Pokemon X and Y a wild Mew appears, but location unknown

Product-Reviews writes: Forget the latest Pokemon X and Y secrets regarding Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa. It looks like we could have the most exciting rumor to share with you now. Screenshots have emerged, suggesting that Mew is actually hidden inside Pokemon X and Y. The elusive #151 Pokemon looks amazing in the wild, but is it real?

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tr00p3r1692d ago

Hopefully Mew has NOTHING to do with a truck this time! Amazing if this is true.. gotta catch me a Mew.

roadkillers1692d ago

I remember trying that a couple times before giving up lol.

Myst1692d ago

Ah these comments just gave me a bit of nostalgia

itBourne1692d ago

Lmao, I remember these rumors going on in my tiny ass town for so long, tried everything many times. Didnt know until about a year ago that it was actually possible without a gameshark, granite its a glitch in the game but still lol. I tried things that would take hours on top of hours and nothing ever worked, poor 10 year old me lmao.

ajax171692d ago

Oh God, don't remind me of that damn truck!

ajax171691d ago

There was a truck in Red and Blue where you could supposedly find a Mew nearby. I think there was also a truck in Ruby and Sapphire...

MattyG1692d ago

The guy who posted this said he had modded the game files to make this happen. It was the same guy who found those 3 event Pokemon.

tr00p3r1692d ago

If they are hidden in there though, we could see them at a later date.. Game Freak just biding their time I reckon to give the game longevity..

MattyG1692d ago

The 3 event Pokemon, probably. But not necessarily Mew. They have to include a file and character model for every Pokemon because people might have them in older games and import them, not necessarily because there's going to be an event around them.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1692d ago

Not really, you can transfer pokemon once pokebank comes out. Plenty of event mews came out before this game so yeah. Every pokemon already has a 3d model.

Misaka_x_Touma1692d ago

it not possible when mew contains all Pokemon DNA. It not needed.

Beetey1692d ago

My friend has this cousin who knows a guy who can confirm Mew is hidden under a truck in-game.

(ah how I miss poke-talk in the school yard)

thehobbyist1691d ago

Like I mentioned in the previous post. Hacking tools. Using one in Diamond and Peral it replaced all pokemon in the mild with the one I defined with the tool. That's why Mew is level 4. Mew would never be level 4 intentionally.

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