Live battlefield 4 showdown team europe stream

Watch the Battlefield 4 showdown event live from London England and see Team Europe take on Team USA for Battlefield global dominance

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obelix011539d ago

This was alot of fun to watch.

Pascalini1539d ago

Hell this has me pumped for bf4

Think it's time to leave cod behind

obelix011539d ago

Its definitely team based. You have to cooperate to win. COD is just mayhem especially free for all. That's what I like once in awhile. Battlefield is definitely more realistic.

Trekster_Gamer1539d ago

COD still has a great SP experience.

BobBelcher1539d ago

get both. They will provide different experiences.

LEOPARD10301539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

The Microsoft's online is excellent I watched the video at HD without any problem. Nice video, very fun to watch.

However is interesting the fact that, Battlefield doesn't include other European factions at MP, powerful nations like France, Germany or England haven't representation, B3 sold almost 5 millions of copies in EU, the old continent deserves the inclusion more armies. The Russian army is a formidable adversary, but the inclusion of other armies could be very interesting.

Hufandpuf1539d ago

Me and my friends watched, Obliteration was so crazy!

Mac4201539d ago

Yea Merica' spanked that booty

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