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Five Franchises Sony Should Bring Back As Downloadable Games

Game Informer: As times and tastes change, some franchises fall out of favor – or become too niche to be economically feasible. Thankfully, digital distribution has given new life to games and genres that just wouldn't make sense at a $60 price. With Sony placing a big emphasis on both digital distribution and niche indie games on PlayStation 4, I think it's time the publisher went through its own back catalog and revive some lost classics as smaller scale downloadable games. (Kinetica, PaRappa the Rapper, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Tomba!, War of the Monsters)

Goro  +   333d ago
I'm still hoping for Shenmue 1 & 2 to be ported to the PlayStation Store.
JoSneak  +   332d ago
I'm still hoping for Sony to buy the Crash Bandicoot rights back from Activision and reboot the franchise!!!!
TheGrimReaper0011  +   332d ago
That would be the day i would just cry from happyness.
That and Spyro (like the old ones, not that legend shit)
iceman06  +   332d ago
I'd play Kinetica in a heartbeat. I loved that game. There are so many golden era franchises that could be dug up for purchase...Sony...make it so!!!
stevehyphen  +   332d ago
In the rain or in the snow,
I got the funky flow,
But now, I really gotta go

I got that game for Christmas in grade 7.

I'd love to see the outtakes for that level after everyone got rap battled out of using the washroom.
kingPoS  +   332d ago
I don't get it? Umi Jammer's on psn but not Parapper.

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