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Submitted by quarkist 757d ago | opinion piece

PS4 and Xbox One are coming in hot: Expect lots of issues on release day

We’re staring down the barrel of a next-gen launch, and these machines are coming in extremely hot. We’re already seeing a number of delays, mandatory patches, and rumors popping up everywhere that the core operating systems aren’t ready for prime time. If you’re buying into these new platforms on release day, you can certainly expect to run into a few problems. (PS4, Xbox One)

PositiveEmotions  +   757d ago
I never had problems with my fat ps3 until 6 years later.

I think I'll be fine with my PS4
Xsilver  +   757d ago
true my Fat PS3 died after 5 years so i expect the PS4 to do the same.
thekhurg  +   757d ago
This is just a "for hits" article.
Xsilver  +   757d ago
i know and i meant to say i expect my Ps4 to last longer than my PS3.
johndoe11211  +   756d ago
Ok, so I know I'm gonna get a lot of downvotes for this but I sort of agree with this article. The thing is I really don't care, it's not gonna stop me from getting my ps4.

Software issues I can deal with, hardware issues on the other hand is something totally different. If it's just software issues that's nothing an update can't fix. Once I get that bloody beast of a system in my hand I'm a happy camper.
JetsFool3500  +   757d ago
Still got my 60gb with the sd card latch still hasnt died on me...prbly cuz I only play in seasons
KingOdin89  +   757d ago
My fat PS3 died after about four years.

Probably because I played God of War 3 for like 20 hours straight one day. Beat it a couple of times, then Zeus pops out and my system dies. lol
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W34KN35S  +   756d ago
These articles are starting to piss me off ...they act like companies are unable to release a quality product ..sheeeesh
VaporCell  +   756d ago
I don't expect my ps4 to die any time soon with those sexy 5-35C operating temp.
Chaostar  +   757d ago
This just sounds like scaremongering, im sure they won't be perfect on day one but no need to fret.
iceman1346  +   757d ago
"looking at xbone..." just kidding good luck to both systems
Pancit_Canton  +   757d ago
Rushed Hardware and Software. Good luck Xbone fans. You'll need it.
Bigc32  +   756d ago
Right like ps doesn't have issues lol
kazuma999  +   756d ago
Did u ever remember the RED RING OF DEATH? XD good luck with teh xbone.
stavrami  +   757d ago
running in hot ??? even though its running at a cooler temperature of 35 degrees kind of ironic that
patsrule316  +   757d ago
Not sure if you are joking or not, but in case you don't know, the expression running in hot isn't really about temperature....its more like when an airplane is getting ready to land but it is moving too fast, they say it is coming in hot. It means there could be a crash landing when the plane touches down.
WeAreLegion  +   756d ago
It's "coming in hot". Running in hot makes no sense.
stavrami  +   756d ago
Yea just joking about mate although coming in hot makes more sense I got all spastic and did not read it back
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Supermax  +   757d ago
And just like last time ms will have a 2 year warranty on any major problem hassle free.same with the ps4 if there's a major problem they will replace it.
Hicken  +   756d ago
That's not at all what happened last time.
ExDexteraDomini  +   757d ago
This article went in some weird directions, but I do think we shouldn't be surprised by issues, especially if you're planning on playing online immediately. Especially if you have an Xbox One since we are required to update immediately as well. i wouldn't really be surprised if when I get home, theres some sort of server issue and I have to wait a while to do anything. A given of being day one and forcing an update.
azshorty2003  +   757d ago
I'm REALLY interested to see what is going to happen with the Xbox One mandatory Day One patch for people like parents that are buying for younger kids and don't know about everything. Or for those that didn't plan on connecting it.

Because, if I'm not wrong, the patch is required to even Play the games. Now, I don't have my 10 year old son's 360 connected to the internet. Since I don't pay for XBL for him, I didn't feel it needed to be. Granted, that decision was also made easier because of the lack of built in WiFi.

But what about when little Timmy gets his new system and decides to skip some of the set up process and wants to get right into playing some games. Will the system tell him to tell his parents to connect it to the internet because a patch is required?

I really think that it would've been great to include the patch on the game discs. This would've solved the issue for everyone. I don't know whether or not it'll be on the Xbox discs, but I know Sony confirmed their day 1 patch will not be included on the game discs.

I also remember during the Xbox One announcement there was a Huge argument about alienating military solders overseas because they lack internet connection most of the time. Shortly after the backlash, Microsoft made the reversal about the Online requirements. But now, how are those solders suppossed to get the update to fix any systems they purchase?

The whole thing still doesn't make complete sense to me, and I'm really curious to see how it all shakes out.
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cyhm3112  +   757d ago
another try to downplay the superiority of the PS4 over xbone. Put them on the same sentence.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   757d ago
Didn't Rich from review tech USA say something similar
trident  +   757d ago
my launch ps3 from 2007 is still working fine i dont expect the ps4 to run into any problems at launch either.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   756d ago
Same here and plus if it does, that's what waranties are for.
HmongAmerican  +   756d ago
That is why I waited for the beta test to end. It's good for those who can't wait to get both consoles first, to report bugs and missing features. While I wait patiently. COD Ghost and BF4 can keep me company till then. I know that a lot of people in here hates COD, but it just the matter of personal tastes.
Bigc32  +   756d ago
Just probably means expect lot of online features not work right away n I'm sure some consoles are not all ready for launch thats why ur the beta testers if u get console on release day
Ketzicorn  +   756d ago
Console launches will have issues.?Who would have thought? This seems like a very No Sh*t Sherlock type of article.
ukchi3f  +   756d ago
Companies cant do anything right, there will be issues, some will get fixed and some wont but for somethign I will own for years to come ill fight the storm until I can see daylight just like I did with ps3 and xbox 360
Oago  +   756d ago
My arcade Xbox is still perfect
TheFutureIsBlue  +   756d ago
Yeah "Coming in hot" as in "Both consoles are coming off the line like hotcakes!". Flame bait article. Who approved this?
MadMen  +   756d ago
Am sad to see gamers ok with their systems dying 3-5 years after ownership; thinking that is normal or ok.

It not, you should be moving on to Next Gen and your system still be working long after you stop using it.

You let these companies get away with far too much.
Jamaicangmr  +   756d ago
My fat died in December of 2011 and that bitch was a house warmer so i think i'll be fine and i live in the tropics. That's what happens when you give consumers reliable hardware at launch. They don't hesitate to support you at launch again.

Good job Sony R&D.
EXVirtual  +   756d ago
I'm not getting a next-gen console on release day, but there's no need to get up tight about launch. Yes, there will be issues, but nothing amazingly dramatic.
ThaBlackBaron  +   756d ago
Of Course theres going to be major issues! All signs have pointed to that over the last few months
Juangie3  +   756d ago
Overreacting much?
KNWS  +   756d ago
As long as games run well and online is fine. I can live with glitches and bugs with the OS
Pogue1906  +   756d ago
PS4 is the console that's over heating 35min-45min into game play. RLOD should be a big concern for PS4 day 1ners. I don't want to hear about no being inclosed in a glass case crap, because if you do your research past what you are hearing here on N4G you would know they are frying like bacon all over the place. The writer of this article is giving you a warning, as best he can. By the time I'm opening the box on my XBone, you'll be boxing your PS4 up to send to be fixed.
SpinalRemains138  +   756d ago
Who cares.

As long as we all give our machines an annual cleaning, they should last the Gen.

PS3 taught me one thing. It needs to be opened and cleaned.
PS4 will no doubt be similar.

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