Australian Government Condones Piracy, GTAV PC Leak Contains Viruses

"Earlier today, the Australian Government issued a statement via their Stay Smart Online website warning PC users to not download a leaked version of the GTAV game through torrents as it contains forms of malware. What’s interesting about this piece is that it kind of goes into detail about what you can expect from downloading the file and just to not download it because of viruses." - Attack On Gaming

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MRMagoo1231507d ago


Sci0n1507d ago

That console version is already hacked to shreds, seen a lvl 2000 earlier and the dude couldn't be killed and after imposing his god mode hacks on the room he gave everyone in there 18 million dollars each.

Cirehpsa1507d ago

Well that was nice of him.

Although everyone may get banned for sudden accumulation of money.

Sci0n1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

there was no option to decline it it just went straight to everyones bank account. I reported the guy but following the forums I noticed many others experienced the same type of hacks. R* doesn't have to ban me I am leaving that disaster they call gtao. Can only imagine what will be done with the game once PC gamers get a hold of it.

RaikRhythm1507d ago

Not mentioning it is akin to condoning? Is this a joke? They probably just figured that people have enough common sense to realise that it's also illegal. >_>

And I guess, technically, these copies aren't illegal since they don't actually contain the game?

Also, in the actual report:
"Do not download leaked versions."

What more do you want...?

OokuChicken1507d ago

How about a message stating that there are legitimate ways of obtaining the software that aren't dangerous or illegal.

gigoran1507d ago

And Kotaku condones hackers. Where is the big story about that? Oh that's right, they are too busy licking Kotakus brownies.

DeadRabbits1507d ago

As the Nurse down at the clinic always tells me "if it leaks than more than likely it contains a virus or other nasty bugs"

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