Guardian Game Review: Wii Fit

Guardian writes: "Not content with making us smarter, Nintendo is now aiming for our collective wobbly bits. Wii Fit is a nifty fitness board - about the size of a large pair of scales - that connects wirelessly to your Wii console. Step on and the game tells you your weight, body mass index (BMI) and, after a couple of balance tests, your Wii Fit "age". And then the fun really starts. Players can choose from muscle, cardio, balance and yoga events. Think press-ups, lunges and warrior poses. An on-screen instructor helps out and the whole thing feels welcoming. There are games, too. Hula Hoop is easy to play and perfect for parties. Ski-jump - bend knees, lift heels - is more imprecise but amusing enough. The tightrope balance test is also rather addictive. The jogging, which takes place off the mat and has you sticking the Wiimote in your pocket, is a little gimmicky."

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