GTA V: 5 DLC Rumours We Really Want To Come True

"DLC for one of this year’s highest-selling video games was always going to be likely, given the immense popularity of the open-world sandbox epic, and the sheer demand for additional content.

And we’ve got a sneaky feeling the “Beach Bum” expansion pack won’t be the last piece of downloadable content to be released for GTA V – with Rockstar yet to make yet more money off the cash-spinning crime title.

Already, fans have started speculating as to what the publishers might include in future DLC, with the theories put forth so far ranging from new areas of the map to explore through to the return of old-school characters.

And here, we’ve rounded up some of the best speculation from the net so far, and bring to you 5 DLC Rumours We Really Want To Come True."

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