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Submitted by Riderz1337 826d ago | news

Uncharted 3 Game Director, Justin Richmond, Further Hints at Savage Starlight Space Game

An Uncharted 3 Game Director hinted at Savage Starlight during a Naughty Dog AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. (Naughty Dog, PS3, PS4)

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Abash  +   826d ago
Sounds like he is showing more that he is aware of the rumors and speculation going on about Savage Starlight rather than hinting it exists
Sevir  +   826d ago
Yes, it sounds like ND is totally trolling us!

Their Game is definitely an IP dealing with Space but I think the savage starlight Portal will soundly change to a different moniker when they announce their Next title... ironically, News of Sony's Nov 14th event just happens to be when ND starts showing up on our radar again... Smoke is in the air. Geoff's been tweeting about ND as well... Seriously I am giddy with what these DEVs are doing!

It would be a dream to work over at ND
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kneon  +   826d ago
That's exactly what I was thinking. They are just trying to throw us off from what they are really working on.
Heisenburger  +   826d ago
That's not at all what irony means. Goddamn look up the definition.

OT: I am so excited to see what Naughty Dog has coming next! The Last of Us is an instant classic. I would be a little disappointed if they announce Uncharted 4. That is unless they announce UC4 alongside a new IP. THAT would be stellar(puns yo).
-Foxtrot  +   826d ago
Yeah it doesn't make sense to have a fake movie franchises then do it as an actual game next. It's a little weird

A game in space fine but Savage I don't think so

I wouldn't mind the Last of Us team working on this but I'd rather have Uncharted 4 see what the PS4 can do first.
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Bruce_Wayne  +   826d ago
So if Naughty Dog's new game is Savage Starlight (which I don't mind at all as it seems rather interesting to say the least), then will Sony still show off or tease another PS4 game at the VGA's? SSM's new game? Media Molecule's?
abzdine  +   826d ago
if you read the comic in TLoU it turns around a woman called Daniella.
is she the new hero of the game?
Enemy  +   826d ago
That response was freaking amazing.
NateCole  +   826d ago
Ok imagine a space bounty/alien relic tech hunter sort of a mix between Han Solo and Indy.

Add Nathan's sense of humor and classic ND epic game set pieces but in space.

It would be absolutely amazing.
Rimeskeem  +   826d ago
what ever the game i am buying it
DeletedAcc  +   826d ago
YES give me savage starlight!!! If any game could beat the last of us for me it would be a space game from ND!
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GarrusVakarian  +   826d ago
Give me your creative sci fi juices, Naughty Dog. Im ready.
reko  +   826d ago
i want i want!
WorldGamer  +   826d ago
Start scouring TLOU for clues son.....
Oblivious334  +   826d ago
She looks so much like Zoe Saldana O_o
bratman  +   826d ago
I have to agree.
Ewan Mcgregor & Zoe Saldana look like them..

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bjmartynhak  +   826d ago
She also looks like Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Naevia from Spartacus)

PixelKnot  +   826d ago
Naughty Dog in space sounds pretty promising.
ELCUCO  +   826d ago
If only the Dawgs weren't so Naughty
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nooneknows  +   826d ago
Rhezin  +   826d ago
Nice. Those comics were done by Michael Avon Oeming. EVERYONE should read The Victories from Dark Horse comics. AWESOME read. Writes and draws the whole thing.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   826d ago
The trolling is REAL, lol. But I'm ready for the 14th (all I need is the console.. Got my copy of Killzone already!) Or the VGAs. Leggo.


But seriously though, I'm pretty glad it's probably going to be a new IP. I'd buy U4 in a heartbeat, but I want something new, not just more sequels (okay, more LBP and GOW). Anyway, two weeks.
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Bruce_Wayne  +   826d ago
I think that they need to release Uncharted 4 first because if they release Savage Starlight first, then we might not see another Uncharted for a long time (unless other team takes over but they might keep going with the TLOU universe).

Either game is fine with be though. Win-win for PS4 fans regardless of which Naughty Dog releases first!
IRetrouk  +   826d ago
I actually hope its a bit more open like jak 2 and 3 were, i would buy a new uncharted or tlou in a heartbeat but would really like to see them make a really open ended game, the space stuff has me excited for two reasons.
One, its naughty dog,
Two, i love sci-fi space stuff, cant get enough of it.
xhi4  +   826d ago
AHHHH STOP IT! All I can imagine is the amazing story telling, gameplay, detail and pure orgasmic/life changing genius and emotion of UC2 + LOU in a sci fi world AHHHHHH THIS IS TOO MUCH TOO HANDLE!

What is ND trying to do? Redefine every genre? Bloody hell.
Bathyj  +   826d ago
God, what if they reinvigorated the FPS and breathed some much needed life into a stale genre. I'm talking heavily story based, character driven and ND quality bench mark graphics to put it up there with the original Halo and Half-Life 2.
LEOPARD1030  +   826d ago
Ewan McGregor (star Wars) and Zone Zaldana (Avatar)will be the protagonists.


The game could be announced at PS4's launch in Nov 15th.

The similarities between Ewan and the main male character are undeniable.
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Xsilver  +   826d ago
i think your on the Money bro good job.
LEOPARD1030  +   826d ago
Soldierone  +   826d ago
If ND goes to space, ill pre order it the second its announced!
ZBlacktt  +   826d ago
Can't we just get Drake back and head off into the next real great adventure in Uncharted 4.
Bruce_Wayne  +   826d ago
I want Drake back really badly also. ): I miss his awesome jokes and epic fails lol. He's one of the few characters in video games that I've never wanted to let go of.
NateCole  +   826d ago
I just have a feeling it will be Uncharted 4 but it will explore ancient aliens theory this time.
infinitewords  +   826d ago
Yeah, looks like it will be. Can you imagine Drake in space, where a Space Station explodes with him being flung around in outer space. It has potential to be epic, it could be the scene that defines the game, like the train scene from Uncharted 2 and the the plane scene for Uncharted 3.
buynit  +   826d ago
I would love a great space game and im loving the Name!
Silly gameAr  +   826d ago
Whatever you guys are doing....bring it!
Crossbones  +   826d ago
Can we at least get one more Uncharted game before you guys make a new ip.
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IRetrouk  +   826d ago
Two teams, uncharted 3 team is probs making uncharted four, tlou team is probably doing the new space ip :-), i think its going to be win win for naughty dog fans.
paulogy  +   826d ago
They might just be straight trolling, but I set them up with that question (@paulg2000 on Reddit) to see what they would do. Both devs (a) answered the question, and (b) did it in a joking manner. So basically...

Zizi  +   826d ago
This Savage Starlight thingy makes me glad. Naughty Dog is so profound to create new IPs; just look at how The Last of Us makes its way to become a cult classic.

Give a teaser already!
Xtremist  +   826d ago
So we now have Three(3) Triple-A (3A) games from ND...
Sounds to me like an indirect confirmation that Half-Life 3 is coming!
iceman1346  +   826d ago
everything ND Touch is gold.!
MegaRay  +   826d ago
"ND is overrated devs" ... says xbots
dragonyght  +   826d ago
dunno if its PS4 launch fever but You guys forgot on key thing tho VGA is next month so is ND next games announcement

just wanted to pointed that out
wannabe gamer  +   825d ago
WTf is saveage starlight? never heard of it in my life

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