TeamXbox: NBA Ballers: Chosen One Review

BALL•ers (noun, plural)

1. Those who show a proficiency at and are successful in the sport of basketball.

2. Midway's series of street basketball games, the latest of which shows neither a proficiency at nor success in the sport of basketball.

It's been roughly four years since Midway first introduced gamers to NBA Ballers, a game of street ball meant to strip away rules and regulations, leaving fans with a fun, over-the-top arcade experience. The original game was a slam dunk with gamers and led to the inevitable sequel, NBA Ballers: Phenom. While Phenom failed to live up to the original, it was still a decent enough experience. Now the series makes its way to the current generation of consoles in NBA Ballers: Chosen One, with some new graphics, some new gameplay and, unfortunately for fans, the same drop in quality from the previous games.

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