Spike TV to host PlayStation 4 launch special on November 14

Gematsu: "Spike TV is planning a PlayStation 4 launch special for November 14 at 11 p.m. Eastern time, host Geoff Keighley revealed on Twitter."

reko910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

ill be home watching it :D


but you get to play the ps4 first tho -_-

and i get mine on the 15th around 8pm LOL

Sevir910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

I'll be at Gametop waiting to walking and get my PS4 at 11p on Nov 14th! Good luck watching! I'll be ushering in greatness at 12a 15/11/13

LOL Reko when do you join me and the rest getting on Zero hour?

Edit! At Least its Launch day with you! :) Be sure to add me on PSN, SEVIREDgamer I'll see you on Laucnh day!!! Killzone:SF and Battlefield 4...

shivvy24910d ago

Uncharted 4 im guessing, I will cry if its Jak 4

kazuma999910d ago

Ill be at Gamestop too *High Five* it is about 2 minute drive XD.

xHeavYx910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

Man, if they show something from ND or SSM, things will get crazy. “An epic night of PlayStation world premieres and announcements,”
Am I the only one with a boner?

ZBlacktt910d ago

This, be at GameStop with the few hundred other people....

MajorJackHoff910d ago

I don't have any system pre-ordered as of now because A. I'm broke and I knew I wouldn't be able to buy one, and B. My brother's buying one and we've always gamed together so I'll just roll over to his house and eat his food and play his games and and and and.

Playstationologist910d ago

oh man I considered getting in on the action midnight on launch day but I don't want to rush into it so fast. The PS4, she's a lady and I want to wine and dine her. I want to slowly undress and caress her. I want to slowly breathe in all her new console smells and loose styrofoam particulates.

I want it to be a few hours of foreplay before any wires are plugged in and I need to be sure we're both fully charged for a long play time.

So I will see you guys about middle of launch day if all goes well.

UltimateMaster910d ago

Uncharted in space?
Nah, definitely a new IP from ND.

badz149910d ago

I'll definitely be watching too! just 2 more weeks and the PS4 will be here! I'm so hyped!

hazardman910d ago

Your lucky a man..I just found out yesterday my local Gamestop is not doing a midnight launch.

The city put a ban on midnight launch there because they sold a rated M game to minor and parents called police and city officials. In order to have one they need to get ok from surrounding businesses. So tk avoid all hassle no more Midnight launches. That sucks!!! But Nov 15 is still a great day!! Greatness cometh!!

FamilyGuy910d ago

Wtf, like I'm going to be watching spike on the night PS4 releases! lol
Day 1, Hour 1

FamilyGuy910d ago

“an epic night of PlayStation world premieres and announcements,” according to Keighley.

Asked if that means we’ll see new PlayStation 4 games, Keighley said, “Definitely.”

Looks like I'll be downloading this or on here for the highlights. Definitely want to hear about any new game announcements.

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scofios910d ago

Hope for some Order 1886 Gameplay.

maddskull910d ago

your lucky your getting yours on 15th i am getting it on the 13th of december since that when it releases for my country

joeyisback910d ago

im going ask gamestop if they can have it on spike the location i have has cable they watch tv sometimes hopefully they will :-D

brew910d ago

“PlayStation 4 All Access,” as it’s called, promises to be “an epic night of PlayStation world premieres and announcements,” according to Keighley.

Asked if that means we’ll see new PlayStation 4 games, Keighley said, “Definitely.”

I'll be tuning in , Doritos Pope.

Plagasx910d ago

I live in NYC so hopefully I can actually go to the event!

Godmars290910d ago

Doesn't MS usually pull that stunt?

Sevir910d ago

Sony Said This will be the biggest Launch in PS History, They said Marketing will be the biggest ever for this product Launch!

As Andrew House said a few Months ago, SCE isn't allowed to fail anymore. :) its coming

reko910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

didnt sony acquire viacom or something? and viacom owns spike,correct?

so tentative deal.

wsoutlaw87910d ago

sony made a deal to stream viacom not buy it

HighResHero910d ago

Sony will have to play the hype game to some extent here in th US to get larger volumes of sales. It's what their "competition" have been doing anyway.
Anyway, I'll be riding the hype train as well as mid November fast approaches. Things are getting interesting!