GTA V jetpack location secret remains unsolved

Product-Reviews writes: How are you getting on with solving some of the mysteries and secrets in GTA V? One of the biggest is undoubtedly the GTA V Chiliad mural map, which seemingly leads to the unravelling of a UFO in the sky. However, some gamers believe that there is more to the map than meets the eye and could also lead to the mystery behind unlocking the GTA V jetpack location secret too.

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GarrusVakarian1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Man, gamers are hanging on to this conspiracy tighter than fat man in skinny jeans.

And im one of them, shhh! ( A believer, not a fat man in skinny jeans,lol).

tr00p3r1446d ago

Ha ha, how are you getting on with the mystery?

GarrusVakarian1446d ago

Not very good, i tried a few things in the SP like flying around in a chopper around the mountain trying to find a hidden door or something lol. But alas, i found nothing.

Sometimes i go to the top of Mount Chilliad and weep.

HolyDuck1446d ago

All these things are just stuff you have to do to get the UFO to appear at the Mountain (100% Stuff)

UFO - UFO Parts
Egg - Crack the case of Leonara Johnson
Rocket Man - Stunt Jumps

Stars - I'm just assuming it's the main story Hiests, 5 Hiests, 5 Stars. I say 5 hiests just because the submarine one isn't exactly, a full hiest.

GarrusVakarian1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Stop being a Mr. Buzz Killington and let us have our dream!

The jet pack is real!


Haha, imagine that! Mass outrage would ensue.

tr00p3r1446d ago

Imagine if the Jetpack requires a GTA cash card..

Pintheshadows1446d ago

I actually enjoy a good story about a bridge.

Freddy_Millz11446d ago

Ahh, the myth hunters.
Just like the ppl who were looking for Bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas.

**Spoiler alert**
He wasn't there

GarrusVakarian1446d ago

Ahh, you must be Mr.Joy Kill

Mr. Buzz Killington is over there ^^^^

But in all seriousness, i believed that rumour too, hunted everywhere for that bigfoot.

SilentNegotiator1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

That's not Mr. Joy Kill, that's Mr. Good Pointington.

Sci0n1446d ago

the fake big foot turned up in GTA V though... ahhh spoiler alert lol.

monkey nuts1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Possible spoiler:

I thought the spaceship parts are for making the UFO car?

Sci0n1446d ago

they are but after that you eventually see a spot for franklin pop up on the map and when you go there you find a man running around in a big foot suite and you have to chase him and shoot him a few times then after that you expose the fake big foot, its pretty funny lol.

fish613241443d ago

The spaceship parts are NOT for making the Space Docker (the UFO car). They are for making that little spaceship that Omega is messing around with during the cutscene. I know a lot of people assume the parts are for the car, but they are not.

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The story is too old to be commented.