Tearaway: Revitalizing the Vita

As gamers we’re used to diving into a virtual world, but what if someone from the virtual world had an urgent message to deliver to you? That is the basic plot of Tearaway, an innovative new adventure game. From the developers of Little Big Planet, this game has whet the appetite of many.

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GentlemenRUs1666d ago

This will keep me busy on the 22nd till I get my PS4 on the 29th...

minialex1666d ago

Yeah... But what's next? Absolutely no big announcements for the Vita after that :o(
Nothing! C'mon Sony there has to be more titles being made for the vita.. .

dcj05241665d ago

You didn't watch TGS at all I see.

snitch_puck1665d ago

There were announcements. Just search it up. Anyhow, Q4 2013 is not finished in releasing the new games in store yet. That should keep us busy.

GdaTyler1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Well in Japan and Europe there were a lot of announcements, but in the US they have gone quiet...