Bayonetta 2 – Demo Impressions (Wii U)

6aming's Patrick got his hands on one final game at the London MCM Comic Con, Bayonetta 2. Here is what he thought of it.

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marloc_x1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

To have Wii U games starting to roll out that are ground up builds is awesome! I've always loved the underdog :)

AHall881484d ago

It'll be up there.
So many epic looking games slated for next year along with this; The Witcher 3, Murdered Soul Suspect, Dragon Age 3, Watch Dogs, Thief, The Division, Final Fantasy XV(Likely a 2015 release.), Destiny, Dying Light, The Evil Within, and Daylight.

My wallet is already crying and I don't even have a PS4 pre-ordered and I still need to build a new gaming PC... my wallet might try running away before new years.

josephayal1484d ago

i cant wait for the PS4 version

ritsuka6661484d ago

Nah...Nintendo solely funded this project. So yeah, only on Wii U.

Broomfondle1484d ago

My next purchase just in time for my birthday. hopefully no delays for a March release.

Ninte1484d ago

Lol josephayal you forgot Nintendo saved bayonetta 2

ritsuka6661483d ago

Bayonetta for Smash Bros U. Bite me haters.