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This Is What Battlefield 4 Looks Like At 4K, Running On Four Titans

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's member 'Zurvv' has posted a video, featuring the 15 first minutes of Battlefield 4's SP campaign and showcasing what DICE's shooter looks like with Ultra setting at 4K resolution." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Nocando  +   420d ago
I guess you would have to be there to appreciate it?
Grown Folks Talk  +   420d ago
I don't know why they attempt to show such resolution on youtube.
AndrewLB  +   420d ago
Its 3072p and 2.43gb. So it's pretty damn good quality.
DOMination-  +   419d ago
Not only is it that yt compression ruins the quality but whats the point anyway when basically nobody has a 4k screen to watch it on
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Pintheshadows  +   420d ago
That is a significant investment.
ceejaa  +   420d ago
why do people posts videos of this is what it looks like at 4k or 6k when clearly ur not gonna see it via youtube or whatever stream. im sure its awesome but 90% of the world cant afford it. nor can we see ehat ur posting visually
hankmoody  +   420d ago
I'm simply not into the idea of trying to stay on top of PC tech just so I can claim that I have the most amazing setup of all time. I know for some, the PC gaming route is the way to go and I respect that but I'm just not enough of an enthusiast to dump hundreds on graphic cards every couple of months.
Irishguy95  +   420d ago
Me neither I only get a 700 quid gaming PC and upgrade the GPU in 2 or 3 years. It means I have a consistently higher quality experience than any console can give me and I can play all the latest PC games on high settings with 60FPS.
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urwifeminder  +   420d ago
After playing the first two missions on arma 3 single player I was so happy no Michael bay Hollywood nonsense pc owns.
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Bigc32  +   420d ago
Kool so this what my xb1 would look like on 4k tv. Cause the xb1 come with 4k cord.
DomceM  +   420d ago

Bubbles up for funny.
DOMination-  +   419d ago
Even though the X1 can do 4k gaming I think only the most deluded will believe it'll be for games like this.
DomceM  +   420d ago
lol amusing comments.

Console crygirls laugh at xbox b/c it can only do 720P in COD (vs PS4s 1080P).

Then open this article and comment how a gaming experience that offers 3072p is the same as PS4 (900P).

So which is it ? You cant have it both ways. Either ps4=xbox or ps4 is better. And if its better than xbox, then it certainly is worse than PC that can run it at 3072P.

Only thing worse than being a cryfangirl is being a cryfangirl AND a hypocrite.
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finals  +   419d ago
The difference here is that the Xbox 1 run at a lower resolution compared to the PS4 while also costing $100 more.

To get this performance at the moment on PC costs over 4 grand seeing as just 1 Titan card is $1000. Plus you will need a couple hundred dollar CPU and an expensive M/B to put up with the FOUR Titans. Not counting the cases, the fans, hard drives and the PSU.

Your point only stands if you are able to spend blindly and if thats it thats fantastic give yourself a pat on back, you made it in life while others struggle to afford a $400 machine.
DomceM  +   419d ago
how dishonest of you to call playstation a $400 machine when you pay $50 per year for PSN, and $10 permium for every single game purchase.

Cost is over a thousand for PS4 over its lifetime, so lets get that out of the way first.

Second, it does not cost "over 4 grand" to get that experience on PC. This just shows you do not understand PC components and how to build a gaming rig.

If you dont believe me, go on tom hardware forums, make a fake account, and ask someone to config a PC for you for as cheap as possible to run the games better than PS4. I guarantee you the price will be in the 800-1000 range.

Or you can keep making things up and hope no one will call you out for it.
finals  +   419d ago
First of all we are talking about getting Battlefield 4 up and running at 4k RESOLUTION on FOUR $1000 dollar GPUs.

Second : most games for PC now a days release at the same price as consoles with temporary price cuts every now and then.

Third : Yes you do need to pay $50 a year to play online which is bullshit but you don't have to pay it if your more focused on single player.

Fourth: What did I make up??? FOUR TITANs are $4000 and a CPU to handle this isn't going for cheap unless your looking to bottleneck your $4000 Titans

And last but not least I built my own damn computer got great deal on a i7 3770k matched with cheap radeon 7770, that will be swapped out as soon nvidia releases the 8XX series.

You are the spinning and being dishonest.
DomceM  +   419d ago
Actually I am not talking about 4 titans. Thats what you are talking about.

You can build a gaming pc for 1000, and recoup savings for games + PSN/XBL, so the console costs more in the end, all while playing at higher settings.

So it is the same situation. Paying more money (for console) for lower resolution. Hence the hipocrisy i was trying to point out.

Nice suggestion for PS4 gamers to not pay for online. Lol. Thats not even remotely reliastic come on now. Who is going to be a console only gamer and only play single player?
DOMination-  +   419d ago
Domce even though I agree with your first point tbf this article IS about running a game at 4k using four titans
mistertwoturbo  +   419d ago
Umm... 4K, 4 Titans... 4 Titans alone are $4,000...

Seriously... what's so hard to understand?
FunkMacNasty  +   420d ago
This looks great, but it's hard to tell if that's a choppy framerate, or if it's just the youtube vid..

I just got BF4 for ps3, and I have to say it is FUN as hell, BUT-- it looks like absolute garbage! It looks, in fact, so much worse on the ps3 than BF3 did, that I am now concocting the crazy conspiracy theory that DICE left out certain graphical features in order to make the ps4/XB1 version of the game look like it was head-and-shoulders above the current gen versions. BF3 looked great on 360/ps3, but BF4 looks noticeable worse!

I am most likely completely wrong,(and maybe a little bit cracked) but there are many textures in BF4 that simply never load, or take MINUTES to do so. Nonetheless, I am totally happy with the game.. the new MP maps are amazing! Cant wait to upgrade to the ps4 version and experience the MP with 64 players!
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GrilledCheeseBook  +   420d ago
The stream file size is 3.86GB. Since I'm at the school library right now I downloaded it in like 10 minutes and I think this is the first time I've watched a youtube gameplay video that wasn't super blurry. Wasn't perfect everywhere but definitely better than what I'm used to from youtube. Don't care much about 4k. Don't have a monitor for it. But I appreciate the quality of the video.
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SirDjss  +   420d ago
4K lol thats nothing. You are welcome to watch my videos on my utube page with 5880x1080 resolution on different games.
dillhole  +   420d ago
Youtube compression and a 1080p monitor make this video pointless for me, and I imagine, at least 90% of people.

And if Youtube can go as far as offering 4k, would 60fps be too much to ask?
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Tzuno  +   420d ago
why the hell are you thinking at 4k when a game needs 4 cards to do that? this is lame. Only suckers buy those.
johny5  +   419d ago
because he's probably rich! Who cares?

Anyways you will only need one Maxwell card to run this in ultra at 4k since that card equals almost four Titans at 14TFops!!!
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