Why It's Good to Be a PC Gamer in '08: RTS

Many gamers say that the PC was made for RTS, or that RTS was made for the PC. Either way you look at it, the keyboard/mouse combo coincide with the RTS genre in such a fluid manner that many gamers are still perplexed seeing strategy games played on consoles.

Plenty of RTS series have become very popular over the years on the PC; Age of Empires, Warcraft, Civilization, Galactic Civilizations, just to name a few. With all this mumbo jumbo about PC gaming being a thing of the past, and that no more good games are being developed for it, GamerNode are here to differ. PC gaming is as strong as ever, and the lineup for 2008 is going to make every PC gamer very happy. Let's take a look at what RTS games gamers can expect to get their hands on this year.

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JsonHenry3883d ago

Why no mention of StarCraft or the Command and Conquer series in this article?

BrianC62343883d ago

RTS? Can you say boring? I can. Keep your boring RTS games PC. Who needs them?

Pain3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Korea begs to differ.

its Called StarCraft without it, u Kids would not have WoW to play since blizzard Made WOW with aLL the Molloa they got from Revenue of Starcraft FROM Korea.

think they making ST2 for Anybody else??

Noodlecup3883d ago

for FPS, RTS and MMO games, everything else I'll play on my PS3.

thehitman3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Yea RTS and Console can never happen unless keyboard and mouse support. Id love to play games like sc2 on my ps3 but it has to support keyboard and mouse or its useless.

@Noodle idk PC gamers keep saying fps is better on PC but I beg to differ. Im a huge computer gamer and played some shooters for PC but for me I rather prefer a controller with analogs then a mouse and keyboard. Mouse you have better aim but worse movement. Analogs is a better balance between the two, w/ excelent movement and decent to almost as good as mouse if u have good reflexes.

Noodlecup3883d ago

I don't know what mouse and keyboard you've been playing on but M/KB has better movement and aim than a console controller, you may prefer controllers but for FPS M/KB is superior, it's not an opinion it's a fact. Go look up DPI etc

Gorgon3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Civilization is not an RTS, its turn-based...*sight*

"Jagged Alliance 3 - F3 Games is bringing back the popular turn-based RTS with a modified Silent Storm engine."

Turn-based RTS?!?! If its turn based its NOT real-time strategy!!! Jesus...

"Europe Universalis Rome - Hardcore RTS enthusiasts who enjoyed previous EU games can expect to spend hours upon hours in this in depth strategy game."

This is turn-based game, again, its NOT an RTS...Jesus, who the hell writtes these articles???