Recent Metal Gear Solid V images are in game next gen screens

The realistic looking environment Metal Gear Solid V screenshots released a few days ago, are indeed images from the next generation version of the game.

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abzdine1503d ago

they're so full of shit, i really dont hope people are stupid to believe this.

check the ground on these two pictures

PixelNinja1503d ago

The 4gamer link is a 403 forbidden link.

superbhoy1503d ago

They are real but Kojima said once snake is actually on screen they wont be able to keep it this good

TheROsingleB1503d ago

Correction - Kojima stated “In the screenshot taken from FOX engine that we recently released, u can see the reality comes in when we take Snake out. That’s my headache.”

“In fact we’re aiming photo-realistic graphic quality in MGSV but once Snake comes in that frame, such reality get lost.”

That's not to say the detail itself will degrade, but Snake brings it back to "video game reality" - I take it more that he stands out/is more of a distraction visually. Just my opinion though, who knows what he actually means, it's Kojima we're talking about here.

PoSTedUP1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

i dont think thats what he meant, if im not mistaken. it sounds like he said that they cant get snake to match this level of reality, which is what he isnt happy with, and is an issue wide-spread in the industry. mgs4 back in '08 was amazing looking with a good amount of great textures, i wouldnt be suprised if the game does look this good, we know by now what kojima and konami put into mgs series and this is 6-8 years later on next gen hardware.

edit:r @theROsingleB- exactly. you beat me to it by the lag on my vitas browser and slow chat pad. but that is infact what he meant.

Qrphe1503d ago

That's not what he said at all. He can't himself make real-life human models unlike his environments.

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svoulis1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

um that is in fact a game, you can see AA on the fence, and you can see the shadows are off in some areas.

Areas like...the barb wire not having a shadow.
The bushes are clearly in game.

They do look fantastic though I CANT WAIT

^EDIT: took all these pics from the site that had the forbidden link..Enjoy <3 Yes all screen shots of Fox Engine.

ANIALATOR1361503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I reckon that pic with snake in is where the game was only just ported to PS4 so it was essentially the current gen version running on PS4 but these new pics are updated where they have upgraded assets

THamm1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I see this already on one other game, more of the sense of NBA 2K14 photorealistic player scans compared to the drawn scans of the created players who didn't/couldn't get the same treatment. Beautiful nonetheless and MGSV looks to be a title that'll last a good 5-8 years before the next verion

THamm1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


what game is that?
edit /nm Crysis

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SaveFerris1503d ago

Are these Xbox One, PS4 or hi-spec PC screenshots?

Nyxus1503d ago

So far the game has been announced for Xbox One and PS4 (when it comes to next gen).

SolidGear31503d ago

I thought I heard these are from PS4 or a PC running on PS4 specs

IHassounah1503d ago

I actually heard they took the footage of both the Xbox One and the PS4

KillerPwned1503d ago

Ok I get it that its gonna look gorgeous on next gen consoles but what about PC!? I can't wait to see it maxed out.