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Call of Duty Ghosts Leaked Images

Surprise, surprise. Another AAA titles has been leaked. As always, a few days before launch, one of the biggest games of the year gets an early-than-expected release. Someone, somewhere got an early copy and took a couple of snapshots for proof – and a little envy. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Xbox 360)

AgentFlex  +   667d ago
Still prefer bf3
IRON883  +   667d ago
Isn't is mw3?
RamsesNum1  +   667d ago
Can't say I'm surprised either. This always happens.
xHoii  +   667d ago
Yeap it does, a shop close to me started selling it today.. for 65 pounds.
I managed to get it off them for 50 pounds..
No4Love  +   667d ago
Looks really good
No4Love  +   667d ago
gonna buy it for sure !
brettyd  +   667d ago
Gettin that fo sho
Stick89  +   667d ago
Leaked? But I bought it like 3 times already in the past few years.
Software_Lover  +   667d ago
pandehz  +   667d ago
Hmm I know someone who has a Sunstech tv.

calling the cops rofl
Relientk77  +   667d ago
Ugh I wanna play on Stonehaven NOW! Castles are boss
AgentFlex  +   667d ago
I just want Titanfall to come out already and put Infinity Ward/Activision in it's place. Zampella going to rock this franchise
MethCupcakes  +   667d ago
Ahahaha! Tell me another joke
jackdaddy  +   667d ago
Wow it looks so familiar, I wonder if it plays familiar.
Of course it does, it's CoD. Yawn........
H0TSHELLZ  +   667d ago
Same as Halo, Gears, BF, Uncharted, KZ, MoH and Anything else you want. Your Point means NOTHING
jackdaddy  +   666d ago
As opposed to erm.. yours yeah?
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