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Xbox One, The Power Of The Cloud, And Global Failure

Dylan Z writes - Is it time to hit the fallout shelters, or am I completely wrong? An emotional response to the recent Windows-Azure outage. (Xbox One)

TechMech2  +   334d ago
I think Xbox one is still partially online only. What if some single player Xbox one games require cloud?
FlameHawk  +   334d ago
That's why multiplayer-only games will have the "power of the cloud".
TechMech2  +   334d ago
Oh. Ok. Thanks.
JokesOnYou  +   334d ago
"But what happens when the cloud fails? Like just about everything in this world, it’s an inevitable occurrence"

-uhm life as we know it will still go on. lol is he serious?...ahh the internet is great.

-Beside reading further its clear he doesn't really understand what he's talking about, I'm far from an expert but whatever the cloud does in sp side of games, is IN ADDITION TO the normal way the game works, for example the AI may be improved or adaptable while online, when offline you are playing with the last downloaded static AI, its not a separate AI that only works if you have a constant internet connection.
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GameNameFame  +   334d ago
Over emphasis on Cloud... We now know that it does not impact much beside as dedicated servers.

Otherwise, we would have seen it used on MS exclusives. Only one we have is so called "Drivatars" which just means you download new AI profile and your Xbox still does full work of running AI.

This has been done on MMO for a decade.
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SilentGuard  +   334d ago
What is to stop any single player game from using the cloud to offload some required proccessing? If MS is touting the cloud as something that can make the console 3x more powerful it can be applied to single player just as easily as multiplayer. http://www.oxm.co.uk/54748/...
If the Xbone is weaker than PS4 and the cloud is needed to keep games on par you will see more and more games in the years to come become dependant on a connection to the cloud for the game to function, single player or otherwise. The Xbone will inevitably become an online required console.
GameNameFame  +   334d ago

Theoretically it is not very useful.

There are few things you can off load, but the penalty is worse than your gain. Like Your lighting does not match your character.

Cloud could be infinitely more powerful. It still wont help your Xbox.

cellfluid   334d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
RealGamerspeaks  +   334d ago
so tired of all the MS hate in this dum site..... really....
IRetrouk  +   334d ago
I know how you feel, atleast now you know what it was like for ps3 fans on this site in 06/07.
BabyTownFrolics  +   334d ago
That was over 6 years ago

Are we ever going to get past that or is that going to always excuse the folks behavior? If, and this is a big if, the tables were to turn once again would xbox fanboys be excused just because of the way sony fanboys can currently mock and be disrespectful with impunity? It's a waste of time and does nothing to further our community.
IRetrouk  +   334d ago
I was just pointing out that it happens to other companys too, it swings in roundabouts :-)
Hicken  +   334d ago
It STARTED over six years ago, and continues to this day.

Just so happens that, now, there's more "hate" on MS than Sony.
BabyTownFrolics  +   334d ago

What started 6 years ago? A holes have always been a holes, the press have always gone for sensationalism over substance, aren't we smart enough to wade through the bs and not revel in instigation and personal preference and opinion trumping respect and reason. When will we get past this is the question I'm asking, when will enough be enough?

At this point it seems that people come here for this tit for tat bs more than gaming itself.
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Hicken  +   334d ago
"I know how you feel, atleast now you know what it was like for ps3 fans on this site in 06/07."

"That was over 6 years ago"

That's what I was referring to. What the hell else would I be talking about? The PS vs XB thing is very new, only now entering its second generation. It wasn't like this during the 6th generation. Ergo, what's being talked about STARTED then, and STILL goes on.

People still look for any and every reason to bash the PS3, Vita, and PS4, whether reasonable or not. As far as cutting through all the bull, of course it happens. But I don't know why you expect any majority to do so. Most people will take part. Many of them will be trying to curtail it, to dispel some of the lies, so people new to it all don't fall for the BS.

But it's nothing unique to gaming, to be honest. Nor is it inherently all that bad. When taken to extremes, it means there's no such thing as a civil conversation, but being a diehard fan isn't necessarily a negative.

Because when people like you wade through the BS, they leave it all behind. The BS goes nowhere unless it's dealt with. Are you dealing with it? Are you trying to put down the baseless rumors and lies spread as fact? If you do, then one side or the other or both will see you as part of it all; if you don't, then you're not helping it go away in the slightest.

Me? I'll stand here in the BS and point people in the right direction, as best I can. I don't mind being a little dirty.
harrisk954  +   334d ago
It's not just "this dum site" (nice spelling, btw)... it is the internet as a whole. It just so happens that there is a lot more negative news out there about the XB1 than there is about the PS4. Go back a generation and I think you would have seen the opposite was true. The PS3 is doomed articles were commonplace. But, honestly, MS has brought this on themselves in many ways and once the media smells blood in the water... well, you know how that goes. Plus, MS continues to make PR gaffs every other day. Frankly, it is getting a little embarrassing. It really could be much worse for MS but many media outlets are going out of their way to have a "fair and balanced" approach to the PS4/XB1 launches and are not pounding on MS as hard as they likely could. Certainly not as hard as Sony and the PS3 have been pounded on for almost this entire generation.
stuna1  +   334d ago
Yep! Every PS3/Sony article, you had someone queuing in the "JAWS" music.
dmitrijs88  +   334d ago
they get what they deserve
oscarcat59  +   334d ago
Their kids what do you expect lmao
captain_slow82  +   334d ago
out of everyone i know (here in the uk) im the only one thats got fiber internet 40/10 download an upload

and even i question how well that would play into MS so called cloud gaming....

this is from MS

"For an optimal experience, we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps"

yeah that sort of connection can do all the cloud gaming MS?

all MS do is chat crap and if the fangirls carnt see that christ good luck in the real world lol
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1nsomniac  +   334d ago
I just really wish they would cut their loses & quit with the "Ground breaking Cloud" claims.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of IT\Networking\Cloud technology knows the 'Cloud' has been around for a very long time now & they know the truth & have spoken openly about it several times. I'm not sure that anyone believes it anymore yet it keeps getting built up hype.

Anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge on the subject KNOWS the limitations when you're talking about streaming this kind of content!

Is it going to help with matchmaking, yes very much so. Is it going to help visually or gameplay, no don't be stupid. It's physically & mathematically impossible, that's what's so ridiculous. At least Microsoft is starting to catch on that were not all that stupid. You can see now that they're talking less & less about the physical improvements it will have on games & suddenly started focusing more on the background multiplayer tasks as matchmaking.

If you're expecting improved graphics from the cloud then unfortunately you know absolutely nothing about the cloud & need to do some homework.
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Hercules189  +   334d ago
So I guess that invidia has lied when they made their cloud tech demo
1nsomniac  +   334d ago
Your point being that you can add a none latency light source to a low resolution low geometry quality image!? - although besides their claims technically its actually not truly latency free.

Although a light source is the most dramatic effect the cloud could be used for, again the cloud is not going to increase any resolution issues or add any real physical objects in the game world. Not only is this fact, it should also hit people with even very little knowledge as common sense!

Including the fact that if you plan to add anything in-game like light sources for example you would have to in majority of cases develop at least 2 separate versions of the very same game which inturn creates a problem with longer development time for our already lazy developers.
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Nicaragua  +   334d ago
It was a proof of concept done over a network, not a real time tech demo.

So no they didn't lie - you just misunderstood.
dmitrijs88  +   334d ago
nvidia has nothing to do with azure
jmc8888  +   334d ago
I remember debating people about certain downsides that can happen and people assured me that the cloud could never go down. That it was impossible.

I always refuted this, saying that was a fallacy.

Chalk another one up to common sense.
1nsomniac  +   334d ago
& thank god there is still people in the world with common sense.

I salute you sir! have a bubble.
smoothop  +   334d ago
I think a lot of people are really underestimating MS, they are not stupid in the slightest and it won't be long before people eat their words.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   334d ago
I agree, we heard the same stuff last gen, Xbox 360 will fail the second PS3 launches, or the moment MGS4 hits the shelves, Microsoft has no idea how to make a decent gaming platform and should gtfo of gaming. Now its the cloud that most will be wrong about, the cloud is incredibly misunderstood, and one of the reasons is because its not just one thing, it is several things with many capabilities. 1nsomniac says people don't understand the cloud, then goes on to say how unimpressive it is, the cloud is a lot of things but unimpressive is not one of them. It is far more capable than most tech companies understand let alone idiots on N4G. Its not really even about the cloud, but rather what a company like Microsoft can do with it, and they have proven to be incredibly capable on that front.
captain_slow82  +   334d ago
you my fellow gamer are making yourself look stupid

just drop it even MS have lol
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BattleTorn  +   334d ago
Let me first say, I have no expectations of what the cloud can do - zero.

I think people forget that this is simply now new tech works.

The first, commonly very hyped, applications fail - and set the track record for failing to live up to expectations.

That's always how it is - until someone uses it in a ground breaking way, and then others follow suit.

Almost every - if not every - application of "cloud" technology has been relatively unimpressive, to completely unproven, wasted hype. And the perception of cloud tech will remain this way - until someone blows us out of the water, of course.
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captain_slow82  +   334d ago
its MS that have underestimated sony an thats where they have gone wrong and MS know it all the 180s anyone?

now there caught off guard there shitting there pants talking shit saying the powers of this an that lol there like scared school girls

and now i see why sony came out with this
http://www.youtube.com/watc... :D

competition is great :D
Hicken  +   334d ago
On the subject of the cloud? It'll be a decade before anybody's eating words, and even then, they won't have to, because that'll prove what everybody with any lick of common sense who isn't blinded into oblivion by Microsoft is saying now: what Microsoft has claimed they can do with the cloud simply is not possible right now.

Well, because it's Microsoft saying what they can do now, and it'll take at least ten years, maybe they'll eat their words. Maybe you'll eat yours.

I seriously doubt it, though. More likely, you'll try to twist and deflect and redirect your way out of being wrong, all the while making yourself look further and further from right.

Good luck.
buynit  +   334d ago
Omg! Is it too hard to just hope ms the best of luck and that they crack the code for cloud? Its only going to be a great thing for games, and you kids make it out like its going to ruin gaming..

My god! Do you ever get tired of being such a damn tunnel vision fan boy?!
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maniacmayhem  +   332d ago

We should all take Hicken's advice.

"what Microsoft has claimed they can do with the cloud simply is not possible right now."

Surly a former Gamestop employee knows more about the cloud and how MS plans to use it more than MS does right?

His whole agenda is not to like any games but to spread hate and venom on this forum. It is really sad because he often claims he's a gamer and yet I have no idea what game he's actually excited for because he spends most of his time attacking people on this site.
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SaveFerris  +   334d ago
If Microsoft has 'The Power of the Cloud', why doesn't it rain in Forza 5?
Dlacy13g  +   334d ago
And what about games like: DC Universe, Warthunder, Planetside 2 and Warface? All the free 2 play games that are supposed to expand the PS4 library all require an internet connection. This is the future kids, don't fool yourself...the consoles are designed with the idea that you are connected when you play.
cyhm3112  +   334d ago
Seriously, what do you guys think xbone nad PS4 can sell? Just for fun :)

my guesstimate:

PS4 xo

PS4 xo

PS4 xo

The rest of the world
PS4 xo

It will be a disaster.
flunkers  +   334d ago
oscarcat59  +   334d ago
Pocket change for Ms. The disaster will be if ps4 fails. Bye bye Sony lol

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