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NBA LIVE 14: Signature Styles and Controls

EA:Over the past few weeks you’ve learned all about dribbling, bounceTek and how to control the handle in NBA LIVE 14. Today we’re going to show you how to put it all together and become a dominant offensive force, capable of stringing together sick moves that will keep your defender on his heels. (NBA Live 14, PS4, Xbox One)

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badboy776  +   577d ago
Live 14 has been using Xbox One Gameplay for all there recent trailers. This explains everything.
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miklo84  +   577d ago
Wasn't looking too bad until they showed DRose
reko  +   577d ago
this is it? wtf?
NYC_Gamer  +   577d ago
I can't stand EA animations and player models
MadMax  +   577d ago
Youre insane!!!
JetsFool3500  +   577d ago
Uh Oh live got sumthing up their sleeves if only they could fix the player models
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   577d ago
Give it up jets...u sound and lookcrazy right now.
DunDee910  +   577d ago
I don't understand why people have so many negative things to say about Live. Its looking more FUN than 2K to me. I guess it's because I came up gaming during the NBA Jams arcade days.
nevin1  +   577d ago
This looks like it won't work well. It also looks like EA's freestyle controls from years back.
iceman06  +   577d ago
The system seems very familiar...at least from what they showed. Wasn't that the system that Mike Wang, the former 2K...gone back to 2K dev, put into the game?
sovietsoldier  +   577d ago
show me all you want i'm getting 2k's basketball.
JetsFool3500  +   577d ago
Then Why bother clicking an nba live article?
sovietsoldier  +   576d ago
sounded interesting, plus remind my self i made the right choice not buying nba live.
iceman06  +   577d ago
Okay...so the dribbling looks good...we get it. Now, show us how this all comes together in a real game. I want to see the passing, defense, and the post game before I can even begin to consider this game. Graphics aside, this could be a good game...but it's still WAY too early to tell with what they have released. With only a couple of weeks to go, looks like it will be 2K for this year...maybe give Live a look next year.
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JetsFool3500  +   577d ago
Defense & post game is what they need to show lives passing has always been spot on
iceman06  +   577d ago
Well...to be honest...I can't trust that they will get too much right after the debacle that has been their attempts to release a stable game at all. I know what you are saying, but trusting that is a bit far fetched for me at this point.
strigoi814  +   577d ago
from the thumbnail pic i read flick differently

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