would love a new IP from Naughty Dog but i think it's time for some Mr.Nathan Drake!!!! lol
UNCHARTED 4 + PS4 = Brain Explodes
Superherox70  +   453d ago
Jak 4 Plz!
DeletedAcc  +   453d ago
Just let them making new ips... If you want jak4 then ask sony bend
C-Thunder  +   453d ago
I'm hoping for new ips from both teams, no need for sequels of either uncharted or tlou. It'll be better for them, playstation, and the gamers if they apply their talents to something new.
raresteak  +   453d ago
What's this movie poster people are talking about? All I see is a photo of Neil in a mo-cap studio.
IG-88  +   452d ago

It is what Mark Richard Davies a Game Designer on The Last of Us says that Neil Druckmann was looking at in one of his tweets. If I am not mistaken it is the comic that you can find in the Last of Us so it could be their next game.
ibrake4naps  +   453d ago
i have to buy the next-gen console that has naughty dog!

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