Video: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Wii U/PS3 comparison

This is a video comparing Wiiu and PS3 versions of ACIV.

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vishmarx1505d ago

wii u is nex gen .
not fair lol

windblowsagain1505d ago

Looks the same.

I wouldn't call the Wii u next gen.

leemass241505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

i suggest you watch the ps3 ps4 comparison and you will see all versions arnt really that far apart ps4 just has better resolution n effects and draw distance but graphics just look slightly better so by your logic the ps4 isnt next gen either?

Concertoine1505d ago

Certainly isnt when you look at a port from current gen

mistertwoturbo1505d ago

The ps4 version has much sharper textures, +125% resolution, better effects and runs 60fps. The graphics arent "slightly" better, its moderately better. Well worth the upgrade IMO.

Nitrowolf21505d ago

Sure I guess when u are sitting far away, the only difference is really coloring, but the PS4 has way sharper texture, FPS, and other things apart from the resolution.

vishmarx1505d ago

whoever said wii u looks better. im just saying we should put it up against ps4

InTheLab1505d ago


So aside from all the things that make the PS4 version look next gen, they're basically the same....

Seems Legit

Shnazzyone1504d ago

look for the lighting effects from the lightning and the draw distance out to sea. PS3 gets blurry at some point. Wii U looks crisp.

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MasterCornholio1505d ago

If Wii U is next gen then we should compare it to other next gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

Nexus 7 2013

R00bot1504d ago

Why was there a PS3 vs 4 comparison then?

There probably is a Wii U vs PS4 comparison out there somewhere. Maybe.

ZBlacktt1505d ago

Hard to watch when it's story spoiler related... :( clicked away at 31 seconds. Must....wait...two...more..... .weeks. :(

stragomccloud1505d ago

This is literally the very very beginning of the game. So it's safe to watch. As in they started the game right from the start to record these.

MasterCornholio1505d ago

Looks the same. The main difference that I see with the PS4 version and the PS3 is the increase in resolution, texture quality, water, 3D plants and the rain and fog effects. I'm guessing that the Wii U version is in between the PS3 and PS4 version but this video doesn't really show that.

Nexus 7 2013

Concertoine1505d ago

But why would ubisoft put effort into it at this point?
I think it's just a port. Hell the ps4 version doesnt even look all that great. You can tell the current gen versions were put first.

Chrischi19881505d ago

There is just much more money in current gen and I think it is funny, that so many people think, that PS4 will be a super moneymilking machine for third parties, even if the current gen still competes. The real game start, when current gen really ends.

But if a Wii U port doenst look super great, it isnt next gen, but here the port argument counts for PS4?

Concertoine1505d ago

No that argument exists for all next gen consoles.
I can tell ubisoft didnt utilize the wii u's power whatsoever, as they never have.

d3nworth11505d ago

Pretty much identical. Maybe there will be a difference in performance. They had to use the Wii U extra ram for something.

leemass241505d ago

also the wiiu version is a bigger download size so there must be more improvements as i doubt gamepad functions would add gigs of extra information. but i agree must of used some of the extra ram other wise whats the point in maken ps4 version better (because of hardware) but not the wii u wouldnt make sense to me.

mistertwoturbo1505d ago

I'm going to assume it will have higher res textures since it does have more RAM.

DoomeDx1505d ago

Textures are stored in vRam. not RAM.

mistertwoturbo1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

^You're thinking in PC terms. The Wii U doesn't have VRAM in the same sense. It just has 2GB of RAM that is used by both the CPU and GPU and is shared. 1GB is dedicated to the OS and the other 1GB is dedicated to games.

Chrischi19881505d ago

And Edram, which the Wii U has reportedly 38MB, but you need only 18MB for Full HD rendering and people think, the unknown parts of Wii U could also be another 32MB of Edram.

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