EinfoGames- Payday 2 Review

EG:If you’ve ever seen HEAT, the film written and directed by Michael Mann, then you know that it’s the gold standard heist movie. The developers at Overkill Software paid the ultimate homage to the movie with their original PAYDAY: The Heist title, even naming one of the heists “Heat Street”. The basic format of PAYDAY: The Heist is to start a robbery, drill into a vault, and survive wave after wave of law enforcement until your escape is ready. There are special units as well, which always manage to enter into the mix at absolutely the worst possible time. Of course all of this could be avoided if you simply sneaked in cat-burglar style. Ultimately PAYDAY: The Heist was praised for its addictive and social gameplay and biting on the heels of PAYDAY: The Heist’s success, PAYDAY 2 manages to improve on the gameplay mechanics in every single way.

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