Battlefield 4 “Second Assault” expansion first look, Levolution revealed in BF3 maps

Battlefield 4 “Second Assault” expansion first look, Levolution revealed in BF3 maps

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SOD_Delta1662d ago

Looks good. Is this DLC going to be released before China Rising on PS4? I know it's on Xbox One at launch.

Idba1662d ago

Yep. This DLC should be free or replace china rising as pre-order bonus

SOD_Delta1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

So the first two DLC maps are releasing within a month of the games release (PS4/X1)? Seems a bit fast.

@Lord Maim I'm sure DICE will sort that out before it releases.

1nsomniac1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Do you know what China Rising includes, because I've just ordered BF4 on PS4 & have no idea what it includes...

1nsomniac1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Come on now, even the most pretentious of fanboys knows that whole article was silly fake flamebait for the kids to fight over!

..I would save your energy for something a little more worth while.

LordMaim1661d ago

It wasn't fake. I watched EA's livestreamed event and saw it with my own eyes. The reasons for the texture issues were apparently known, but it still had horrible pop-in and frame rate issues. Forget about console loyalty, trust your eyes.

Caleb_H1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Remind me again, why did they bring back Oman and firestorm? Would have loved to seen damavand peak or kharg.

Idba1662d ago

i dunno. I wish they would have brought Noshahr instead.

mrmarx1662d ago

better have metro and grand bazaar

SOD_Delta1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I like Oman but Firestorm was eh. I'd switch Firestorm for Damavand Peak.

Omegasyde1662d ago

Peak was good if the whole map was open like Rush. I didn't like it on console because of the chokepoints i.e:

Sit in a server walkway and snipe down the hall. If you went through the wide tunnels, you were likely to get dominated by a tank or 2.

jmc88881662d ago

This is probably what they envisioned with BF3.

But they were having problems with it, so they toned it down. It also had to do with how in 2011, BF3 murdered videocards.

Hell it was the main reason I upgraded from an ATI 5850 to GTX 670.

TacticAce1662d ago

OMAN has alot of history with the series and was one of the most played maps of bf2

titletownrelo1662d ago

Damavad was WAY to linear and kharg wasn't as popular as the other maps. Plus maybe they chose maps according to what they though would be cool in Levolution?

Loving the giant dust-storm in Oman!

LAWSON721662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Kharg Island was my favorite map in BF3 wish they included that.

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malakar1662d ago

Expansion? Is BF4 even out yet?

bleedsoe9mm1662d ago

isn't it great ! get to pay $110 for the full game , when it should have been included in the $60 box

Omegasyde1662d ago

You get 10 large maps (well 9 + 1 medium map).


5 hour campaign = 10$
Each map = 5$ X 10

Premium 50$

Each map = 5$ X 20 maps (assuming each pack has 4 maps) = 100$

I do hate when the release DLC early as well, but besides Socom 2 and combined assualt, I can't remember the last game to release 10 large maps at launch except maybe counter strike (which the maps were small).

TekoIie1662d ago


Its not even a 5 hour campaign. I died about 5-10 times and completed it in just under 4 hours on normal.

Goro1662d ago

This isn't even the first expansion.

Goro1662d ago

No it's not, China Rising is the first expansion due for release on December 3rd

KwietStorm1662d ago

Yes, and Second Assault comes out before that, at least on Xbox One.

SIRHC131662d ago

I wish they just fixed this game on PC already. Practically unplayable with the constant crashing.

KimoNoir1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

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HappyWithOneBubble1662d ago

I usually play assault. It's a good feeling to revive a team mate.

KimoNoir1662d ago

Assault is good. I prefer it over all but all classes are important.

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