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Submitted by TheLastWriter 827d ago | opinion piece

Playstation 4 Launch Lineup: Awful, Or The Most Awful?

OnlySP: At first glance a 22 game lineup sounds pretty good. On second, third, and fourth examinations that lineup just keeps on shrinking. Cross generational games, old games, games that aren't exactly showing off the new specs, and a general lack of selection compared to previous generations make things look awfully grim. (PS4)

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ZodTheRipper  +   827d ago
I'm fine with Killzone, AC4, Resogun & maybe CoD/Fifa14 for now. For some that might be not enough but I didn't buy this console because of it's launch lineup and I'm definately more excited for it than for any other console before.
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JoGam  +   827d ago
Totally agree. I too are cool with the line up. I think both systems have great line ups. Both camps will be happy.
ZodTheRipper  +   827d ago
Further more, I'm just happy to experience another big leap and play games on higher resolutions and framerate than before. Killzone's multiplayer will be a blast with 1080p@60fps + the DS4 and it's improved sticks&triggers.
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hulk_bash1987  +   827d ago
How about not awful at all. Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, AC IV, Need for Speed Rivals, Resogun and Contrast for me at launch. Less than 2 weeks away until I get my hands on the PS4. Though I was hoping to add in Driveclub and Watchdogs to the list, I still can't wait.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   827d ago
How much games does he think people will buy at launch?? because I would expect an average of 1-3 games at time of console purchase.
black0o  +   827d ago
i nvr though the i'd see the day that AC, BF, FIFA, NFS and COD the biggest series we hve considered it awful 3rd-party for a console launch
abzdine  +   827d ago
there are games for various tastes at launch what do you want more?
good multiplatform games, good exclusives so i don't see why the butthurt writer complains.
Xsilver  +   827d ago
We all know that when we buy a Console were in for the long run and i know Sony got me when it comes 1st party exclusives i mean come on in 2 week theirs an event where they will announce new games anyway KZSF/Knack and other's will hold me over until i get my Most wanted game of all Infamous Second Son toddles.
MELMAN26  +   827d ago
Its not bad, but when u compare it to the xb1's line up it is kind of weak.
hulk_bash1987  +   827d ago
Weak in what respect? I'm sorry but I disagree with you on that. The only game the xbox one has at launch that I'm even remotely interested in is Dead Rising 3. But that is what it means to have different tastes. I don't disagree with you thinking that the Xbox One has better launch games but don't state it like it's a fact, when really it is all about preference.
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Boody-Bandit  +   827d ago
Here they go again.
"Sony has no games"
They just never learn.

There are more games I want on the PS4 than I will have time to play. BF4 and KZ2 alone will keep me busy for several months but I'm probably going to pick up 10 games the 1st week or 2. I always go a bit overboard when a new console is launched and since I'm saving a ton of money by not getting an X1? I'm going even bigger than usual.

This will be the first generation that I am only getting one console at launch and that one is the PS4. Spin away sites looking for hits while we gamers get ready for another amazing generation from the best in the gaming industry, Sony.
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MELMAN26  +   827d ago

Yes it is about preferences but let me explain what I mean.

Let's take multiplatform games out of the discussion because they are on both consoles. For me indie games are an after thought and I don't play them unless there is a gaming drought.

We are buying NEXT GEN consoles here I am personally not buying a next gen consoles to run games that are capable on a tablet or cell phone...sure they can be fun sometimes but I want a next gen experience. The xb1's exclusive games provide that for me. I have had my hands on both systems, even though I have not played killzone, its the only ps4 game that looks like a wonderful next gen experience.

Killer Instinct, Ryse, Forza, and DR3 all feel look and sound next gen.
Sevir  +   827d ago
Not sure why people are surprised by limited games on a console launch! Consoles aren't defined by launch software, we've gone through this with 8 generations of launch games...

Get hyped for the games that come shortly after, both consoles have some impressive games coming in the first 6 months alone, that's a lot bettet than previous gens where those games came 9 months after launch.

Infamous, Driveclub, Deep Down, Titan Fall, Quantum Break... Seriously what's on offer for both consoles is fine and a lot better than last generation's launch.
hulk_bash1987  +   827d ago

You're still stating your preference which doesn't apply to everyone. It doesn't make it a fact.
ZodTheRipper  +   827d ago
"Its not bad, but when u compare it to the xb1's line up it is kind of weak."

"I have had my hands on both systems, even though I have not played killzone, its the only ps4 game that looks like a wonderful next gen experience. "

lol you must be joking, troll somewhere else
Triella  +   827d ago
BS article I'll have Knack, AC4, FIFA, Contrast and Tiny brains at launch way enough games to play before I get my next already preordered games : Infamous SS, the Order and Watchdogs. And Sony has always had top notch exclusives anyways.

It's plenty compared to the PS3 when I only had Resistance fall of Men and Virtua Tennis3 to to keep me busy for three months (which was definitely not enough) before a steady flow of exclusive games came out from Sony among other third parties.
inveni0  +   826d ago
The lineup would have been meatier with Watchdogs and Driveclub, but like zod18 said, it's not the launch titles that are most promising for PlayStation. It's everything that comes next. Sony chose the perfect slogan: Greatness Awaits.
aceitman  +   827d ago
and as of right now we have Injustice: Gods Among Us as a fighting game(not confirmed for x1) what would be funny is that they say its in 1080p 60fps iwas holding on this game for a little but now its coming to ps4 I am getting it.
PockyKing  +   827d ago
For someone like me whose buying both at some point, the launch line-up is what mattered to me so I chose Xbox One over PS4 for that reason. But, I'm very excited for what the PS4 will offer post launch with Infamous and The Order.
ZodTheRipper  +   827d ago
I could never buy both, I would need a XB1, a new online account + subscription, additional controllers and of course much more games to justify all that - PS always had the better exclusives and now it also has the better multiplats so I don't see a point in spending money on the other.

Wii U or maybe even a Steam Box (as a replacement for my 4 year old PC) are different stories though, they offer something different.
PockyKing  +   827d ago
Eh, there's games I want on both sides so I put away the money to do so. I never got into being a fan of a company, all I care about are the games. And you say PS had "better" exclusives, but it's all based on opinion. Personally, I like Halo more than Killzone because the story interests me more etc. Just all based on preference, it's a shame it's so hard to have a discussion about games without it turning into what's better than what.

black0o - You're right, after the console launches this will become history, BUT the console hasn't launched yet so why not discuss it? I don't understand the need to "defend" a system so much? You're buying it for the games yes? So why try and make the Xbox look like an inferior product? Have fun with your games and the people who buy an Xbox will enjoy theirs.

-Foxtrot - Why should it matter to you what I do with my money or who I give it to?
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black0o  +   827d ago
one month from know all this talk about launch titles will become history ..

Q1/2014 ps4 has FF14,driveclub, infamous and the order while the x1 only gets one title titanFall so far

at launch the 3rd party takes the crown if u ask me
FIFA sells big
COD/BF sells big
AC sells big
1st party always takes back seat when those hit the market
-Foxtrot  +   827d ago
So despite all the crap Microsoft has done since the reveal, the fact it seems kind of rushed and the fact their first party lineup decreases over the years instead of improving not to mention the fact that in a way your paying more for less you chose them just because it has one or two more launch games.......REALLY

I mean I have enough for both but I wouldn't buy the Xbox One because it sends MS the wrong message

People are acting like the PS4 has no games....
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Zack_attack  +   827d ago
I'm with you on this one pockeyking. X1 at launch due to the lineup, and the ps4 when i get taxes back, or my next bonus.
ZodTheRipper  +   827d ago
PS4 in fact has more games thanks to Indie exclusives and the gap will only get bigger over time when AAA exclusives are coming out regulary thanks to the first party rotation within SCE. Further more you can expect Indies who were supported by Sony and were succesful with it leaning more towards PS4 / Vita just like Devolver is doing it with Hotline Miami.
Zack_attack  +   827d ago
The abundance of indie games doesnt do me much good. I've never really put too much time into them. Ryse and BF4 are more my taste.
-Foxtrot  +   827d ago
"-Foxtrot - Why should it matter to you what I do with my money or who I give it to? "

I'm not saying it does bother me.....although it's nice to see one of the type of people who support companies trying to ruin the gaming industry.

This is why they don't learn
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come_bom  +   827d ago
Personally I think the exclusives launch lineups for the PS4 and X1 are not very good. I would say they are average.

I won't purchase any of the consoles at launch. I'll let the die hard fanboys be the guinea pigs, let them test the consoles.
Killjoy3000  +   827d ago
I'm getting

Battlefield 4
Killzone Shadowfall
Call of Duty Ghosts
NBA 2K14
Assassin's Creed IV
Injustice: Gods Among Us

Plus Planetside 2, Warframe, Resogun.

That is a GREAT console launch. I fail to see how it's awful, especially with the best console version of each game. PS gamers will be having the last laugh when The Last Of Us 2 ALONE gets announced.
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live2play  +   827d ago
Battlefield 4- rehash
call of duty-rehash and multiplat
ass creed-rehash
injustice- old port
knack-haha riiight that games worth 10 bucks

not impressed
TENTONGUN  +   827d ago
bf4, nba and maybe just maybe madden. these are the types of games i play so this launch is right up my alley
colonel179  +   827d ago
it's not about the awfulness of the launch lineup. It's the awfulness of not having something coming afterwards.
OrangePowerz  +   827d ago
DriveClub and inFamous for the start of next year?
live2play  +   827d ago
Killzone 6 rehash
CoD port rehash
knack is the original one but even that game is worth maybe 15 bucks
Destrania  +   827d ago
Hmm, all I see is rehash posting coming from your pathetic and worthless pov.
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Ketzicorn  +   827d ago
So I guess you feel the same way about the X1 with all of their rehashed games and the pretty looking mass of boredom Ryse will be.
Bathyj  +   827d ago
Actually Killzone looks very different to any Killzone that's come before it, way more strategic and open. unlike all the halos, gears of wars, cod s and battlefields which have all basically been the same game Everytime.
Jihaad_cpt  +   827d ago
I know I will be knocked but why is this guy acting to cunty
KillrateOmega  +   827d ago
I don't understand why people are even fussing about the launch line-up of the PS4.

I mean, Jesus Christ, how many games are these people planning to but at launch? I would think 3-4 would be the amount that most people would go with and can afford.

The way these people go on, you'd think the PS 4has no games and never will...
Destrania  +   827d ago
I know, it's ridiculous. There is far more than enough for me to play on day one and beyond. Plus, I'm happy to become an owner of the most powerful gaming console ever made, and can't wait to see everything else the most incredible developers in the world will be able to do on it :-) Greatness Awaits us all!


Not sure what 'looks good' or is good about the Xbone, but to each their own I guess. Sony's devs are going to blow people's minds though. Glad we'll get to see more of their wad that they've been keeping secret very soon too haha. Exciting times ahead. #PS4AllAccess 11/14
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TENTONGUN  +   827d ago
if i had a shit load of games my ps4 would burn up in like 2 months. im good with 3
Bathyj  +   827d ago
The launch line up is kind of awful. There's only one retail game and a couple PSN games that I want.

Fortunately I'm not an impatient child and I'm buying this console for the next decade of gaming not the next month.

MS will blow their wad in the first three years like they always do, that's why their line up looks good.
OrangePowerz  +   827d ago
People must forget the launch lineups from the previous consoles. I get consoles on launch since the DC and they always had bad launch lineups and the PS4 has actually one of the better ones and same goes for Xbone.
Visiblemarc  +   827d ago
Yeah agree, the lineup is solid. Anyone complaining about launch has no sense of console history. This is actually one of the best launches of all time. Will things get better within the year? Yeah of course. People seem to think games appear out of thin air.
RyuCloudStrife  +   827d ago
AC4 and Killzone plus the free games on PS+ should keep me busy on the week vacation I took from work ;).
otherZinc  +   827d ago
Great article.
MichaelLito79  +   827d ago
Most are in denial and true gamers on both platforms agree this is a weak launch lineup. What's even more sad is if this were Xbox One's launch titles the same amount of people in denial would be out with pitch forks and knives bashing it. But because it is there system of choice its okay.

Note: there is no doubt that Sony will have games in due time. Saying launch doesn't count is really just an excuse.
M-M  +   827d ago
Just get it out while you can, the launch lineup is good(in my opinion) but guys on the other side try to bash it. Let them enjoy the moment, because remember who has the long term 1st AND 3rd party support this generation.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   827d ago
Yep exactly.

What they seem to be forgetting, much like how 360 started out, is MS always tries to impress at first.

All day one
But then nothing for 6 months until titanfall

2 months later Infamous
Then Driveclub
Then Deep Down
Then The Order1886
Then, and then, and then, it will just keep going.PS onslaught never stops

History repeats and i'm glad i'll be on the Playstation side when they make history again.
vishant101  +   827d ago
titanfall comes out march 11th which is like 3-4 months

project spark should be somewhere in-between. also you forgot killer instinct.

that's five AAA games within the first 4 months of release not to shabby if you ask me.

oh and i doubt order will be out in first 6 months
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come_bom  +   827d ago
DayZ... at least make a little effort and try to be truthful... Xbox One has other exclusives coming it's way on 2014.

Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Fable Legends
Black Tusk Studios game
-Foxtrot  +   827d ago

Quantum Break - Probably will be out September time

Halo 5 - Not out untill next October/November

Sunset Overdrive - Apparently when it was shown off it hadn't actual started development yet so it will be a while

D4 - Honestly don't know

Fable Legends - I'd say June/July with it being an MMO type game

Black Tusk Studios game - Since it hasn't even got a name yet I'd say late next year or early 2015

Problem with MS they blew all their cards at E3 by announcing nearly everything too early since they were trying to make up for the bad reveal and DRM at the time
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Campy da Camper  +   827d ago
People also forget the free games we get with PLUS. I'm pretty certain Sony has a couple goodies lined up for the free games collection for the ps4 early adopters.

I don't know about everyone else but I have to work 8-430. I get home at 5 and eat dinner and have about 3 hours to play each night. Usually I can get 6-8 in over sat and sun. So, having Killzone, ACBF, Knack, Reshogun, Planetside and some indies and whatever PlUS throws my way in December I'm certain will keep me busy til early next year. Then its Infamous and Watchdogs, soon to follow will be the Order, Destiny, the Division and any other games that the Sony devs who haven't announced anything yet have up their sleeves. I'm sure Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Media Molecule have stuff planned for first half of next year.

Plus, I'm a proud WiiU owner. Mario Kart 8 and 3d Mario are dropping next month. I've got games for a while.
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MichaelLito79  +   827d ago

Please don't spread lies

Xbox one will have

Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare
Project Spark
Kinect Sports Rivals

Both systems will have there fair share of great games.
PockyKing  +   827d ago
And if you read the editorial he doesn't bash the future line-up at all. It's just "launch" titles being discussed here, not the full term for PS4.

Edit: And I re-read it. You say guys on the other "side" try to bash it. Nobody's bashing anything. The author supports the PS4, just not the "launch" line-up. So people call the site begging for hits without even reading the dang article.
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M-M  +   827d ago
Re-read my comment.
black0o  +   827d ago
''CLICK'' that's what the title for

and how can i read the article if i didn't click on the link, in your words the title is flame bait
Sarobi  +   827d ago
IMO.. PS4's line up looks really good compared to the horrible line up PS3 had.
Ravenor  +   827d ago
What? Genji and Gundam: Crossfire were modern classics!
bleedsoe9mm  +   827d ago
not quite as good as the xbox one's , but i'm not buying either system for launch games ,just buying and waiting for second son and titanfall
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PoSTedUP  +   827d ago
we're cool with KZ, N4S n AC4. awful would be ps3 launch line up and we all know it ended up : )
Consoles4kidz  +   827d ago
Sure do, had to wait like 6 years for any good games lol
PoSTedUP  +   827d ago
rofl lolol hahahah...
Bruce_Wayne  +   827d ago
I disagree...

Resistance at launch for PS3. (2006)
Uncharted. (2007)
MGS4 (2008)
LBP (2008)
Killzone 2. (2009)
Uncharted 2(2009)
Infamous. (2009)

And there were many others but I just pointed out the biggest ones. From 2010-2013, there's no argument.
ZBlacktt  +   827d ago
You know, we see these types of stories left and right. Yet, look at the pre orders. They are the highest they've ever been. Don't try and rain on peoples excitement. We see the new system as much needed. The games that are coming out have strong online modes ( KZSF, BF4 and COD ). You've got AC4 that has over 100 hours of awesome adventure single player mode. There's PSN games, Knack, something for everyone. Then before we know it in comes Infamous Second Son, Drive Club Watch Dogs in the spring. Then Destiny, The Order1886, etc...

It's just nice to have a new console. One so powerful and with so much potential.

Sony gave us all such a high point on the end of the PS3 current Gen with first party games like The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension.
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ZBlacktt  +   827d ago
Disagree all you want. Then sit there and pout. I have 3 games pre ordered and I'll be deep in AC4's vast open world day one. Just loving life. New Dual Shock 4.... happy guy!
cyclindk  +   827d ago
I'm fine with it, all the titles look strong, reasonably polished.

Nothing TOO exciting, but all the games look dependable and fun, but for so many sequels what can you expect?

Watch Dogs delay hurt a little on the excito-meter, but otherwise it won't be a disappointing launch at least.

Once we start seeing (hopefully!) the NEW IPs, that's when the excitement comes back!
The_Truth_24_7  +   827d ago
DC Universe Online. Nuff said.
Hicken  +   827d ago
Pretty much. As many hours as I've sunk into it on PS3, and knowing I can carry that over to PS4 AND play it via Remote Play with my Vita? That's really all I'd need, but I'll have Killzone and Resogun, too.

Not to mention I'll still be buying PS3 games, too.

To be honest, Sony can kinda hold back on the launch titles, with everything they've got coming across all their platforms.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   827d ago
I'm fine w/ it. Since, you know... The games appeal to me more. Got Killzone today (day -14)! Then on day one I'll download DCUO, Warframe, Resogun, and Contrast. I'll get Injustice in early December. February is when it really starts for me. :) But I'm good till then.


Oh, and I also want AC IV and BF4.
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cyclindk  +   827d ago
Ahhh I somehow totally forgot about ACIV, :) can't wait.
Avernus  +   827d ago
Honestly don't mind the lineup. Was really looking fwd to Watch Dogs for my SP session, but I guess AC4 will do.

- BF4

- KZ: SF

- FIFA 14

- AC4

Those are my games for launch, plus the F2P games like Warframe I'll give a go. All in all, I'm satisfied.
tirwolfe  +   827d ago
I'm just disappointed that I won't be able to get a racing game on PS4 for a while that isn't a Need For Speed game, unless I purchase an Xbox One which doesn't suit me.
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svoulis  +   827d ago
This is the way I look at it, maybe its just me maybe its not.

For PS4 there are already 50+ games CONFIRMED for the "Launch Window"

and for XO there are about 26...for the "Launch Window"

I mean as a person with a girlfriend, and full time job. I do as much gaming as I possibly can (and its a lot trust me, as I also livestream).

I think that the lineup on both systems are good enough to hold me over. I feel that I may be bored with XO once I am done with Ryse because thats the first game I am getting on it until Titanfall, making me debate if I should wait til around then. After that we go dry, I think I'll play Titanfall a lot. I know I'll play Ryse enough for at least the campaign and maybe a few weeks of MP. I do feel like Microsoft did a few shady things considering DR3 and Ryse were originally 360 releases and they pushed them to XO, and it kinda made their launch window weak, but their launch strong.

As for the playstation side these are the games I am getting Day one.

Killzone 4
Injustice Gods Amoung Us (I held out from current gen hoping this would happen :D)
Knack (What, it looks fun and nostalgic)

I feel that will hold me over for the time being, I'll play Ryse on XO, and then when Infamous, The Order, etc. come out I'll have more gaming to do.

If you ask me, that sounds like a solid plan. So to me this article is nonsense. Because the person who ranted seems like they expected more then they should've. Maybe you don't need a Next-Gen console right now. But Warframe is fun, PS2 is awesome, and Blacklight retribution is not Pay to win, I play on PC, the list keeps going but you get the point. So many games to many


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Soldierone  +   827d ago
People are acting like launch line ups don't always suck.... do people realize how hard it is to meet deadlines for a launch game? Its harder than yearly releases by third parties.....

Imagine being told to make a new game for a product you don't even have yet.

Don't like the launch line up? Fine, wait 6 months and be happy.
despair  +   827d ago
Xbox 1 has a pretty good lineup forza and dead rising look really good and even ryse and killer instinct look interesting at the very least.

Crimson Dragon, lococycle and fighter within round out the title with some Kinect (and whatever lococycle is considered) stuff. Not an bad lineup when you add the 3rd party stuff.
McScroggz  +   827d ago
Well, it seems when people talk about the PS4's "bad launch lineup." Because otherwise, all of the indie games/downloadable games AND free to play games would at worst make it a good launch lineup. Of course there is 3rd party stuff, but again it appears that only LAUNCH, RETAIL, EXCLUSIVE games count when they want to downplay the launch lineup.
Soldierone  +   827d ago
Personally don't like Forza and Dead Rising honestly looks like it should be on 360 lol I'm not buying anything for Kinect, I'll have that disconnected asap

Ryse looks neat though, I might pick that up when I get an Xbox One mid next year.

I don't really want anything on ps4 yet either, I'm just getting BF4 and Killzone until InFamous releases.
ZBlacktt  +   827d ago
Killer Instinct is a 20 year old fighter game ( single screen ). Not much brain power in that rebirth. I use to play this in arcades in the mid 1990's.

Ryse is a combo hack n slash. Played this at PAX Seattle. It's not that it's bad or anything. Just not a wow factor. It's more like another game.

Forza is a really good game. Played it as well at PAX. But I also played DriveClub and GT6 there as well. With GT6 coming out this year on the PS3 and DriveClub in the spring 2014. So it all is kind of a wash. Btw, GT6 looked damn good with zero issues of current Gen hardware to visuals.
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Jihaad_cpt  +   827d ago
Forza doesnt sell particularly well, indicating that X-Box fans arent that into racing titles, so I wouldnt say its such a great launch title. Also Ryse might be the only other title worth mentioning in my opinion.
Hufandpuf  +   827d ago
Coming from someone that's played the X1 on two occasions. I can confirm that Killer Instinct, Ryse and DR3 are really solid games. DR3 being the most fun I've had in a while and Killer instinct being a favorite of my friends.
despair  +   827d ago
So he completely ignored the indie lineups and resogun? Plus claiming warframe will be a "mess" at launch without any justification or reasoning?

Adding a disclaimer and using your first couple lines to say cursory nice things about the ps4 does nothing to make this look anything other than a fanboy article.

I for one agree that the ps4 lineup is weak compared to x1 but that position can be justified and explained without frothing at the mouth.
CrossingEden  +   827d ago
Not the most awful, but it's PRETTY awful. I have no interest in indie games that are already released, or yet another killzone game which undoubtedly will have a very short campaign and ten maps for MP at most, I'm fine with current gen AC4, and knack just isn't my type of game. So yea, sticking with xb1.
Hicken  +   827d ago
Not the most awful troll, but you're PRETTY awful.
KwietStorm  +   827d ago
This was annoying at first. Now it's just pissing me off. This cheerleader contest amongst the gaming community is only perpetuated by the media, which comes back around to the gamers who can't think for themselves, so they join in on hating X console. If you can't find fun in Resogun, Warframe, War Thunder, Contrast, Secret Ponchos, Blacklight Retribution, DC Universe, blah blah, BESIDES the retail releases, then I don't know what to tell you. Somewhere along the line, someone was convinced that if a game isn't a "AAA" exclusive, then it isn't worth the pixel count. Then of course this mentality spread like a disease, and the fanboys eat it up. Just play your games and give it a rest.
Mithan  +   827d ago
Its crap, but so is Xbox One, PS3 and X360.
McScroggz  +   827d ago
Launch lineups are almost always terrible in comparison to a normal year in a console's life. Besides, I don't want to feel compelled to spend $400 on a console plus have 6-7 retail games I feel like I must have. Space them out, give me something to play every month and I'll be happy. Plus I have downloadable games AND PS3 games to keep me going for a while.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   827d ago
"Awful or the most awful" I'm sorry but just f*** off with this crap please.
MRMagoo123  +   827d ago
I am very happy with the launch line up, I have Killzone, AC4,BF4 all paid for , i dont need more than that for a few months at least but if i do want more there is plenty to get, what is the point in this article really,and the headline for hits is just childish at best "launch lineup aweful or the most aweful" How about "what do people think about the launch lineup" or "PS4 launch lineup my opinions".
Locknuts  +   827d ago
I've never bought a console at launch and I doubt I ever will. The game line ups are almost always weak.
MadMax  +   827d ago
You are forgetting the only system ever at launch to have the best lineup of games, The DREAMCAST!!!!!!! Nothing will ever come close!
Flutterby  +   827d ago
Didn't work out to well for the DC tho did it lol
kwyjibo  +   827d ago
If you're unhappy with the launch lineup - don't buy at launch.

You know, like the vast majority of gamers.
TENTONGUN  +   827d ago
or if you want, go ahead and buy it , play some imo great games and wait like the rest of the world for releases. you always have to wait for games ya know. geez people are strange. i dont see price drops anytime soon, so wtf you have the money go for it.
#21.1 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
The_Sneauxman  +   827d ago
and lets not forget that if you get a PS4 at launch you get a couple of games, one including Resogun, for free with a PS+ membership within the first month of launch
kwiksilver99  +   827d ago
I'm just glad killzone will get a another chance with the masses on a fresh slate.
Maybe this time,it will gain a wider audience than previous entries.
Heisenburger  +   827d ago
It stinks that the author isn't as excited for the launch titles as some of us.<not sarcasm

I for one, am verrrry excited for ACIV and BF4.

Dat Infamous.
Hakoom  +   827d ago
Quality > quantity
i rather have 1 epic game than 10 lousy games
live2play  +   827d ago
Too bad you have none x(
Hakoom  +   826d ago
too bad you have none either
NateCole  +   827d ago
I remember when i bought my PS3. I only bought Resistance and i played the hell out of that game.

PS4 though i am not sure which game not to buy. It is that good of a launch.

PS4 will start off with a bang and i am sure it will be even better than the PS3 further down the line in regards to games which is saying a lot. Even now there are so many good PS3 games still on my backlog even after 7 years.
osprey19  +   827d ago
True ps4 definatly doesn't have the upper hand on exclusives compared to xbox 1. Personally i think its because they put a bit too much attention to the indie market. Maybe if they didn't get carried away with that and decided to make more than just a couple of decent 1st party launch titles people maybe more happy about it.
Besides, the real money makers are 3rd party titles, on multiple platforms so everyone can have one and are more plentiful.
Supermax  +   827d ago
Could be better but will have plenty to play with killzone resogun dc universe on the ps4 and bf4 and killer instinct ryse son of Rome on the x1 won't be to much of a problem.
live2play  +   827d ago
So ports and tired rehashes?
well whatever floats your boat I guess
DevilishSix  +   827d ago
What is so bad about the lineup?

Killzone vs DR3
Knack vs Ryse
Resogun, Warframe, and War Fighter vs Killer Instinct

Sure Ps4 doesn't have a driving game like Forza, but Ps4 gets the better versions of BF4, COD, and AC.

Seems a wash to me or in PS4's favor I don't get what is so stellar about the X1 launch titles.

Ps4 has the only exclusive launch shooter and Xbox fans usually make a big deal about that. Xbox had Halo and 360 had PDZ at launch. X1 has no exclusive launch shooter.

Hell you could make a case the 360's launch lineup was better than X1's with PDZ, Kameo, PGR3, and Geometry Wars
#28 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Phantom_Puss  +   827d ago
I can wait....I have faith in the PS4 and its potential to be amazing. Sleek, sexy, and smooth....
soon you will be mine! ᕦ(ò‿óˇ)ᕤ

Can't wait to get my hands on Infamous: Second Son *drool*.
Happy Gaming well as you Xboxers out there.

mic_cala  +   827d ago
Dont people work and have lifes how many games can u possiblu play at once ??
For me killzone and fifa 14 will last me till the next round of games come out, not to mention ill have gt 6 soon and still tryin to finish off pokemon x and shadow of colossus so i can buy beyond two souls.

Man wish i had as much time on my hands as some peiple here
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