Xbox Live’s New ToS: They’re Watching You

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "When you turned on your Xbox yesterday, you might’ve noticed a new Xbox Live Terms of Use and Services that you had to agree to, to get back on Xbox Live to commence watching Netflix, playing multiplayer, or to actually do anything at all, online. When we usually notice such service Terms of Use updates, we instinctively agree to them, just so we can get on with our lives and not have to read lawyer-speak for the next 30 minutes-to-an-hour. This time though, I actually took it upon myself to read through it. And the few questionable points I found in the Terms of Use did not sit too well with me. "

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PoSTedUP1599d ago

anything you do: your skype videos, chat, game videos etc. they have a right to monitor and use them however they like whether it be giving it to their partners who then can use it however they like etc. thats pretty bad imo. we have a right to our privacy and that right there is a whole lot of violation if you ask me.

dirigiblebill1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

"We may monitor these communications to the extent permitted by law."

Also, here are a few excerpts from Sony's privacy policy.

"we collect information via dynamic in-game advertising that is served to some online PlayStation®3 games. By use of our websites and games that have dynamic in-game advertising, you signify your assent to SCEA's privacy policy."

"We may share the personally identifying information of our website users with our affiliates in the Sony group family of companies and other third parties who assist us with fulfilling your requests, clear and verify transactions, deliver and administer products, content or services, manage and enhance customer data, store and maintain our database records, provide customer service, detect fraud or illegal activities, conduct customer research and surveys, develop new products and services and sell products and services to you."

"Data logged via PS3 dynamic in-game advertising or some portion of it will be shared with third party companies that operate the advertisement serving technology, and these companies may share aggregated data (meaning data that includes data about a Sony Entertainment Network account holder’s gaming session but is not specific to him or her) with advertisers and game publishers."

creeping judas1599d ago

But Bill, that's completely different then what MS TOS are!!

Thehyph1599d ago

I don't understand the paranoia.

I'm sick of this NSA-box crap. Even if I was getting an Xbox One... I still wouldn't care.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, your ISP, your phone provider, credit, photo identification/driver's license, birth certificate, etc.
You're always in a database somewhere.

Information is a powerful and profitable thing. You need look no further than Google.

Building a database of users and use is 100% legal in the United States, and it was that way before the patriot act.
Use of said database is where the law gets shady.

kneon1599d ago

There is nothing particularly ominous about those terms you've posted. You'll find just about every online service has virtually identical terms. No company runs their entire service top to bottom on their own so they need to share info with all the companies that make up that service, including the advertisers and advertising brokers.

As for Microsoft listening in on your communications that is nothing new. Every communications provider has the right to listen in on your conversations, with certain limitations.

I worked 10 years at a mobile operator and we could listen in on any channel we wanted to in order to ascertain whether there were communications issues. What we couldn't do is listen in on specific users. Still I've heard things that I'm sure people didn't want to be known and had I really wanted to I could have tracked down the callers info, but then I would have been breaking the law.

PoSTedUP1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

you see the difference right? MS is getting premission to bassically use Everything you do, say, or upload to xbox, they can see your skype video chats, everything.. thats why they have a long list of specifics of exactly what they want to do. we're not talking just game stats and account information, if you read and understand it.

jmc88881599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Sorry stevehyphen, you got it all wrong.

It's not PARANOIA...when it's REALLY HAPPENING. Check

Your sophistry that if 1 thing against me is happening, then what's 100 or 1000 or a million, is laughable.

More is worse. This more is more advanced then anything else. It's also IN YOUR HOUSE, and will be doing all it's little spy stuff to any child in sight.

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jackanderson19851599d ago

they can only do it as far as the law allows.... i'm not sure on US law but EU law is pretty clear... they need express permission to "sell" your data to third parties... also that part of the agreement covers them for complaints made by fellow gamers for either abusive messages or threats etc etc

marchinggamer1599d ago

You lost your right to privacy when you signed the terms of service

2cents1599d ago

Oh no... Quick! Run for the hills, hide in a cabin, live of berries and grow a beard. They won't find you there!

dale_denton1599d ago

here's a solution people.. don't subscribe to xbox live or buy MS consoles.

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HolyDuck1599d ago

Why do people get so mad at these Terms of Service, you don't HAVE to accept them, but they do, then complain about all the changes, seriously? You're going to accept something that you don't agree with, then your whole point is invalid.

user66358651599d ago

if you do not accept the terms and conditions you basically have a brick

so in theory no you do not have to accept but then good luck getting anything to work.

as a 360 fan ms have made it too difficult to justify the xbox one its just constant bad news... saddening really

Septic1599d ago

What makes you think Sony doesn't have similar TOS?

Themba761599d ago

this is why I jumped ship after the x1 unveiling I knew it was time to move on screw the friends list and the achievments I don't need there crap.

GuruMeditation1599d ago

Yes, and if I don't like the quality of my oxygen supply I don't HAVE to breathe. Just because we have a choice, doesn't mean that that choice is reasonable or justified.

HolyDuck1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Are you really comparing necessary things we need in order to survive (which is free) to something you have to go out and purchase which is also a luxury you DO NOT NEED. What a joke analogy.

ToS are usually presented on the items website, saying that you have a brick if you don't accept them is complete and utter toss, in all fairness yes, these are changes to the ToS but every ToS you accept states that "You accept that these terms can change etc etc" which you also accept when you accept the ToS, stop moaning about choosing something that is bound to change to something you don't like.

GuruMeditation1599d ago

@HolyDuck I get your point. But the analogy was obviously not meant to be 'to scale'. Just an indicator of how hobsons choice is no choice at all. I do sort of agree with your overarching point, but that doesn't make me any more comfortable with its implications.

jmc88881599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Holy Moly.

Guess you didn't read the article of why the 'I have nothing to hide excuse' is just that, an excuse.

Search it.

Bhuahahaha1599d ago

lol yeah right if you dont accept then you cant access live

Godmars2901599d ago

You don't HAVE to accept them, you just can't play COD multiplayer or do anything else online.

MS will still happily take you XBL subscription though...

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urwifeminder1599d ago

Watch me toss all you want nsa day one.

1599d ago
SlapHappyJesus1599d ago

Remember when consoles were just machines you played games on?
It was nice.

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