PS4 vs Xbox One graphics: what are the differences and do they matter?

TechRadar:"On balance, Xbox One games won't look quite as good as PS4 games. However the difference is not going to be complete earth shattering. It will be relatively subtle. The PS4 will look that little bit sharper.
In that sense, you probably know who you are already. If you're a sucker for super-detailed graphics, there can be only one choice. PS4. For everyone else, it's a more marginal decision. But make no mistake. Whatever advatnage PS4 has at launch, it will largely maintain for the life of both consoles."

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ZBlacktt1630d ago

Asking people to pay $100 more and be sub-par in power and graphics from the start is not a good way to start I'd say. The X1 should have already been dropped to $399. Just to be fair and the same cost as the PS4.

Angels37851630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Its funny how the article starts off immediately putting the xbox one at a disadvantage....not even on a level playing field..

"So how much better will ps4 games look?"

Everyone knows by now its the weaker system.

ZBlacktt1630d ago

I would just like to know why MS thinks the $500 X1 price tag is justified.

darthv721630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

There will always be the comparisons of platforms when it comes to similar games or the same game. I didnt buy the Ps2 and the xbox and the gamecube because of the similarities of the games compared. i bought them because of the differences.

I have been gaming for years and I still buy the consoles because of their differences. Many can be satisfied with buying one but to me i would rather play the field and experience the games that set each platform apart from the next.

there will be games and experiences that you just cant play any other way. It isnt about the graphics for me....its about the fun and all gaming platforms since the 2600 have strived to provide that key element and i have yet to be disappointed.

Angels37851630d ago

Because it a good mark up fpr its shareholders

mcstorm1630d ago

darthv72 your spot on. We always have a console that has more power than another and one that is the weakest of them all but this has never been my reason for buying any console its all been about games for me.

I picked an Xbox up for jsrf and halo, a ps2 for mgs2 and a gamecube up for Mario kart.

At this moment in time I own a wiiu and have numerous games on pre order as well as already have pikmin 3 sonic lost worlds, matiou, windwaker and a few more.

Where it has come to pre Ordering a ps4 or Xbox one I went for the Xbox one over the ps4 as I want Forza 5 and ki over any other games on the ps4 and one. For me its that simple and for people who go on about a game looking better on one console or another you really will not notice the difference unless you play them side by side and for me games like bf3, cod etc are not games getting me excited about the one or ps4 and not the reason I'm moving into the next gen?

ZBlacktt1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Darth, that's because we come long before the Internet age. We all bought different consoles on purpose when we were young. So that we could go over to friends houses and play something new/different. That's how we ended up wit the Intellivision. While my friends had the 2600 and Colecovision. I talk a lot of Sony on here. But I have like 14 consoles which include all the current ones. I've just been on the Sony console since the very start so I lean that way 9 times out of 10.

@ AngelicIceDiamond below, no one is saying either is right or wrong. Try not to take the sides approach and more like what's fair to the gamers. Back in 2006 who had blu-ray drives? A cell processor chip in a console? Sony took a huge chance to bring something brand new to the market. They took a huge loss on every single console they sold for the first what 2, 3 years and then some. But look how it paid off. The Blu-ray wins the format war. All the PS3 games come on one disc even GOTY editions. Games like MGS4 are born and with the Cell chip. The console goes on to preform remarkable tasks out in the real world not game related. Here, take a look at just some of the accomplishments you might not be aware of that the PS3 as done.


Again, Sony gave us something the world was not ready for. But look at the power levels it could perform. This is not the case with the X1. It cost more, yet is less powerful and cost more.

Playstationologist1630d ago

What's funny is that every single disadvantage and negative about xbone was purposefully designed or caused by Microsoft.

Destrania1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Yes, Wii and WiiU have always been much weaker hardware in comparison, but they also cost a lot less and pretty much target a completely different audience. More hardcore gamers I think care more about power/technically advanced hardware while also caring about having incredible games. That's something I love about Sony is they push in all directions. Unmatched visuals/cinematic quality in their titles as well as fantastic story, gameplay, A.I., etc. I've had more fun playing on my Playstations over the years than any other platform by a long shot. Imo, Sony has the most unique, varied, and exciting games library as well.

kickerz1630d ago

It's been a bad week for Microsoft. I'm yet to read one positive article (-_-)

P0werVR1630d ago


Sub par in your view. IMO I believe the price is justified for what it offers. So it's more of a personal opinion and not a stated fact.

If your not buying it, you shouldn't be worried. I don't believe it was justifiable when the PS3 came out around $600.

Gorilla_Killa_X1630d ago

Just replying so I can come back and check out all those ps3 accomplishments 1.1.5 at a later date.

Insomnia_841630d ago

It mattered to all Xbox followers when it came to multiplatform games on 360/PS3.

Why wouldn't it matter now????

Death1630d ago

It mattered to all Xbox followers?

First off, the Xbox 360 wasn't in "TrueHD" like the super computer PS3. If games were better on the Xbox 360, what does that say for the console that was supposed to crush it on release? You didn't see the Xbox fans bragging about the 360, it was always the other way around. Fast forward to today. PS fans still beating the drum. Where are the Xbox fans that call PS4 fans stupid for buying another Playstation? Hard to find, aren't they? It is always the Playstation with it's incredibly over promised power that takes the charge.

The Cell combined with Blu-ray was going to make the PS3 "TrueHD" 1080p before it released. Didn't happen. Now it is the PS4's turn at over promising and under-delivering. All PS4 games are 1080p natively and Xbox One are all 720p, right? Neither console has launched yet and the "war" is already over.

People are quick to excuse the PS4 launch games that are "subHD" since it's a new system and will get better with time. Somehow the same rule doesn't apply on the XboxOne with it's more complex architecture. History shows otherwise. The PS3 got better with age since it took longer to figure out. The PS4 will max out faster than the XboxOne. Who is really fooling themselves into thinking the easier to develop for console will get better longer?

What happened to the marathon? Suddenly when the Playstation sprints faster the race is over?

mewhy321630d ago

Very well written article. Pointed out what ive been saying for weeks and weeks.

AndrewLB1630d ago

Zblacktt- Go check out and search for symbol SND. Sony today just got smacked with not only a $2 billion loss in corporate value due to being below earnings estimates and to slap them down even more, they were downgraded.

Considering those facts, I really don't see why people make the illogical assumption that SONY is doing things right, thus everyone else is doing it wrong.

If that were the case, Sony wouldn't be in the bad financial shape they're in.

Kaneda1630d ago


I am still waiting for 128fps and 4D games... like the told everyone when they announced PS3.

CuddlyREDRUM1630d ago

You are implying, and got credit for?, saying the PS4 is weaker?

Links or just fanboy logic?

No biggie to me, I hate all corporations.

AsimLeonheart1630d ago


No company can do every thing right. Just like MS failed with Bing, ultrabooks, original Xbox and Zune; Nintendo failed with Virtualboy, and maybe the Wii U; Nokia failed with N-gage. Innovation and technological advancements has its risks. The difference is that MS always has MsOffice and Windows to fall back to whenever it fails in a new venture. Sony does not have that kind of monopolistic control over market so it has to take the hit for the costly and failed ventures. Sony also had many successful ventures like Sony Walkman, Trinitron, Playstation consoles, Bravia TVs and many blockbuster movies. The current financial loss is because of the failing electronics division and not gaming. It is all part of business. You win some, you lose some.

FamilyGuy1630d ago

The biggest issue is the power it's the price. Paying more for less doesn't sit well with people and that's just all there is to it.
MS refuses to sell an X1 without Kinect so that's a hurdle they placed themselves that's getting in the way.

Despite the past indiscretions the X1 would have many fans still in their corner if they weren't forcing kinect down their throats. A kinect-less X1 at a price of $350-$400 would be appealing to many 360 owners.

Boody-Bandit1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

The graphical differences is just sprinkles on the ice cream.

Initial ludicrous restrictions with the XBOX ONE put me in the no category right out of the gate. Than we find out it's less powerful than the PS4, won't be compatible with existing 360 peripherals (requiring added cost for headphones, FFB wheels, Fight Sticks, etc) and on top of that it is going to cost $100 more. That was the deal breaker for me.

This is the 1st generation I am passing on 2 out of 3 at launch. The only console I am picking up (for now) is the PS4. I doubt I will ever own a Wii U because I have simply out grew Nintendo. Their franchise titles are great but stagnant for me.

I am taken a wait and see approach with the XBOX ONE and right now it's not looking good that I will ever get on board. They are money whores. There is no other way to put it. They want paid for everything that runs on their hardware, nearly every service they provide on their hardware and nearly every thing you plug into their hardware with it being totally reliant on proprietary (certifications and license fees).

With the PS4 most usb FFB wheels (Logitech G25, G27, Thrustmaster T500, etc) will work on their hardware. Now list are being compiled of various PC gaming headphones will work on the PS4 and they will expand that list with updates. It appears that the PS4 will be even more compatible with USB and Blutooth tech. Sony isn't trying to milk me for every last cent.

You up and left us with the XBOX. The 360 had the worst hardware failure rate in gaming history. Than you turned your back on your consumer base to chase after the casuals with Kinect. Now this is the direction you're choosing with the XBOX ONE? I don't think so.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. I wont be burned again. CIAO MS it's been..... well, nothing but a headache and a huge waste of money.

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Zancruz1630d ago

Agreed... Once Microsoft 180ed Kinect always had to be connected to the X1, Microsoft should've removed it from the box or sucked up the $100 loss and made the X1 $399 too.

P0werVR1630d ago

Than that would be a terrible business decision. The Kinect is far superior in what is offered compared to PS4's camera. So I would understand why Sony would shelve it to make PS4 cheaper. Kinect is an integral part of the system, not just for gaming but for ease of use. A lot of thought went into it and when prove it's worth once people start using it.

Zancruz1630d ago

@P0werVR The terrible busniness decision is taking away your consumers choice... Main reason why Microsoft 180ed the always connected kinect, People wanted the choice to use Kinect or Not! What about the people who wants an X1 but don't care for the Kinect? They gotta pay an extra $100 for some "superior" add on they don't want and especially when all of those Snap/Multitasking features could possibly be still used with just a Controller.

As far as the "Superior" Camera, Less just wait till both systems comes out that way we fully know the capabilities of both (Seeing that noone truly knows). Plus we gonna get some good comparison videos to see which one is Superior or not, Which one is useful, Which one actually works, Which one is a waste of time and money or Find out just how similar both cameras are...

With that all said, I wonder IF Microsoft made two different X1 Sku's one with the camera and one without for $400... I wonder which one with sale better? From my knowledge the Sony camera still selling well as and add on accessory.

P0werVR1630d ago

No consumer choice is taken away. That's terrible point you've just made. It's simple, your choice comes in whether you want to buy it or not. Right?!

So nothing taken away from the consumer. It's their job to inform us in why it's worth it's value they offer. Nothing more or less. You're over complicating it and shows your true intentions.

So you don't know whether or not what a consumer wants until the product is ACTUALLY released. You can't speak for the product/service now, it's ridiculous.

I hope they don't come out with different SKUs without the Kinect and doubt they will. It's bad business choice. Kincect will do just fine and will be proven. I bet my money on Xbox One and why I'm buying it at launch. I've done enough DD to say it's a better console overall than PS4.

Insomnia_841630d ago


It has absolutely nothing to do with being an "integral part of the system" or "ease of use"(stop repeating their exact marketing words and think for yourself) it always been about SELLING YOUR INFORMATION!!

Twilightx71630d ago

@Insomnia_84 You must be delusional if you don't think that Sony will be selling your information too, one way or another. Any major company is gathering metrics on what players are playing what games, they'd be foolish not to - how do you think everything Sony markets has been so perfectly targeted lately? Stop painting one corporation like a bad guy, they're both guilty.

Zancruz1630d ago

@P0werVR You are blind my friend... Sad really. You're so far gone man, You're in denial that millions of people cryed out an had Microsoft change the direction they was going with the X1. Do you think one or two complaints can get Microsoft or any company to change? People want the X1 but theres enough people that didn't like what Microsoft was doing with their product, I doubt it was Sony fanboys complained to Microsoft about what they was doing to the X1, So if not them who was it then? Microsoft consumers!

My intentions are obvious by stating the obvious, People/Consumers wants the option, Choice is freedom.... I'm glad you like the X1, Don't understand why you felt the need to tell how you feel about the consoles, Because It doesn't matter to me either way. A person should buy what appeals to them and that's the beautiful freedom of choice. But I stand by my statement, It's bad business to force something upon your consumers... But know this will still go over your head, So dislike what I've said. Lol

And don't try and take some bullcrap high road, You're not replying because you don't have any more bubbles like myself...lmao

Death1630d ago

Microsoft surely changed their plans when they seen the stupidity snowball affecting pre-orders. People still think Kinect is all about stealing information to sell. Kinect is part of Microsofts vision of the console. Just like mandatory broadband and HDD were with the first Xbox. People still threw tantrums because they wanted to hold gaming back with memory cards and dial up for gaming. Playstation fans are still worried a couple weeks before launch that Kinect might actually bring something new to gaming so they want the chances eliminated by saying it should be an option. The PSEye and Move are an option. They are also unsupported and a complete failure for Sony. I really don't see how that is a business model to follow.

AndrewLB1630d ago

Twilightx7- I hate to break it to you but Sony specifically states in it's privacy agreements that they have the right to provide customer information to subsidiaries and third party partners. And it's a fact that those third party companies PAY for this information. Welcome to reality.

Come to think of it... I recall a few years back how Sony and their lackluster security left their systems wide open to be hacked, compromising tens of thousands of customers names, addresses, credit card info, and more.

yea... i'm sure they lose sleep at night worrying about your privacy. lol

GuruMeditation1630d ago

@P0werVR hmmm, let me try to articulate this...: MORE CHOICE GOOD, LESS CHOICE BAD. Ease of use with Kinect? I call bull. The console functions without it, it should come without it. Not every bike comes with stabilisers, not every rubics cube comes with adult nappies in case you forget to poop. I don't need MS to tell me what to buy and neither should you.

mrnice1630d ago

true mate hold of for a bit price will comedown on xbox one.ps4 on other hand will hold its price i am getting both played them both but getting ps4 first as killzone brill ghost good and bf4 looks good.that will do me till titanfal.

Rhythmattic1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

To the Kinnect bundled / ps4 camera question.
A guy on the Red Tech YouTube channel makes what could possibly be a very valid point.

He says Sony dropped the camera from its original sku , to use the cost to up the ram from 4G GDDR5. To 8G GDDR5.

Not saying its true, but it's a definite possibility.

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GTgamer1630d ago

How many articles are we gonna see like this i mean seriously.

AngelicIceDiamond1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

@Black Oh you mean just like how PS3 was 600$ with little compelling titles and a glorified Blue Ray player?

But wait a minute The PS3 got better didn't it? More Appealing games, dropped in price, and Blue Ray player that payed off at the end and PSN+ is genius. And is currently selling extremely well.

Don't play that hypocrisy game. I hate that game its stupid.

Utalkin2me1630d ago


Actually Black is right.

Well the PS3 offered alot more then the 360 when the PS3 launched, to somewhat justify that price. Like, bluray, bigger HDD, wireless, rechargeable controllers, HDMI, free multiplayer.

jmc88881630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Except since when is Kinect an integral part of the game that actually make it easier for developers and gamers for actual gaming?

Blu-ray is necessary for every game, was always going to get to that point. Not having to use multiple discs is good for developer and user.

On top of played movies at the best fidelity level and a true jump.

Just the standalone player was $849-999, and they couldn't update the firmware via the internet.

Kinect is NOTHING like this. Not even 1/1000th the usefulness.

AngelicIceDiamond1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

@Talkin Right, but one can argue that X1 offers more just like the PS3.

-Cloud power: 300k servers, Dedicated servers in all X1 games unlimited cloud storage
-Video Party chats
-Re-worked and Dynamic Achievement system
-Kinect Integration
-Improved reputation system

And who knows what MS will add later. So imo, Black doesn't have a clue what hes talking about.

WeedyOne1630d ago

@ AngelicIceDiamond

All those things you just listed are software features not hardware. The PS3 included hardware that justified its price. Software can always be patched in for free, hardware cant!

AngelicIceDiamond1630d ago

@Weedy I understand.

But are you suggesting the PS4 could patch all this in the PS4 in the future? Sony hasn't hinted a t it. But hey maybe they can. I know they can implement cloud in the future.

But as a starting factor, MS console can do a little more then PS4 software wise.

You can't argue with that.

Zancruz1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

@AngelicIceDiamond, Honestly it's you're the one that don't know what you're talking about...

Hardware and Software is too different things, IF the Kinect wasn't in the box X1 should be $399 or less... PS3 had more builded into it justifying it's $600 price tag, Remember in 06 Bluray players cost over $1000 and all they did was play movies, So PS3 was a deal just because of that.

And the X1 software features that you listed is paid by that $60 Live account, which IF it's not paid a person can't use... SO trying justify a higher price tag with software is mute, especially when you gotta pay just to use the software which could be added to the PS4 at anytime IF Sony sees a use for it.

Edit: I forgot X1 does have a HDMI input jack hardware wise... Still doesn't justify the price.

tagan8tr1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Utalikin is right everyone forgets that 360 launced with no hdmi,no wireless and had no blu ray but alot of them did come with RROD

ShowGun9011630d ago

alright lets look at the similarities. both the xbone and ps3 were/are more expensive. but the difference is why, blu-ray vs kinect 2.0.

blu-ray was marketed as the future for high def video, and for the most part thats panned out. dvds are on their way out (slowly lol) and if you want a disc based 1080 video format, blu-ray is the only choice. ps2 supported dvd, and was the first dvd player most people had... now here comes sony with a new format, and people had a reason (based on past experience) to believe that blu-ray would be a big deal.

the xbones high price comes from kinect 2.0, and regardless of how they say it will revolutionize how you interact with your xbox, you have to look at the past... with the 360, ms said that the original kinect would change your gaming experience forever. remember the milo demo? i sooo wanted to draw a picture and pass it to a virtual buddie, the tech looked amazing. but that was it, it only LOOKED amazing, and within a month all it had were terrible party games and shovelware...

who wants to get burned again with kinect 2.0? IMO it will turn into another device that will simply be used to run the dashboard, and little else... thats the fate of the original kinect, and it had a much bigger install base than the xbone will have... how much do you think 3rd party devs will devote to kinect when the competition dosen't have it? its the same with ds4s trackpad, but thats a little less time consuming to program for, but we'll see LOL

Freedomland1630d ago

You all forgetting Emotion Engine, it's like ps2 inside the ps3.

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KiLLUMiNATi_891630d ago

Since when power became the most essential part of gaming ? Is power the only thing you girls brag about ? What's the ps4 potential, to me ps4 is a beefed up Xbox360/ps3 with nothing revolutionary... If we talking facts here doesn't the Xbox 1 clearly has more potential then Sony ps4 ?

If you brag about raw power simply buy a PC and look the wii won las gen despite being by far less powerful then both ps3/x360... If you ask me outside N4Sony, the x1 will be more appealing to consumers within time and that's what counts cause MS is coming for both Sony/Nintendo market....

Imalwaysright1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

The most appealing thing to consumers is the price of the console.

clonerz1630d ago

Last gen isn't over and um... I'm pretty sure when the dust settles Sony will have sold more ps3 than Nintendo wii consoles worldwide. Another thing stop grasping at straws with your Xbox is gonna own all opinions yep that is your opinion and we live in a free country I have something to say about that though Sony ps4 is 100 dollars cheaper and universal accepted as more powerful console and my head is not in the cloud like some here. Let me end with the ps4 is 100 dollars cheaper than the other console being released this holiday. Whooohooo go Sony Lmaoo see I can fanboy rant with facts and an opinion to boot but it still doesn't change the fact that ps4 is 100 dollars cheaper. Ima stop Ima stop cuz I've got 100 reason to stop how bout you?

jamsam3601630d ago

The Xbox One Is not weaker! The drivers for the esram Only recently came out and the games will get better from here on out! Then we will see if you people will shut the hell up! Probably not though! Grow up, play game,Have fun!

MRMagoo1231630d ago

the drivers for the Esram huh lol

tagan8tr1630d ago

I'm no expert by far but I deff would like to know (no hate intended) how a smidg 32mb esram will overpower things.

a real knowledge based answer in technical terms plz.

mixelon1630d ago

The specs say its significantly weaker.

I don't understand how people are still holding onto the notion that the X1 can somehow achieve parity with competing hardware that objectively IS much more powerful. There is nothing outside of the specs. This isn't magic we're talking about. Sony's drivers will get better too!

What you guys are doing is no different to WiiU users saying that somehow the power will be unlocked and they'll be as powerful as the ps4, or the PC, or a supercomputing cluster. (Less extreme, but the same thing)

Power = the specs.

GuyThatPlaysGames1630d ago

Graphics never come first in my book. Some of the greatest games were NEVER graphical powerhouses! If the game plays great and is fun, then the extra addition of better visuals will start to weigh in.

TheXgamerLive1630d ago

Fanboyism aside. PS4 has higher resolutions for now and Xbox One has better graphics. BF4 was an early que to that. Anyone could see Xbox One looked a hell of a lot better even upscaled 1080p.why?

Transporter471630d ago

Lol, what are you talking about? The ps4 has a better gpu fact. Also higher resolution also means less jaggies which equals to better graphics, btw ms has been using pc videos to advertise BF4 for the Xbone

ALLWRONG1630d ago

"Asking people to pay $100 more and be sub-par in power and graphics" and the PS4 has yet to prove anything. Wake me when the PS4 has any game that looks as good as Ryse or Forza.

TENTONGUN1630d ago

we will wake you in a lil while ok. i got one for yall....the ds4 has extra buttons cause of the touchpad. boooooyaaawwww!!! whatever man

mkis0071630d ago

Killzone and infamous look the best to me. I never understood why people think racing simulators are a good judge of power/graphics capabilities. Unless the world is collapsing as you drive (:)), nothing in a racing simulator game is worth comparing. Simulators (sports, track racing) are just eye candy devices, It doesn't take much to do it.

Ryse looks good, but people are trying to compare games with different art styles.

I think the animations on Ryse have so far been atrocious. The skin looks great. I much prefer the look of Killzone SF as a whole. Everything is crisp and, for the most part, fluid.

Infamous SS for me is when things get real. Nothing looks as beautiful as that. Take a look at this E3 gameplay video ( to my knowledge it is the only gameplay footage we have) This footage was compiled sometime during E3 and the demo must have been off a moths old build. If this game looked this good in April-June and ran this well, imagine the beauty when we see the final product nearly a year later!!

To me the $100 is just lucky for me. I would pay it if it was $500 for ps4. I know Sony will release games by developers I trust. When MS starts doing it for the first time I will pick up an xbox1.

You were awake this whole time.

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Rageanitus1630d ago

reality is most ppl do not look at POWER when it comes to consoles.
Just look at the ps2 vs xbox and gamecube

AndrewLB1630d ago

Hilarious how the OP claims the Xbox images wont be as sharp. It was just yesterday where I looked at a bunch of Battlefield 4 screenshots and video and the PS4 was BY FAR the most blurry. It's like they went ballistic using FXAA, depth-of-field, and motion blur. Pretty much just a big blurry mess.

And Xbone is the opposite extreme, leaving jaggies everywhere.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Smh! Like...I'm getting a xbox, but why.....can somebody tell me why?

Philoctetes1629d ago

Yeah, but in fairness, that extra $100 gives Xbox One owners access to a huge library of Kinect titles. If you're into fitness games, on-rails games that require flailing your arms around to win, and pet simulators, the Xbox One is pretty clearly the better choice.

PS4 owners will just have to content themselves with superior versions of multiplats and a boatload of first party AAA exclusives.

b00mFargl31629d ago

I know this seems silly, but DLNA is worth the extra money on top of the other things like kinect. Which yes I may not use all the time, but it is a pretty sweet bonus. The ps4 is amazing and a sheer beast but the HDMI in,DLNA alone justify my extra $100. Not to mention the console itself and all its components are pretty sweet.

I think the PS4 as far as sheer strength goes gives it the advantage in some areas. This doesn't mean the xbox is a turd.

H0RSE1629d ago


Your rants about the X1 costing "more for less" are completely misleading and inaccurate, for the simple fact that the increased price has to do with the things like the Kinect and the HDMI-in port, features that have nothing to do with increased, graphics/processing power, and never has MS ever advertised the increased price for X1 was due to a claim to being more powerful than the competition.

You are not getting "less for more" you are getting "more for more" because you are physically getting more. This isn't even an instance of putting spin on the subject - it's just how it is, just like how PS4 bundles cost more than a standard PS4.

The increased cost has nothing to do with increased power, or even claims of having increased power.

3-4-51629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

At the end of the day......we are getting more power adn better graphics along with the potential for 8 years worth of awesome games, regardless of which console you choose.

I chose not to go with a Playstation every time...couldn't stand the Dual shock controller.

I've payed the price by missing out on well over 100 really good RPG's. I understand that now and now that I'm into them more, I will be going with PS4.

They seemed to have fixed the DS4 enough for it to be usable in FPS and not just useable but actually be one of the best controllers of all time.

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BadlyPackedKeebab1630d ago

Like the commend on the artical where someone still believes the cloud is going to make a massive difference. Without forcing everyone to be online now the cloud can only be used for online games. And in those instances can only be used for offloading things like AI calculations which could be interesting I agree but the graphical power difference will never be bridged by the cloud. If we are seeing the resolution differences we are seeing now due to the internal memory bandwidth differences when talking about speeds between 1 and 2 hunderd gigs per second how on earth can the cloud be used over an internet connection thats a couple of megs?

Ive said it again and again but here goes...

The cloud can only be used for non-immediate CPU tasks. Examples would be AI dessision making (i.e. where should I run to cover). But then you have to consider what if there are network issues, the game and the experience will go to the pan. Devs might test this but will ultimatly realise the only practical use is for server side world events in multiplayer games. A good example would be something like the enemy AI in an online based co-op game (thinks destiny).

Really the cloud is just a more reliable and more scalable version of existing servers. In 2013 I would expect any online server to be based on a virtual scalable platform anyway! Buzz and marketing.

aceitman1630d ago

so what looks better an upscalled dvd or a Blu-ray disc. answer Blu-ray it looks sharper clearer better period.