Interview: Bethesda Talks Fallout 3

In July 2004, Fallout was resurrected, after Bethesda announced that it had licensed all rights to the series from Interplay. Any prospect of seeing the so-called Van Buren code that powered Black Isle's first attempt at the sequel seeing light was nixed.

"The thought of doing anything with Van Buren was never even considered. We're not going to pick up something someone else started and try to make something out of it. We got it because we wanted to make Fallout 3 and so we're going to start from what we know and what we do," says Hines.

"We were going to make the game we wanted to make," he says. Kikizo's first few minutes with the game leave them in no doubt of that.

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kingme713886d ago

>Fallout 3 is on track for release on PC and Xbox 360 this autumn.

Is that a misprint or is the PS3 coming out later?

WIIIS13886d ago

360 is the lead platform, so I won't be surprised if PS3 version is released much later.

jinn3886d ago

im still unsure about this