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Submitted by blitz0623 826d ago | rumor

Rumor: Demon Souls 2 May Be Announced at Sony Nov. 15 Event

According to a reputable NeoGaf member, “the Demon’s Souls spiritual successor” may be shown at Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch event.

Famousmortimer, who previously leaked the DriveClub delay and the next-gen resolutions for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, revealed information he was given months ago about the launch event. (PS4)

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Xsilver  +   826d ago
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xHeavYx  +   826d ago
Even though I'd love it if it was true, I find it hard to believe. Dark Souls 2 is coming out early next year, There is also Deep Down
abzdine  +   826d ago
more Sony events? damnnn...
brish  +   826d ago
I read the article and it says "Demon’s Souls spiritual successor", not "a Demon's Souls sequel".

Dark Souls is the spiritual successor for Demon's Souls. I'm guessing this means Dark Souls 2 is coming to the ps4.

If this is true I'll buy a ps4 just to play that game on it. ... I'd probably buy the game for the ps3 as well just for the online community.

I'm addicted, what can i say! O.o
MazzingerZ  +   826d ago
GG's "Completely different to KZ" IP?
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GribbleGrunger  +   826d ago
Demon's Souls is a Sony owned IP and Dark Souls was a way around that problem. If it's being shown at the PS4 event then it's more likely to be Demon's Souls 2
GTgamer  +   826d ago
I don't know if this rumor is true but i can tell you one thing if it is it will be in 1080p ;) and that's all the time i have folks goodnight :3.
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ZodTheRipper  +   826d ago
If I had to choose between Dark Souls 2 and Demon's Souls 2 for PS4 I would rather like to touch the demon inside her, again.

Dark Souls somehow doesn't come close to what made Demon's Souls so special.
wsoutlaw87  +   826d ago
dark souls 2 isnt next gen and demon souls is sony exclusive. I also dont know much about deep down but I would love a new demons souls, was probably my favorite ps3 game.
Lord_Sloth  +   826d ago
Yes but that doesn't mean Sony can't show up with a new DeS game for the PS4.
SilentNegotiator  +   826d ago
Sony owns Demon's Souls. They could easily have passed the IP onto someone else to make.

The whole point of "Dark Souls" was to sequel Demon's Souls on all systems without REALLY breaking copyright.
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ABizzel1  +   826d ago
According to developers and Sony it only takes 2 months to get your game up and running on PS4 at playable framerates (my guess 20 - 30fps). Dark Souls doesn't come out until March, and it's only November so that means the game can be up and running by January, and with another 2 - 3 months to go it's possible, but I wouldn't hold my breath, and if it does happen it'll likely be a 1 - 3 month delay (April - June).
gaffyh  +   826d ago
I absolutely love Demon Souls, just got into from PS+ and am almost done playing. So will look into Dark Souls and teh sequel after I've finished that. But I would love a Demon Souls sequel, but I don't think it will happen because I can't see them wanting to piss off Capcom (deep down) and From Software (Dark Souls), unless From is making the game.
Rynocirator  +   825d ago
@gribblegrunger There was no "problem" with the fact demon's souls was a ps3 exclusive, it sold incredibly well. The problem is that FROMSOFTWARE was bought out by NAMCOBANDAI and atlus owned the rights to demon's souls, so they made dark souls instead. It could very well be atlus creating a sequel, but you can be sure as hell FROMSOFTWARE won't be making it.
kazuma999  +   826d ago
-_- will be missing it cuz ill be at GAMESTOP XD but setting my dvr so woot.
Rynocirator  +   825d ago
they have live streams on the tvs at gamestops if your local gamestop has gamestop tv, which it should.
MizTv  +   826d ago
I can't wait to get so mad getting my ass kicked in this game
vishmarx  +   826d ago
really hope so.
but unlikely since FROM is already working on DS2.
dark souls was a spiritual successor. demon souls sequel seems kinda unnecessary at this point.dark And demon n dark werent THAT different to warrant two separate sequels
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xPhearR3dx  +   826d ago
I thought they were. I tried so many times to get into Demon Souls and just couldn't do it. I don't know if it was the whole Nexus thing or what, I just couldn't do it. I absolutely LOVED Dark Souls though.

I'm super excited for Dark Souls 2, I probably couldn't say the same if it was Demon Souls 2 being announced instead.
MetaReapre  +   826d ago
Well it doesn't seem so far fetched as the reason dark souls was named thusly was because Sony claimed rights to the demon souls name. (Correct me if I'm wrong) if Sony was holding the demon souls name, it could be for this very moment. Also wasn't the director or an important person that worked on dark souls collaborating with Sony on some project that was rumored to be the next demon souls? I never did follow that much so I don't know if that project was ever announced or something.
Killjoy3000  +   826d ago
I just don't understand this. If we already have Dark Souls, why do we still need Demon's Souls? It's the same game...
cpayne93  +   826d ago
Very different in art style and level design. Demon's Souls was much better than Dark Souls in my opinion.
Killjoy3000  +   826d ago
A sequel of any type, regardless of name, would have those same differences. Ghost disagreer's - lmfao.
cpayne93  +   826d ago
I disagree. Dark Souls was a spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls, and it fits that term very well. The gameplay is similar in many ways but there is a big departure in terms of personality and design. To say they are the same game is ridiculous. It is pretty rare when a sequel abandons elements of past iterations to bring in new things, usually they just build on what is already there. I can see why you would say if we have one we don't need the other, but they definitely aren't the same game. Personally though, I would love a demon's souls 2 to go along with dark souls 2.
darren_poolies  +   826d ago
Pretty sure I would actually die if this happened.
Campy da Camper  +   826d ago
I guarantee you will die....again and again and again....
TENTONGUN  +   826d ago
i think i will pass. i dont want to smash my ds4. honestly cant handle a stressful game that is so damn addicting
darren_poolies  +   826d ago

I've never once found Demon's or Dark Souls stressful. But they are the two most rewarding and addicting games I've ever played. DS4 seems pretty durable you should give it a go ;)
Hellsvacancy  +   826d ago
Oh my f-ing god, I sooooooooooooooo hope this is true
ravinash  +   826d ago
Oh my god I just wet myself!
garos82  +   826d ago
lol me soul is ready
DeletedAcc  +   826d ago

First 'NAUGHTY DOGs next game in Space' and now this??? Dont play with my feelings!!!
Also cant wait for order:1886 gameplay!

Good times to be a playstationgamer, seriously!
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kazuma999  +   826d ago
XD I know right.
ZodTheRipper  +   826d ago
We all do :D
Inception  +   826d ago
This rumour killing me T_T
CGI-Quality  +   826d ago
MASSIVE exclusive if this pans out!
EXVirtual  +   826d ago
My pants! MY PANTS!
I need to buy some new ones. I swear, if they announce this game... I will bounce around like a hyper-active 5-year old bunny.
Fishermenofwar  +   826d ago
This just in...Sony is responsible for my wife leaving me..Taking my dog and my car...But I have the PS44444sss on order..

So it isn't so bad... (-_-)

I wonder if they will announce a new IP from Santa or Ndawg?
dredgewalker  +   826d ago
Your wife called, says she'll return your dog and car and take the PS4 instead :p
NarooN  +   826d ago
Demon's Souls 2: You're Gonna Die Edition

Comes with season pass for extra side-campaign, as well as a plush sword and real functioning M1911 .45 for when you decide to blow your brains out from rage.
kwiksilver99  +   826d ago
Hold on.wasn't dark souls the spiritual successor of demons's souls?
CGI-Quality  +   826d ago
Spiritual Successor, yes. Sequel, no. This would be a direct Demon's Souls sequel, which is also a Sony-owned IP.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   826d ago
that means its coming, i believe rumors when it comes to games
KingOdin89  +   826d ago
Me too. That's what I like to hear!
sigfredod  +   826d ago
Now that will be a megaton if turn out to be true, i loved demons souls
ThePsychoGamer  +   826d ago
Considering the said an announcement involving a spiritual successor to Demons Souls, I'm more inclined to believe it's Dark Souls 2 for the PS4
skeeter2275  +   826d ago
I hope they bring back player/world tendancies
TechMech2  +   826d ago
I want a new media molecule game
Turbotoby  +   826d ago
Isn't Dark Souls a sequel? well a spiritual successor at least.
tulholdren  +   826d ago
Please make it happen Loved the first one and a True Sony Exclusive to the first..
Pintheshadows  +   826d ago
'Gamer drops Grand Piano on himself after becoming infuriated with Demon's Souls 2.'

I need to make that headline happen and Sony needs to help me.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   826d ago
CHILLLLL don't make me too excited!
Lord_Frieza  +   826d ago
*Heavy Breathing*
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Swiggins  +   826d ago
*Breathing Intensifies*

On topic: Please....Please be true.

God knows that Dark Souls II is my most anticipated game of next year...adding another Demons Souls to that for Next Gen would give me a heart attack.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   826d ago
As someone who enjoyed demon souls more than dark souls I'm
Very excited for this. And all can put vets that this will be exclusive.

I always like demons souls better for its darker more grim feeling
KingKelloggTheWH  +   826d ago
Demons was just better overall, cant wait to play Demons 2!
Sevir  +   826d ago
Well Its not a stretch, the Dark Soul's Producer does have another game being worked on at From software, and that Studio is great partners with both MS and Sony and has given them both great and not so great exclusives. In anycase Demon's Souls really was the game that PUT From Software to a studio worth working with.

Shu actually details that it was his fault why Sony didn't Publish the game in the States and Europe because He got his ass handed to him by the unforgiving nature of game. Shu said he threw his DS3 at the TV because of how brutal it was, and provided feedback in sayin that they'd not profit from because its too hard and US users prefer easier games... Only to see the game Sell bucket loads in Japan and later on sell a even more impressively in the west in both Europe and NA spanning a dedicated fanbase, as such Namco got DS and DS2 as spiritual successors...
Poor Shu lol.

Still Dark Souls 2' director said his next game being unannounced is a Next gen Ip... given that SHu has said that they love the Demon's Souls Ip and that He personally is a fan of the game its not hard to believe that They have something cooking up.

Geoff saying that New Game announcements and premiers are happening at PS4AllAccess I'd put this up as likely! and I cant freaking wait.
Unlimax  +   826d ago
This is so freaking awesome if its real ~
Guys .. Don't Forget Bloody Roar 5 it might be announced by Konami in any moment for the PS4 !
#22 (Edited 826d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
_QQ_  +   826d ago
As beast as it would be i don't see it happening with dark souls 2 still in dev
gamer2013  +   826d ago
Fap fap fap fap!
clmstr  +   826d ago
Argh!!!!!!!! My pants are WET! God, this is a damn good rumor!
thornh  +   826d ago
This is on under Demon's Souls. You can get the source material from wikipedia. Edit: Its' a interview from June 13, 2013. So, I'm officially excited that this rumour may very well be true.

*While Dark Souls is not a sequel to Demon's Souls, but a spiritual successor, there has been no official announcement of a sequel to Demon's Souls. However, a European retailer listed "Demon's Souls II" on their website as an upcoming title for the PS4 system. When asked about a potential sequel to Demon's Souls, SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida stated; "That's a great question, but because of the attention that will get, I choose not to answer. But, personally, I love Demon's Souls. I spent hours and hours and hours playing it." He went on to say. "I love the team, I love the game and yeah, I'd really like to see more. But that's all that I will say." *
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WeAreLegion  +   826d ago
I hope there's a live stream or GameStop shows it at the store. Their fanbase will be waiting in line at that point.
pyramidshead  +   826d ago
Grave  +   826d ago
Oh please let it be so, Umbasa.
PygmelionHunter  +   826d ago
Yes, please!
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