"Leaked"? I doubt it…

TVGB: "I can't help but wonder how much of this media for upcoming game releases is actually "leaked" and how much of it is distributed by the companies themselves. They do say that free publicity is the best kind, and thanks to the viral nature of the internet, why even bother paying for advertising anymore?"

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InYourMorn3862d ago

it's a clever way to promote your games.
Hyping it first to not let any retailers break the street date and then bam! Release gameplay videos to stir things up.

People ALWAYS want what they can't have.

games4fun3862d ago

about people wanting what they cant have, but you also have to understand why gameplay videos are important, its the closest thing you will get to it without physically playing it yourself. Also i base a lot of my decisions on gameplay videos because screenshots/words (reviews) just cant compete with a gameplay video which really will influece whether or not i will like it possibly

JBaby3433861d ago

If things got leaked whoever released it would face serious consequences and I can't imagine anyone Annonymously leaking something. Obviously they can't tell who they are or else they would get in trouble and if they wouldn't get in trouble the makers would publicly release the info themselves and it would thus not be a "leak" to begin with. Whoever "leaks" it has nothing to gain from it.

It's all to start hype and get people interested. But hey as long as it's new info, I'll pay attention.

Ghoul3861d ago

It's called guerillia marketing and i myself have seen many campaigns that used it.

DRUDOG3862d ago

I could see how some of this stuff might be coming from R* themselves. Not all of it, but at least some. Makes sense to get that much more word out there about your game (not like they need it though).

I know that if I got my hands on a copy early that I'd be playing the hell out of it and not worrying about making vids to show the world what they're missing. I'm actually trying to avoid most of them just so that I can experience the game for myself. Damn, I cannot wait until 12:00 AM on 29 Apr.

joydestroy3861d ago

i'm with you on that.

i'd probably make one video though, haha. some people do wanna see what's it's like. i'd like to see an explosion just so i can look forward to it even more.

zslash3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I doubt it. Seeing as they've been removing every single GTA IV gameplay video possible today.

Not to mention it's not like GTA needs viral marketing... everyone already knows about the game. Even people not really into video games.

jkhan3861d ago

I don't think so R* needs to pull stunts like that. Everyone who has a console ps3 or 360 and play games on it primarily, will definitely be getting this game. The beauty of GTA is it isn't limited to any particular genre, you can play it as a shooter, you can drive cars, helicopters etc. etc. I mean anybody who plays game will definitely get this. If somebody doesn't wasn't gonna buy anyways :|

Hydrolex3861d ago

Holyyyyyyyyy F*cKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!! I watched em and I enjoyed :)