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First Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U screenshots, details

The first screenshots and details for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Wii U have emerged, including resolution and more. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Wii U)

Ashunderfire86  +   754d ago
Not even the Wii U can save this shit maker of a franchise.


Not even close to Next Gen, just look at the dog compare to this.

SilentNegotiator  +   754d ago
"Not even the Wii U can save this shit maker of a franchise"

Not even? By what measure would Wii U be more likely to save something that needs no saving?

Besides, other than the lighting, the difference isn't THAT horrible.
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Ashunderfire86  +   754d ago
Not just lighting dude, but the detailed textures on the dog. The dog fur sticks out on Next gen, while the Wii U look like the fur is just a flat texture with no animation to it.
SilentNegotiator  +   754d ago
I'm honestly not seeing it. Aside from the resolution clearly being lower and the lighting being dark room vs golden sunset (at the perfect angle to show off curves and edges), I'm not seeing a massive disparity in the detail on the dog models.
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Ol_G  +   754d ago
the message that it won't be in eshop confirms no dlc again
LOL_WUT  +   753d ago
So sub HD for the Wii U damn and I was looking forward to buying it on this console ;)
Ol_G  +   754d ago
so we're comparing bullshots to screenshots now way to go
Chrischi1988  +   754d ago
I heard these pictures are taken from the Wii U Gamepad, which only has a 480p screen, so it doesnt really show off the Wii U Version.
SilentNegotiator  +   752d ago

No one with working eyes could think that is 480p. That image is far too crisp.
awesomeabe1998  +   753d ago
You guys do know these are pictures of the Gamepad?
GentlemenRUs  +   754d ago
That blur, Eww!


I thought the WiiU was better in hardware then the PS3/X360?
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   754d ago
It the developer fault if they don't develop it well enough or optimize it
Locknuts  +   754d ago
Do you blame the developer for not optimising? Or do you blame the publisher for not giving the developer enough resources? Or do you blame Nintendo for not driving the install base?
AbortMission  +   754d ago
And it's NEVER Nintendo's fault, right Misaka? Lmao
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   754d ago
@Abort Mission

If Nintendo didn't fund or help develop it. It not their fault.
Chrischi1988  +   753d ago

Your comment shows, how much you understand, when it comes to being a console maker and a third party studio. What could Nintendo have done, to make CoD any better? Dont come with this childish "better hardware". It is a known fact, that devs have to get used to new hardware, that they have to find out how to utilize the systems full power and actually make use of it.

Battlefield4 on PS4 runs on 900p, there every Sony fan stated the exact same reason, as I did right now, so in other words, do not BS everything you hear, if you dont understand anything about it.

Nintendo cannot force Activision to make the Game any better, so how is it Nintendos fault? Every dev studio just didnt care for the system and bring half hearted ports, that is the problem and they dont seem to stop. Search the problem on Nintendos system, you can say it is not as powerful as the other next gen consoles, granted, but to think it is just as powerful as a 360 is just a joke and everyone who actually believes that, shows just how much of a console man he is, meaning showing no knowledge of the actual matter.
PopRocks359  +   753d ago

It's ALWAYS Nintendo's fault, right Abort? Lmao
marloc_x  +   754d ago
I am a fan of Robotron and Smash TV and have always enjoyed Zombies very much.
The premise really promotes team combat, I really like to watch points to benefit my teammates strength..
I will really enjoy Extinction! A fresh game mode for this type of carnage will be great.
Graphics wise for myself? Couldn't care less..it is a multiplat that looks cool to me.
BO2 plays fantastic on my WiiU, am confident I will be playing the best version.
Have fun pushing a cursor through the menus Sony Ponies! :)
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neoMAXMLC  +   754d ago
Menus was seriously the best you were able to come up with? I think the lack of DLC support is far more concerning than going through menus the same way we've been doing it since the dawn of gaming.
awesomeabe1998  +   753d ago
These are pics of the gamepad screen.
svoulis  +   754d ago
Was anyone expecting it to look any better? Regardless of Wii U being called next gen it's under powered. I think we should just be happy devs are making multiplatform games for the console. Hardly any came to Wii

Don't get me wrong I don't own a Wii U (anymore) but there is a audience for it mostly say parents and children. It's nice to have options like AC IV AND COD on the platform.
ChickeyCantor  +   754d ago
There is no excuse for it too look worse than a PS3/360 game though.
svoulis  +   754d ago
I agree especially after seeing AC IV look pretty close to ps3/360. But maybe they aren't focusing as much on dev for Wii U as they fear it won't sell well. I don't think Black Ops II sold that well either.
dejanu79  +   754d ago
Nah, i'd expect a lot better than that out of Wii U, this is just a case of devs chasing where the money is at and neglecting everything else. if you consider the achievements of current gen with awesome games like The Last of Us, Assassins Creed series and GTA 5 then consider that Wii U is capable of around twice the raw power of current gen, has a tri core architecture and a customizable CPU & GPGPU you shouldn't be expecting anything less than better results but at this point it's way too early in the consoles lifespan for devs to get the most out of the console let alone care to even try. it took 8 years to achieve GTA 5 on current gen and if you look back to the early days of 360/PS3 that game wouldn't have even been conceivable. I totally agree with you that compared to PS4/XB1 Wii U is underpowered but that's not to say it isn't a capable console or able to pull off some sweet games with great graphics. Upcoming games like Bayonetta 2, X by Monolith and Mariokart 8 all look awesome graphically and most of them are running at 1080p 60fps which is more than can be said for what's on offer on other consoles at this point.

to be honest yours is a very dated and two-dimensional view of this generation, it isn't all about graphics and power, that's for 12 year olds arguing in the playground about who's console is the bestest and who's dad is bigger. truth is if it's about power and gfx then there's only PS4 in that race and even that can barely run transitional cross-gen titles at 1080p it'll be back to 720p later on in its lifespan when they really try to push the hardware. all that counts for nothing really, at the end of the day it's great gaming experiences that matter and that's where Nintendo and Microsoft meet eye to eye, neither companies were aiming for top-end graphics and realize that gunning only for power is an inevitable dead end. more power... then what? more? even more? then when you cant have any-more and we're at broadcast res/photo realism then it comes back down to MAKING GOOD GAMES! something that devs seem to have forgotten how to do (baring a few genius insiders that are keeping the industry going) everyone loves a great looking game but games aren't meant just to stare at, you're meant to play them too. Yup we should be thankful for these games coming to Wii U really? not if they're half baked vanilla ports with literally no optimization for Wii U architecture. wait until they build games from the ground up for Wii U before you judge it, not by the multi-plat crap that's been put out for it so far. Wii U offers something different to what else is out there, for me that's commendable, Nintendo actually dared to do something that is different and offers an innovative more interactive approach to next gen, in my opinion for that reason alone they deserve some respect.
Chrischi1988  +   753d ago
But almost all the CoD games came for the Wii, so it not like it is a new supporter of the system, it is a long time friend of nintendo.
sinjonezp  +   754d ago
Well at least it runs better than the Xbox one version. I'm just kidding. I hope the Wii u gets some love soon. I really want to get one......at......some ....point...../S
PygmelionHunter  +   754d ago
I just hope that deciding which version of Call of Duty to get isn't what's holding you behind the fence on getting a Wii U lol
Yep  +   754d ago
Xbox One is also 720p 60FPS. Interesting.

Just saw the dog. Wow, that's just sad.
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bobacdigital  +   754d ago
There is a difference between 880 by 720 and actual 720 rez which is 1280 by 720 which I'm assuming x1 will be running at

As a wiiu and soon to be ps4 owner it is upsetting they have the Wiiu at the same fake 720 rez as the 360 and ps3
Chrischi1988  +   753d ago
yeah, i expected at least real 720p... I am sure, optimized right, it would even output 1080p, as crytek devs stated, that the new cryengine could run 1080p on Wii U, if they dont render the 480p stream to the gamepad and that with pretty early dev kits, imagine, what could be done in near future, if devs actually took time to optimize for Wii U. The biggest problem right now, is that the dev studios still support the current gen, that is a bad thing for everyone, doesnt matter if Wii U, PS4, Xbox1 or PC, all suffer from it in a way, be it the holdback of graphical possibilities, because of the super old hardware.
Errefus  +   754d ago
At least its coming to the system.
Yep  +   754d ago
Hard to believe this was even optimized well. The game looks worse than Black Ops 2 for Wii U from the look of these screenshots
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zavierkai  +   754d ago
Those are fotos wait for the shit is the engine and the developers not the console. Is the same old engine they just optimized for the new console.
unknownbystander  +   754d ago
This is the result of poor programing/coding for the Wii U. If it can run games like Monolithsoft's X and Bayonetta 2, then there is no reason for it to be like this unless the devs are not giving their all to port this game to Wii U. Just look at Need for Speed Most Wanted. Are we so short minded?
Yep  +   754d ago
Yeah, I'm going to wait for something more official. I mean, I'm not expecting Wii U to mimic PS4, but this looks tlike crap to me and ultimately below what the system is capable of.
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Locknuts  +   754d ago
Wow, I know it's promo shots vs some guy pushing the home button on Wii U but still....

I think I'll get the PC or PS3 version.
worldwidegaming  +   754d ago
Who in the heck gets a wii U to play COD? o_O
Metallox  +   754d ago
If the game is coming to the system it's for something.
eagleblue  +   754d ago
These are camera shots of the GamePad Screen of somebody playing the game.... of course they're going to be blurry.

A real comparison should be done when the game actually comes out. And if the graphics are still bad then its the developers problem not the wii u's.

From actual comparisons I have seen on the net and actual in game screen shots I've seen posted on the Wii u Miiverse (playing my Wii u) Ubisoft did a great job of optimizing AC4 for the U.

Contrary to some who have said, on this board, that the Wii u version of AC4 is barely on par with the 360 and ps3 are wrong... its looks better. The textures are higher res and everything looks more detailed and saturated.
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I hope it utilizes the Wii U gamepad
donman1  +   754d ago
It is from the WiiU gamepad. For them not to say that... they are clearly trolling the WiiU version of the game.
GNTechTV  +   753d ago
Too everyone this is a deliberate attempt by activision too make the wii u look like a last gen system i did a interview with hiphopgamer this week and he said that third partys have been intentionally been holding the wii u back in terms of performance and visuals to keep the system in line with last gen i already new it before he said it but the fact its now coming from someone who has access too these third partys makes it noteworthy ppl we can not stand for this third partys being the goon squad for sony and microsoft its time too fight back i say if you have a pc only buy it on pc sony and microsoft need to be taught a lesson that you cant use third partys as a way to push nintendo out of the market

Related video
deafdani  +   753d ago
You're aware that if you buy it for PC, Microsoft still gets your money... right?
bobacdigital  +   752d ago
I think once they scale back support for the 360 and ps3 developers will eventually pick up for the Wii U... Right now they are just making a decision to not do a good job on the Wii U because it takes time and money .. and since they know the Wii U version isnt going to sell it makes no point to focus on it and divert resources away from their money making platforms.

Nintendo needs to do a damn good job between now and then to push units out the door and create a bigger install base for third parties... Because it is getting to the point of no return ..

Xmas better be fruitful and hopefully they can continue the momentum into 2014 with the big hitters.
triforce79  +   753d ago
Wait for actual screens taken with HOME button on wiiu they are as official as it gets and going off AC4 basically matching ps4 I'm sure COD will look amazing....i have the game on monday I'll post screens on miiverse....
luisloco  +   753d ago
really that many people do not know what it says the pictures that come to ps4 and xbox one as you know if the new consoles and pc not they have their consoles so much talk and gross because there

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